Carpet and Sofa Cleaning

Carpet and Sofa Cleaning

Service Overview

Besides high quality house cleaning services and apartment cleaning services, our company also provides top of the range deep carpet cleaning services and sofa cleaning services. We don’t just wash carpets, we deep clean carpets. We remove even the toughest stains and markings from your carpets and all the dirt and bacteria hidden deep in your carpets.
We use some of the most efficient carpet cleaning machines available and high quality services are guaranteed.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Full 1 bed house – carpet cleaning 110€
Full 2 bed house – carpet cleaning


Full 3 bed house – carpet cleaning


Full 4 bed house – carpet cleaning


All prices are VAT inclusive. For bigger house please contact our office.


Sofa Cleaning Dublin

1 seat sofa20€
2 seat sofa


3 seat sofa



For fabric and leather sofa cleaning
Our carpet cleaning prices are pretty affordable. If you need a deep carpet cleaning job or just a light refreshment please call Dublin House Cleaning.