Top-To-Bottom House Cleaning Services At The End Of Your Tenancy

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Top-To-Bottom House Cleaning Services At The End Of Your Tenancy

Top-to-Bottom House Cleaning Services At The End Of Your Tenancy

Deposit disputes are frustrating for everyone involved. As the tenant, you want your money back as you move to the new residence. For landlords, you want the property to be in the original condition that the tenant found it in, and are holding onto the deposit to cater to costs that will need to be incurred to take care of aspects that have been neglected, or damages made, by the tenant during their occupancy. The most common cause for the disputes is the end of tenancy cleaning. The house needs to meet the terms that were indicated when signing the lease agreement before the tenant first moved in. A detailed inventory showing the condition of the property, including photographic evidence, comes in handy to indicate what needs to be done. Just as it is the right of a tenant to receive a clean property when taking up occupancy, it is the right of the landlord to be handed back the property when it is in proper condition.

Your time- How much is it worth?

Everyday life is busy in itself, as you balance the work and social life. Things get even more hectic during the period when you’re planning to move to a new residence. There is so much that needs to be done, dealing with the logistics to ensure that the move gets done seamlessly, the packing, handling the transfer of records from your kids’ current school to the new one, the documentation from your current healthcare provider, notifying the credit card companies and utility providers, the goodbyes with friends and neighbours, organising yard sales for the items that you want to offload and make some extra money in  the process- the end of tenancy cleaning will be an arduous chore to add to your to-do list. Note that the surfaces are required to be sparkling, even getting to those hidden nooks and crannies and ensuring that they are free of soiling and dust. Scrubbing the tiles and restoring the grout, giving the drapes and blinds a thorough wash, working on the airducts, units like the ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers- there is a lot that demands to be attended to. Calling in the house cleaning professionals will enable you to avoid the burden of the process.

Top-To-Bottom House Cleaning Services At The End Of Your Tenancy

Are you a landlord or letting agent? No doubt you also have a full in-tray, as you handle your day-to-day activities. Taking time away from it to clean the house will distort your plans- especially due to the lengthy duration that will be required to be devoted to the chores when one works without the proper equipment. What’s more, you need to be sure that you get quality results, which will be key in determining whether the residential space will attract new tenants to move in. Our end of tenancy cleaning experts are here to take care of the task for you

The right tools for the job – Top-To-Bottom House Cleaning Services At The End Of Your Tenancy

Giving the house an in-depth clean takes more than just scrubbing brushes, mop and a couple of cloths. The diverse surfaces the at need to be worked on, from the kitchen countertops, living room floors, bathroom tiles, the porcelain throne, all through to the windows, and exterior surfaces like the patio, each come with their unique requirements. The type of the material, be it hardwood floors, natural stone surfaces, all through to the leather and fabric upholsteries when dealing with furniture, require different approaches to be used, to ensure that a quality job is done without putting the structural integrity of the material at risk. Then there is the issue of the actual stains themselves, from the oil-based stains to the water-based ones, where various formulations are required to dissolve them, while still factoring in the affected material to prevent issues like scratching of hard surfaces or corrosion of the fibres. When dealing with units like carpets, the dirt gets so ingrained into the fibres, that high-powered extraction systems are needed to flush it out, for a truly deep clean. Then there are the odours that have permeated across the interior space, requiring odour neutralisers to be used after the source of the stench has been got rid of. What of the windows? The type of brushes involved should be effective for the scrubbing, while soft enough to avoid scratching the glass panes. You also don’t want streaks and smears being left behind on the windows after the process has been carried out. When dealing with the high-rise windows, additional risks of fall accidents come into the picture, especially when using ladders- which can also damage the exterior structures like the building’s stucco and the landscaping. Working with telescopic poles comes in handy. Our end of tenancy cleaning crew come with state-of-the-art machinery for the task, that works on the different surfaces in the building, yielding high-quality results

Skilled team – Top-To-Bottom House Cleaning Services At The End Of Your Tenancy

Our crew take pride in their work. They have been taken through rigorous training, and come with years of experience under their belt. As such, you can be sure that you’re entrusting the job to a qualified team. They will employ the appropriate products and systems for the different aspects of the end of tenancy cleaning processes and will not skimp on the details. A top-to-bottom clean will be carried out, restoring the premises to its elegance, in order to ensure that you are satisfied with the service. The appropriate safety measures are incorporated into the task, to protect the property from damage, and our personnel from injury as the house cleaning is being carried out. What’s more, we are duly licensed and insured. The insurance premiums are pricy, and taking them up is proof of the level of professionalism with which we provide our services. As such, you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands

The house cleaning services are provided at affordable prices. The high efficiency of the process reduces resource wastage and enhances result delivery, and high-powered machinery cuts down on the amount of time and labour required for the task. This results in lower operational costs, the benefits of which are then transferred over to you through a pocket-friendly quotation

Top-to-Bottom House Cleaning Services At The End Of Your Tenancy

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