We’ll take care of your end of tenancy cleaning needs

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We'll take care of your end of tenancy cleaning needs

We’ll Take Care Of Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs

In order to meet the terms stipulated in the tenancy agreement and get your security deposit back, the place needs to be cleaned. Different areas are to be worked on. Take the bathroom for instance. Cleaning the sink, mirror, shower area, all through to the toilet– the soap scum, limescale and urine scale should be scrubbed off, and the sparkle restored back to the surfaces. Even the plug holes need to be checked, together with the drains to ensure that there aren’t any blockages. The showerhead too is not left behind, since it can have built up grime that plugs its holes. It’s disassembled and washed, clearing it. The metal surfaces, including the faucets and drain grates demand attention, and will be checked as part of the inspection.

The kitchen itself has a wide range of areas that are worked on during the end of tenancy cleaning. The backsplashes that usually have grease splatters on them, the countertops covered in stains, kitchen cabinets and shelves that may have been left behind during the routine cleaning operations and thus ended up accumulating layers of dirt, cleaning appliances like the refrigerator and dishwasher – it’s an intensive process, and hiring our professional team for the job will cut down on the amount of time taken, while ensuring that you get quality results. Even the oven is cleaned, to get rid of the heavy layers of gunk that were baked onto its interior walls. Our crew also ensure that the racks, baking trays, burners, and even surfaces that are usually forgotten like the switches and handles are all attended to. Other areas worked on include:

The furniture

Do you have pets? Then it’s likely that there will be fur and dander strewn all over the cushions. In case there is a person in the residence who smokes cigarettes, then there will also be the resultant smoke odour that is absorbed by the material. With kids around, the rate of soiling of the furniture also increases. When dealing with furniture, the upholstery also factors in. For instance, fabric and leather sofas have their different cleaning needs. The pH sensitivity of the material being worked on is taken into consideration, plus issues like the type of stain and the formulation that will be needed to get rid of it without corroding the material, all through to additional treatment measures such as applying antistatic treatments and conditioning the leather sofa.

Carpets and rugs

Whether it came with the residential space and the landlord demands that it is restored back to its elegant state, or you’re moving with the carpet and don’t want to drag around dirt accumulated the current residence, our crew will give your carpet a thorough wash. Tough acting cleaning agents that break down the heavy build-ups of grime, formulations developed to tackle the oil based and water based stains adhering to the carpet pile, all through to odour neutralisers that leave behind a pleasant scent- they are incorporated into the end of tenancy cleaning operations. Here, different methods are employed based on the state of the carpet, and the material involved. Take hot water extraction for instance. This one particular relies on the heat of the water and the pressure with which it is pumped through the carpet, flushing out the grime buried deep in the pile. The heat also aids the breaking down of the dirt, and additionally sanitises the carpet. It is followed by high-powered vacuum suction, which extracts the mixture of grime and cleaning solutions from the carpet. The bulk of the moisture content is also removed, which drastically cuts down the drying time. This is a welcome bonus during the hectic moving process, where you don’t want unnecessary delays.

Curtain cleaning

From the curtains themselves to their rods and fabric blinds, to those with Venetian blind slates- they are all cleaned as part of the operations.

From the living room to the staircases and hallways

These areas handle a lot of traffic. As such the surfaces require a thorough cleaning. Those dull spots from build-ups of grime, to the greasy residue that is a dirt magnet, stains cause by food and drink spills, to the soiling that is tracked in from the outdoors- they are all removed during the end of tenancy cleaning. The different surfaces, be they ceramic tiles, natural stone installations, to hardwood, have different approaches. For instance, the harsh chemicals that can be employed on ceramic tiles will corrode marble, granite, limestone and similar surfaces. While you can slosh water on the concentre floors as part of the cleaning, using excessive amounts on wood installations will actually damage them, causing issues like warping. The pH of the solutions used is also a key consideration that is taken into account. Our crew have the skills and experience needed to ensure that the proper measures are undertaken for your residence, that way a thorough job can be carried out without causing structural damage to the installations.

Exterior cleaning

This covers everything from the windows, to the patio and garden shed. The leaves are swept up, dirt from the courtyard got rid of, and the gunk that is coating the windows removed. That way you won’t have to keep setting up ladders as you work on the windows, or use chemicals that will etch the glass. Our crew come with diverse gear for the various applications, that get the task done while minimising the risks. These are the likes of waterfed telescopic poles for cleaning the windows, which takes away the need for setting up ladders all over the property, which has the additional benefit of preventing damage to the landscaping.  

Quality services at affordable rates

We understand that the moving process is already capital intensive. From clearing debts, hiring a moving company, switching utility providers and following through with the services like insurance companies, banking, and health care providers and changing them to those within the new location you’re moving to- you don’t want to drain your wallet in the process. As such, our end of tenancy cleaning services come at budget-friendly prices. What’s more, they are tailored to suit your particular needs, from the rooms to be worked on to appliances like ovens which are involved in the process.

We’ll Take Care Of Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs

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