Getting The House Ready For The Next Occupant

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Getting The House Ready For The Next Occupant

Getting The House Ready For The Next Occupant

Are you moving out of a rental? Planning on selling your home to relocate to a different area? Whichever the case, the house needs to be thoroughly cleaned, to prepare it for the next resident that will take it up. This goes beyond the routine wiping and mopping. Scrubbing of the entire household – from top to bottom, is required. It’s essentially like a spring cleaning, and this time there is an inspection waiting for you at the end of it. 

Areas That Need To Be Covered During The End Of Tenancy Cleaning

This is broad, depending on the specifications of the particular house or apartment being worked on. However, the general areas that are commonly affected during the end of tenancy cleaning include:

  • Living spaces

That lounge where you spent months or years making memories with your family, hosted guests and parties, allowed the pets to run around in – over time there will be mounds of grime that have accumulated, that will need to be got rid of. Tasks in the living room range from cleaning the doors and the doorknobs the light switches and outlets, working on the walls to remove any smudges on them and cleaning the baseboards, all through to dusting the ledges and cleaning fixtures, and even removing any cobwebs that may have been formed on the ceiling corners. Do you have pets? For those with cats or dogs in the residence, then there are likely to be urine stains left on spots around the place occasionally. If these weren’t addressed in time, the stain sets deeper into the floor, and this will require powerful cleaning agents to remove. Remember that in addition to the end of tenancy cleaning, aspects like nails and screws that had been put into the walls and ceiling over your stay need to be removed, and putty applied in the holes that remain. 

  • Bathroom

The last thing any tenant wants to see when moving into a new house or apartment is residue in the bathroom left behind by the previous owner. In fact, the bathroom will be one of those areas where the landlord property manager will be particularly keeping a sharp eye on. Here focus is on getting that unsightly soap scum off the tub, shower and bathroom tiles. The sink and countertops need to be thoroughly scrubbed and any scale deposits removed. The toilet bowls in particular should be grime-free. Urine scale deposits, stains on the porcelain – it all needs to go. There’s emphasis on the need to be keen with the chemicals that are used during the end of tenancy cleaning, and putting in place the required safety measures during the process. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re working with toxic chemicals that choke up the bathroom when you’re in it, especially with the reduced air circulation. Sure, there will be cases where the deposits on the bathroom surfaces will call for powerful chemicals to be used, but even in these scenarios there should be a strict adherence to the safety protocol recommended by the manufacturer of the particular cleaning product during application. 

  • Windows

Regarding the windows, there are some issues that need to be taken into consideration. For starters, is there stubborn gunk on the glass panes? The likes of stickers or substances that have been glued onto the panes – these are usually scraped off. Note that you can’t simply use putty knives or razor blades for this, due to the risk of damaging the glass. That’s why you see the professional end of tenancy cleaning crews working with scrapers. The handy tools have been developed for the stuck-on gunk on the windows, and even these have their rules when handling them, for the safety of the window and that of the personnel carrying out the cleaning. The height at which you’re working also matters. Climbing up the squeegee and window washer, then stretching out to cover the expanse of the window, puts you at risk of fall accidents. It’s also straining to have to keep climbing up and down the ladder to dip the tools in the window cleaning solution. The tasks end up taking much of your time and this is in addition to the risks that the ladder use poses on the property, from digging holes in the yard to damaging the exterior painting and walls of the building.

You’ll notice that professional end of cleaning companies have adopted systems like waterfed poles for the window cleaning. Here, ultra-purified water is pumped up telescopic poles, and sprayed onto the window in strong jets that dislodge the grime. In this state, the pure water is a powerful cleaning solvent, since it dissolves more grime from the surface. Soft-bristled brushes at the top of the poles aid in agitating the soiling, which is then washed down the window. This approach allows the professionals to work from the safety of the ground, and reduces the amount of time spent moving from one window to the next.

  • Appliance cleaning 

For residences that came with appliances like ovens, microwaves and dishwashers, add this to your to-do list. Given that many of these only get the occasional attention when it comes to cleaning them, they end up accumulating loads of grime by the time the end of tenancy cleaning is required. For instance, all those meals prepared in the oven can have resulted in grease splatters covering the interior walls – and the heat levels witnessed during the cooking activities proceed to bake the grease onto the surface. It becomes an absolute nightmare to clean, which is not really a chore you want falling back in the middle of your moving plans. Get the end of tenancy cleaning professional to work on it for you. Here, you want to engage with a team that comes fully equipped for the task, offering a wide range of services from the surface care to dealing with the appliances in your residence that need to be worked on. 

Commonly forgotten areas

These are sections of the house that require your attention during the end of tenancy cleaning, yet are often overlooked. They include the kitchen cabinet interiors, where food crumbs and residue from cooking supplies may have built over time, all through to the interior of the closets. 

Are you moving into a new home?

Typically, companies offering end of tenancy cleaning services also cater to the opposite of the spectrum, where you want a residence cleaned before you move into it. This is to prepare the new house for occupation, especially when the previous owner or tenant left behind messes, or the house has been empty for a while and gathered dust over time.

During the move-in cleaning, different issues are taken care of. From scrubbing the counters, drawers and cabinets, wiping them down and using disinfectant spray to kill off any microbes that may be crawling around; working on the stovetops and refrigerator to ensure that they are ready for use; washing the dishwasher since you want your cookware and utensils to be handled by a machine that is not loaded with grime from its previous owners; cleaning the bathroom surfaces that way you can use them without your skin crawling at the thought of the gunk that could have been left behind; all through to general cleaning for the living areas.

Having the move in cleaning will give you a fresh start, and set a standard that you will be encouraged to maintain through your occupancy in the new home. Simply talk to the local house cleaning professionals – including those offering end of tenancy cleaning services, to see if they will provide a move-in clean. 

Pick The Right End Of Tenancy Cleaning Professional For Your Needs

So you’ve decided to skip the arduous DIY process, and opted to go with a professional service for the end of tenancy cleaning. That’s the first step. Next is ensuring that you get the right company for the job. This will mean the difference between you getting the results you desire, and or getting frustrated and dealing with liabilities. There are different factors to include, such as:

  • Past reviews of the company

For the clients who had previously hired the end of tenancy cleaning company to work on their residence, what kind of feedback have they left behind? This feedback can be seen on platforms like local business directory listings, all through to the social media pages of the company. Sure, no successful business has 100% positive reviews. There will occasionally be a couple of negative ones, and perhaps even trolls. Ignore the latter, but pay particular attention to the genuine client complaints, and how they were resolved. Usually, the end of tenancy cleaning companies that are keen on eventual client satisfaction will follow up on the complaints made on their digital platforms, and attempt to resolve the issue. Thereafter, the aggrieved client is asked to update their review. When you see such comments on the company’s review pages, then this is an additional sign that they care about ensuring that the client’s needs have been met. 

  • Staff experience

How long has the company been providing the end of tenancy cleaning services, and what kind of experience does its personnel have? What kind of training are they provided, and do they have certification? Even look into aspects like the awards that the company has won, with the recognition by third-party and unbiased awarding agencies being testament to the level of quality of services delivered by the company. Also clarify about the credentials of the cleaners who will be handling the actual job. Does the company rely on its own personnel, or does it subcontract to a different firm? While there is nothing illegal about the latter, you want to be certain of exactly who is being sent to the property to carry out the end of tenancy cleaning. 

  • Licensing and Insurance

At the bare minimum, you want to be certain that you’re engaging a legally recognized business, not a fly-by-night company whose representatives ‘slid into your DMs’ once you posted on Facebook or Twitter about looking for the services. A quick background check about the business’ credentials will be key, one whose information on the registered office and business owners can be verified – as opposed to hiring a firm whose only presence is a nondescript profile on a social media platform. Speaking of which, the digital presence of the firm matters, from an updated website to a fully fleshed-out business profile, be it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other mainstream social media profiles, where there is sufficient information about the company available. This will give you more material to work on as you give the end of tenancy cleaning company a background check. 

Enquiring about the company’s insurance coverage is critical. Accidents can happen, even with the most experienced end of tenancy cleaning companies that have been providing the service for years. Insurance comes in to protect you from any liabilities in case of an unfortunate incident. Sure, the cleaning crew should put in place proper safety measures to prevent the incidents from occurring in the first place. However, no one can say that their services are accident-free with complete certainty. Insurance that covers the personnel of the cleaning company, as well as the property being worked on comes in handy here. 

How Much Will The End Of Tenancy Cleaning Cost You?

This depends on a myriad of factors. For starters, how many rooms are to be worked on, and are they furnished or empty? You can have the upholstery included in the end of tenancy cleaning before the move, that way you can relocate with clean items as well. There are also those premises where the oven, refrigerator, microwave and similar appliances need to be included in the task. Are there particularly stubborn stains that need to be dealt with? These are for the likes of pet urine stains that set into the floor, or wine stain and ink dye that bonded firmly with the carpeting after remaining on the material for long. The time at which the end of tenancy cleaning service has been scheduled also factors in, as well as the location of the residence. 

Getting The House Ready For The Next Occupant

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