Cleaning Before The Move

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Cleaning Before The Move

Cleaning Before The Move

Moving can be both an exciting and time-consuming process. While you’re pumped up about the prospect of starting a new life in a different area, there is lots that goes into the logistics of the move. Packing your belongings, returning items that have been borrowed from friends and neighbours, setting up the garbage disposal and recycling for the new place you’re moving to while cancelling the current service, clearing out lockers that you may have at the local gym, cancelling your memberships that the yoga studio – or transferring them to a branch at the new place you’re moving to, updating your address details with your banking and insurance provider, credit cards plus the payroll department at your workplace, dealing with the utility providers, changing the address on your subscriptions such as with the newspapers and magazines that you receive, cancelling or redirecting scheduled deliveries, planning with the moving crew including finding them a parking spot at the building you’re to move to – it’s quite the busy time. There are also those who choose to hold yard sales that help in offloading some of the items in their possession to reduce their baggage and make an extra buck while at it. Add this to the emotional goodbyes, issues like transfer of records from your current kid’s school to the one they’ll be moving to – your tray is full. One more thing still demands your attention: the end of tenancy cleaning. 

Meet The Terms Of Your Tenancy Agreement

 When moving in, you signed a rental agreement that stipulates the condition that the property should be in when handing it back over to the landlord or property manager. This means that damages to the property during your stay will need to be fixed, and the premises should be given a thorough wash. The landlord will be definitely keen during the inspection, and you don’t want your security deposit being withheld because of issues that could have been avoided. When the end of tenancy cleaning is poorly carried out, then the landlord will be forced to arrange for it themselves, and take the cost of this for your security deposit. As such, you want to ensure that things are carried out well before it is time for inspection. 

One of the main cases for retinal disputes is the end of tenancy cleaning. Landlords hold the tenants to a strict standard, and the tenants barely have sufficient time and resources to carry out an in-depth cleaning process. They end up rushing the task, leading to low quality results. The landlord on the other hand will be going through the different areas in the house with a fine comb, since this is their business and they need to ensure that the property is in a good state before clearing you and giving you back the deposit. 

The Task That Lies Ahead

There’s plenty that goes into the move out cleaning. While situations vary from one house to the next, common issues that need to be covered include:


All those happy meals prepared over the course of your tenancy will no doubt have left grime behind in the kitchen. From the worktops to appliances like the oven, they will call for an in-depth clean, which will be added to your moving to-do list. The landlord or property manager will be keeping a keen eye out for troublesome spots, thus the need to ensure that everything has been covered. 

Here, the drawers, cabinets and countertops need to be worked on, thoroughly scrubbing them and also wiping them down with disinfectant spray. Note that the different surface materials have their required cleaning processes, since the products that are used to remove the stains and caked on grime will react differently to the underlying material. You don’t want to find yourself using harsh cleaners that corrode those natural stone countertops, or dull the polished cabinets. Then there is the stovetop and the fridge. Their component parts need to be taken out and soaked in warm soapy water, before washing them and putting them back in place. For the refrigerator, there is the additional issue of odours that are within the unit – calling for odour neutralizers to be used as part of the process. Is there a dishwasher in the premises? This also demands attention, adding to the workload during the end of tenancy cleaning. 


From scrubbing the shower and tub, dealing with the scale deposits that are coating the surfaces and making them unsightly, to cleaning the stains on the toilet and smudges on the mirrors – it all factors in when working in the bathroom. Given that the new tenants that are to check in will be particularly interested in the state of the bathroom, the landlord inspecting the premises as you move out will be keen on how this specific area is. No one wants to move into a house and see the residue of the previous occupants in the bathroom – neither do you as you head out to the new place. So, before leaving the current residence, the onus is upon you to ensure that the bathroom has received a thorough wash. 

Living spaces 

Here, the end of tenancy cleaning should include everything from the light fixtures, switches and outlets – wiping them down to remove the dust and smudges, to giving the floor a thorough scrub and mop, especially those areas that have stains on them. Working on the doors, one is expected to wipe them down – including the doorknobs, and it is recommended that you use an antibacterial cleaner for the task. Regarding the wall, scuff marks should be removed. 

Is there a carpet in the premises? Whether it came with the residence as part of the furnishings, or it’s your own unit which you’re going to move with to the new home, giving it a good scrub will be important. After all you don’t want to carry with you mounds of grime that have accumulated within the carpet for months. Due to the nature of the material – all that yarn and the air spaces in the unit, the carpet hoards loads of gunk, having the capacity to lock in multiple times its own weight in soiling. 

Benefits Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

As you can see, ridding your home of the dirt and grime and dealing with those stubborn stains can be an arduous process, especially with the high quality of standards that are required for it to pass the inspection and you to get your security deposit back. What’s more, you’re already preoccupied with the logistics of the move, and the end of tenancy cleaning will add to your burden. You can avoid the workload, and ensure that you get the quality results you desire, by turning to professional services for the job. 

Here, instead of taking on the top-to-bottom house or apartment cleaning by yourself, you outsource it to a qualified company. A local end of tenancy cleaning company with the tools and the personnel needed for the task, who have been providing the services for long. A crew that has experience in dealing with these types of jobs, who pay particular attention to the sections that the landlord will be keen on, many of which would have been skipped during the DIY cleaning. Here are benefits that you get from hiring a pro for the job:



Balancing the hectic moving activities with a cleaning task, especially when you’re already working around school and job schedules, can put a strain on you. It’s common to find the tenant still getting things that need to be cleaned up right at the last minute. You don’t want to have to scrub those stained floors for hours, deal with the grime that has adhered to the worktops and walls, and the baked-on grease within the oven, while still squeezing in time to follow up with the moving company that you intend to hire, and meet those deadlines from work. You don’t have to break your back. Simply bring in the professional end of tenancy cleaning crew to handle the task for you. That way, you can go about the rest of your activities and get the moving process planned out without the stresses involved with grime and stains. 



Worrying about the types of cleaning products to use, and where to source for equipment for the task right in the middle of the moving arrangements will complicate your plans. For the cleaning to be thorough, those stubborn spots that are riddling the different surfaces need to be removed, and these can call for tough cleaning agents. However, you can’t just go sloshing on just any potent chemical on the floors, countertops or other surfaces in the residence. The selection of the chemicals used will depend on the material being worked on, and the stain that is to be removed. Dealing with coffee stains that have soaked into the hardwood floor is different to removing the same kind of stains on the natural stone countertops. You don’t want to be in a situation where the products used have corroded the material, or made the stains soak deeper into the surface – which will just increase your workload. Going the DIY route for the end of tenancy cleaning will therefore mean that a significant chunk of your time will be spent carrying out research on the appropriate products to be used – while being strained for time since there are numerous things that are demanding your attention. 

Getting different products for the beverage stains, ink blots, pet urine stains on the carpeting and hard surfaces, products to deal with the limescale deposits on the sinks, faucets and showers, to the urine scale deposits that are in the toilet, those grease build-ups in the oven interiors – it will also take time. Add this to the actual work of scrubbing the different materials. Units like the carpets that call for systems such as hot water extraction cleaning will pile onto the workload. Since these kinds of equipment are expensive, one usually ends up having to wait in line at the local dealerships to hire them. Speaking of which, the machinery that is available for rent at the dealerships is of a lower capacity compared to the units used by the end of tenancy cleaning professionals, meaning that the task will take longer, and you will already be at a considerable disadvantage. Are these really aspects that you want to have to encounter in the middle of your moving process? Bring in the expert end of tenancy cleaning crew, who already know the right approach to use for the various kinds of surfaces and materials, getting the task done without posing a risk to the installation. 

Enjoy your fresh start

You deserve it after all. Moving gives you an opportunity to begin a new chapter in your life, and you don’t want mounds of grime coming in the way of that, or ruining the process with a disruptive rental dispute revolving around the security deposit. Clashing with the landlord because of a poorly done end of tenancy cleaning job can foul your mood. That’s not the setting you want for you as you forge a new path in your life. Leaving the end of tenancy cleaning to the professional crew will enable you to ensure that things flow seamlessly, and that all aspects have been taken care of in readiness for the inspection. After securing your security deposit from your landlord, you will be well on your way to start your life in your new home free from worry. You can even choose to have your furniture included in the end of tenancy cleaning, that way you won’t have to relocate with all that grime accumulated over the years of your stay in the current residence. What’s more, it bodes well on you to have the premises clean for the next tenant who is to arrive after you, and also to leave on good terms with the current landlord. Something about poetic justice in the world, right? 

Cleaning Before The Move

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