End of tenancy cleaning – having it done to quality standards

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End of tenancy cleaning - having it done to quality standards

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Having It Done To Quality Standards

So it’s time to move out and have a fresh start. Bidding goodbye to your current community and looking forward to establishing new roots in a different area? Perhaps you’ve received a job transfer, and are closing things up in readiness for the move. Some are scaling up to a larger house to accommodate the growing family, others like empty-nesters are looking to scale down to a smaller, more cosy space now that their kids are all grown up and out there building lives of their own. It can be a case of moving in with your significant other to take your relationship to the next level, or the other side of the scale where there has unfortunately been a spilt, and you both want to go your separate ways. Moving is a normal part of life. However, that does not make it any easier. The few days or weeks before the move are vital for the process to be successful. How you handle things will determine whether you’re going to end your tenancy amicably with your current landlord or property manager and get back your deposit, or you’ll have a frustrating time, with nasty clashes and disagreements, which can even find their way before the rent tribunals. The end of tenancy cleaning is a core part of the process. In fact, it’s the main thing that is looked at. Ensuring that you meet the required conditions will enable you to receive a full refund of your deposit. Here, we will focus on aspects to take note of to make the operations a breeze.

Schedule an Inventory Inspection

When moving in, it is common for a check-out inventory to be completed. This list looks at the state that the residence is in, including any damages or areas that are unclean on the premises. Should the premises not meet the conditions stipulated in the tenancy agreement, the costs of cleaning and repairs are deducted from the deposit, after which you get the remainder. Inviting your letting agent or landlord to visit a couple of weeks before you move out will provide a good opportunity for both of you to go through the cleaning recommendations and note any repairs that are needed. Taking some time out of your daily schedule to carry this out will enable you to raise any questions and look at the areas to focus on to prevent you from losing your deposit.

Bring in the Professionals

End of tenancy cleaning is an intensive process. The residence needs to be given a deep clean, those stubborn stains on the carpets should be got rid of, forgotten areas like the tops of cabinets, skirting boards, and the interior of the ovens are on the list too, all through to aspects like cleaning the grout in the shower, and getting to the nooks and crannies of the house. Limescale is an infamous nuisance. It is one of the common causes of tenancy losing out on their deposits. It’s everywhere, from washing machines and dishwashers, on the taps, fixtures and fittings, the bath and showers, all through to the toilet bowls. For those residences that came fully furnished, the workload increases. Dealing with the sofas that build up loads of gunk throughout their usage, buried in the fluffy cushions and those stains that are dotting the upholstery adds to your burden. These too come in various types, from natural fabrics to the synthetic varieties. Using the wrong chemicals can result in issues like staining and colour bleeding, and DIY blunders like overwetting lead to shrinkage of the material, and prolonged drying times which can fuel fungal growth.

Note that the different areas each have their own cleaning requirements. From the hardwood floors to the granite countertops and porcelain throne in the toilet. Concrete, limestone, marble- quartzite, glass, pipework- the materials have the cleaning agents and processes that can be safely used on them. You don’t want to corrode the natural stone floors, warp wood installations and etch glass surfaces in the course of the cleaning. This is additional damage that will need to be accounted for when the final costs are being tallied. With all the finances required for the moving process, you don’t want to be slapped with an additional repair bill.

Sweat and time equity will also go into searching for the optimal products to use, and the equipment to work with. The gear that is typically rented from stores has the size of its component parts reduced. This is to enable it to be easy to fit into the trunk of the average family vehicle, and move it around. However, in the process, this compromises of aspects such as power and capacity. As such, the rental machinery intended for the cleaning puts you at a disadvantage even before you’ve started the process. From scrubbing and extraction units, all through to the vacuuming power needed for a thorough job- you want machinery that can carry out the task on the intended areas. The professional end of tenancy cleaning crews employ truck mounted units and industrial-grade equipment to deliver a thorough clean each time.

You already have a lot on your plate- with the particulars of the move and all. From packing your belongings, handling the logistics of your new place, issues like utilities and arranging for your subscriptions to be sent to your new residence, searching to a moving company whose rates and terms you’re comfortable with- these can take a toll. Adding an arduous end of tenancy cleaning chore to your list of things to do before you move will strain you. What’s more, it even compromises the quality of the results, which in turns puts your security deposit on the line. During this hectic time, the last thing you want is more burden that takes away your peace of mind. Hiring the professionals for the task saves your time, money and energy, and gets your residence to the standards required to meet the tenancy agreement.

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Having It Done To Quality Standards

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