Why you should hire professional end of tenancy cleaning services

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Why you should hire professional end of tenancy cleaning services

Why You Should Hire Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

After living in your house for a while – be it months or years, it is safe to say that you took steps to anchor yourself to the surrounding. Putting in time and effort to set the décor to suit your taste and preferences, having that “home scent” that is unique to your space – it made you adapt to the residence. Well, when it is time to move out, every trace needs to be got rid of. This includes those odours that developed over time – such as for those with pets in the premises, or the grime and spills that were soaked up by the carpet and floor over time. There are cases where the homeowner becomes so accustomed to the odours that they don’t notice them until they are highlighted by guests coming in. Those stains that wound up on the different surfaces and were forgotten – these too need to be attended to, getting rid of them before the inspection. It calls for a thorough end of tenancy cleaning – but are you up for the task?

The end of tenancy cleaning is not like the routine wiping and mopping that was being carried out in the home. This is an intensive top-to-bottom clean of the entire household, removing even those heavy build ups of grime that have adhered to the hard surfaces, as well as those stubborn stains that were covered up with rugs. Physically, the task itself can wear you out, with all the effort that needs to go into the process. Taking it on as a DIY process will expend your time and resources, as well as the frustration that comes with the process, given that you’re already preoccupied with the logistics of moving out. 

As you make arrangements for the move – from dealing with the transport crew, packing your belongings, dealing with utility firms, cancelling your gym and clubhouse memberships and notifying your baking provider and insurance company of the change in address – the last thing on your mind is dealing with stains and dirt spots. However, the end of tenancy cleaning is not to be taken lightly since it determines whether you will receive your deposit back. However, you don’t have to break your back handling everything at once. Hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning service for the task, to get you the results you desire, in a fraction of the time that it would have been going the DIY route. Here are ways you stand to benefit.

Take away the stress and anxiety of the process

Moving comes with a wide range of emotions. From the sentiment of leaving a home that you had made many memorable moments in with your family, the goodbyes as you part with your friends and neighbours – even leaving them with gifts, to the stresses that come with the cleaning task and dealing with the tight schedules as you balance your work life and moving logistics – it can take a toll on you. 

Get your deposit back

A key requirement to getting your security deposit back is restoring the house to the original condition it was. This means that those pesky stains that were ignored over time, the scale deposits that seem to have meshed with the sinks, or even the urine scale deposits in the toilet bowl all need to be got rid of. If the residence came with an oven installed, then that grease that is baked into its interior walls should be removed. The soiling on the countertops, within the cabinets, the dust layers and insect residue coating the windows – it all needs to go. You want your security deposit returned, given that is substantial money to help you out with the moving process, and even stay afloat especially with the expenses that are incurred when relocating to a new place. You don’t want your deposit being withheld, or having to go through a lengthy dispute. The end of tenancy cleaning professionals, who have been providing the services for years, know exactly how to go about the task, and even attending to those areas that would ordinarily be glossed over during the DIY process. 

Appeal to your prospective tenants or buyers

Are you a homeowner moving out of your place and putting it on the market? These are the likes of the empty-nesters interested in downsizing on the property now that the kids have left for college and moved out of the house – and the space is too large. Or you want to turn the house or apartment into a short-term rental, signing it up onto platforms like AirBnB. Whichever the case, as you move out you will want the grime that had been accumulating over the years to be removed, which is essentially what happens during the end of tenancy cleaning. Buyers checking out the property will be particularly keen on the condition of its surfaces, from the windows to the worktops and floors, to the bathroom surfaces. A premises that is all covered in stains and smears will portray the residence as not being well taken care of, which will dampen prospects of you bagging a good deal for the property.

Getting to the nooks and crannies

A professional end of tenancy cleaning crew, coming with the experience and equipment needed for the job, will provide a detailed clean, going beyond the surface care that is witnessed in ordinary cleaning sessions. Over the course of your stay there are likely to be areas that were neglected – from those hidden sections that have not been touched or cleaned for some time, to those stains that are simply covered up by putting a rug over them, or shifting the position of the furniture. There are also cases where homeowners go months without carrying out a deep cleaning, allowing the populations of dangerous pathogens to explode, and even cases of mould and mildew growing. During the end of tenancy cleaning, just wiping the surfaces will not be enough. A thorough scrub-down of all the areas will be required. The cleaning company covers the different sections of the house, including:

  • Kitchen – Those grease spots that are on the countertops, the grime that has been baked into appliances like the microwave, scale deposits on the sink – these all need to be got rid of. 
  • Bathroom – Soap scum deposits on the shower doors and bathtub, the smudges on the mirrors to the urine scale on the toilet bowl – these spots will be quickly noticed by anyone coming into the bathroom, and will be some of the issues that the landlord or property manager carrying out the installation will be looking for. The tile and grout are also given a thorough scrub during the end of tenancy cleaning.
  • Light fixtures – From the switches to the bulbs and chandeliers overheard, they accumulate dust over time. They are taken care of as part of the end of tenancy cleaning, given that it is a top-to-bottom approach. 
  • Cabinets – They are emptied and cleaned, and this extends to the bookshelves, closets, and similar areas that are usually out of mind during the stay in the place.
  • Ceilings – High-reach tools that get to the ceiling are part of the process, including getting rid of the cobwebs that may have been spun up at the corners by the resident spiders. 
  • Floors – With the spills that wind up on it over time, coupled with the dirt and grime that is tracked in from the outdoors, floor cleaning is a key part of the task. Note that the different floors have their mods of approach, from the hardwood installations to the cement and tiled floors. Additional polishing can be carried out, buffing up the surface to restore its shine. 
  • Upholstery – For those who had rented fully-furnished residences, or if you simply want your furniture worked on before you move with it, you can have this incorporated as part of the end of tenancy cleaning services.

Customized services

While many of the end of tenancy cleaning service requests are for a job on the whole home, some just need specific areas to be worked on, especially the troublesome sections. For instance, you may have already dealt with the open surfaces, but need help with the bathroom and kitchen. You can choose to have specific rooms and upholstery worked on, and even appliances like the oven. A professional company providing the end of tenancy cleaning services will allow you to choose the package that is suitable for your particular needs. This is also beneficial when it comes to reducing the costs that are included the process

Quality results

Rushing through the end of tenancy cleaning because you are constrained for time will end up yielding subpar results. On the other hand, hiring a company where this is their bread and butter will deliver the required results. A wealth of experience dealing with the wide array of dirt problems and stains, coupled with the hardware to carry out a thorough scrub, and access to a wider range of cleaning chemicals for the task, enables the professionals to yield far superior results. What’s more, you can go for a company that has adopted green cleaning practices. Here, products that are safe for the environment and the persons in the premises are used, without compromising on the power and efficiency needed for the job. This means that you get the quality results you desire, and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. 

Benefits For Landlords

The property is your business, and needs to be well taken care of. Insisting on your tenants hiring professional move-out cleaning services will enable you to prepare the house for the next tenants who are to move in. There will also be times when the previous tenant left the place in a mess. You can’t afford to have it remain that away. An intensive end of tenancy cleaning will be needed to restore order and sanity in the premises. Sure, it could be that you were dealing with a difficult tenant who pushed you to your wits ends, but to salvage your operations and get more returns from your future tenants, getting the place all spruced up will put you back on the right track. There are also cases where the last tenants did the bare minimum with the cleaning, likely due to the time constraints on their part. Or the premises haven’t been occupied in a while, causing dust to accumulate. These will dampen prospects when new interested parties come to check out the property. A thorough end of tenancy cleaning carried out by the professionals will ensure that the property is in an ideal state for those interested in moving in. 

Set standards for new tenants to emulate

Lead by example, right? The results that you get from a professional cleaning company shows the new tenants the level of care that they should be putting in the property, and the condition that you will want the premises returned to when their time to move out comes. It shows that you value and care for the property, which in turn encourages the tenants who are moving in to do the same through the course of their stay, preserving the value of your property over time. 

What About A Move-In Clean?

For the new tenants moving into the residence, you want your stay to start on the right footing. Before you move in your furniture and set up your new home, it’s important to inspect the area, and determine if a deep cleaning will be needed. After all, when you get the bulky furniture into position, the in-depth cleaning will be much more difficult. Also, if the previous tenant rushed through the end of tenancy cleaning and didn’t do a thorough job, there will be residual dirt and grime from their stay, which is not the kind of welcome you’re expecting. Deep cleaning services carried by a professional company will bring the sparkle to the residence, getting rid of the grime and transforming the dull and dusty interior into a space that will be ready for your move-in date. 

Why You Should Hire Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

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