House cleaning can save your life

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House cleaning can save your life

House Cleaning Can Save Your Life

Frustrated by a dirty house? Are guests coming over and you’re worried about them finding it in a dishevelled state? Are you dealing with the aftermath of a party that left everything in a mess? Or it’s spring-cleaning time and you want to get things back on track. Perhaps you have kids who are always making messes right behind you. The build-up of gunk may be too much that you feel that you can’t keep up with it. Then there’s the load of time that will be needed to give it a thorough wash. With your work and social life involved, you can feel too strained. You don’t want to give up hobbies, meals, or cut into your sleep. But the place still needs to get cleaned up. Otherwise, you won’t be able to be comfortable in your own home. But it’s not just about the looks. A dirty house is a germy house. All that gunk that has piled up could lead to disastrous health compilations for your household members, putting your family’s wellbeing at risk. The best defence against that is simply washing it away. With the logistics involved, from finding the right solutions to apply to the different surfaces, disinfectants to use that will be safe around kids and pets, and systems that get the job done fast without compromising the quality of the results, you’d feel swamped. Add to that the amount of effort that will be needed to provide a thorough clean, and it just feels like you come home from work to find another job waiting for you. You want to be able to relax and still get to live in a hygienic environment. Professional house cleaning can save your life from the arduous tasks involved. Leave it to our highly-specialised crew.

The Dirt In Your House

1. Everyday soiling

It’s tracked into the house under people’s shoes, settles onto the surfaces from the air above, there’s rodent waste, paint particles, and dust mite body parts, and there’s also that gunk that is left behind by the insects trooping around the premises. The dust builds up over time, and exposes your family members to a series of reactions and ailments. These range from simple coughing and sneezing, to triggering asthma attacks, worsening respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, and even inflaming eczema. Even brain development is interfered with. For instance, the dust can contain PBDEs (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers). These are flame retardant compounds which are used to increase the flame resistance of items in your home such as the textiles, carpet padding and furniture. When the PBDEs get into your system, they lead to disruption between the brain and hormone systems. Your children, especially the infants, who enjoy crawling around are more vulnerable- due to the habit of touching all kinds of surfaces, then going ahead to put their hands in their mouths. The elderly, plus those with compromised immune systems are also a prone to the danger. The longer that you breathe in the dust, then greater the chances of your health getting affected. House cleaning can save your life by eliminating those large and small particles that are accumulating on the various surfaces in your home.

2. Germs

They are crawling around in the billions. Some your body can fight off naturally, while others will land you in hospital wards, getting fed through a drip in your arm. The microbes invade your home on people, food and your pets. Once they are in, they are easily transited from one space to another, especially in those frequently used items such as the sofa set, or touched surfaces such as light switches. Common microbes found in homes include MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), which is a strain of the common Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Its resistance to antibiotics makes it difficult to treat. The E. coli bacterium, responsible for intestinal illness, is usually spread by those raw meat products, and can even be transmitted from your own bathroom. Norovirus, popularly known as winter vomiting bug, is the leading cause of infectious gastroenteritis in the UK. There are also numerous cases reported of Clostridium difficult (C. diff), which causes diarrhoea, ranging from mild discomfort to severe infection, and ulcers developing plus the colon bleeding out. The intestines can even get perforated, which causes peritonitis, a fatal condition. House cleaning can save your life through thorough disinfecting, to destroy the microbes and their breeding sites, and protect the health of your loved ones at home.

3. Fungal growths

Those unsightly patches of black, brown, yellow, and green fuzzy growths are just the start of your problems. In addition to taking away the appeal of the affected surface or household item, they put your family members at risk. Fungi such as mould release spores into the air. These are allergens, which can trigger coughing, asthma attacks, and incessant itching. Some of the species add mycotoxins into the mix, which are harmful to your liver, central nervous system and can even cause cancer. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, infections like sinusitis, and irritation add your bag of troubles. There are even cases of immunosuppression and gastrointestinal problems. The fungal growths are common in damp areas like bathroom and kitchens, under appliances or behind them, in basements and also around windows. They flourish when incorrect house cleaning practices are employed, like overwetting the carpet. You can prevent this from happening by seeking professional services. In addition to using the required amount of solutions, suction systems are incorporated into the process, to speed up the drying of the surfaces and items being cleaned and prevent the fungi from getting a foothold in your home. As such, specialised house cleaning can save your life from the effects that would have resulted from the fungi.

4. Waste from your furry friend

As your cats or dogs run around the home, they leave behind dander in their wake. The fur and dead skin cells end up all around the premises, from the carpet where they hop around all day to the sofa where they enjoy relaxing on the cushions. The dander is basically flakes of skin that have come off the animal, kind of like what humans have with dandruff. However, with the pets it’s combined with the flecks of dried saliva that were left behind as the animal licked itself. While the dander can cause allergic reactions on its own, the other substances that are brought along within the fur also play a huge role- such as pollen and mould. In fact, some parts of the sofa can be so concentrated in the dander that one could develop more severe reaction from lying on them than if you went ahead and buried your face in the animal’s fur. Since your kids spend plenty of time playing on these areas, they are at a higher risk of getting affected by the allergens. These substances sticking out the various surfaces of your home could keep their strength for months. Note some of the particles are very light, and could travel through the air as you pet your furry friend or groom the pet, and even up in places where it doesn’t go. Effects can range from itches, coughs, sneezing, all through to triggering asthma attacks and exacerbating respiratory conditions like bronchitis. Being allergic to your pet doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of it. After all, it’s a close house companion- some would say part of the family. Don’t fret- expert house cleaning can save your life by keeping the premises free off the materials that would harm your family members.

5. Bugs

That organic matter is an appealing meal to all kinds of creepy crawlers and rodents. The fruits, seeds, and sticky spots from juice spills and other beverages are a favourite for ants, which thrive in the walls, under carpets, and near the components of your heating systems. The dirt in your bedroom hides the bedbugs that come out at night to feed on you, then go back to their hideouts in the bed frames, headboards and even behind wallpaper. Rats and mice nest in the basements, attics and tool shed, coming over under the cover of darkness to feed on those crumbs left strewn all over the floors and furnishings. Don’t forget the flies, which are drawn to all kinds of vile, decomposing matter. From the meal moths in the cupboards and pantries, to cockroaches in your bathroom, kitchen, heating pipes and drains, your house will become unbearable. Not to mention embarrassing whenever you have guests over. You don’t want your friends or relatives screaming after a mouse runs across the room, or relaxing back on the sofa only for a roach to skimper over the cushions. The bugs also come with health risks. Take for instance the rats. They regularly harbour and transmit potential life-threatening infections such as typhus, Hantavirus, and Lyme disease (through ticks). The flies coming in spread bacteria that causes issues like food poisoning and dysentery. The body waste left behind by the creatures also increase the risk of infection, and can trigger allergic reactions. Even saliva from the cockroaches can transmit infection. Professional house cleaning can save your life by preventing these situations from happening in the first place. By getting rid of the organic material that draws the pests, you won’t have to worry about your home getting infested.

How A Dirty House Affects The Mind

Dirt is stressful in many ways. First, it overworks your senses. From sight to smell, you get distracted by those stains and odours, drawing your focus away from the tasks at hand. This affects your productivity, and prevents those creative juices from flowing easily. It becomes difficult to brainstorm and get through easy tasks when the sections of your brain that are mean to be freed up for the process are battling to ignore the dirt spots on the floors and walls. Even holding a normal conversion with guests who have come over becomes difficult when there are odours permeating through the house. You deserve better. Get things back in line by hiring expert house cleaning services.

The dirt and grime take away your ability to relax in the comfort of your own home. After all, how can you enjoy sitting back to unwind on the sofa when there are odours emanating from the cushions? How can you prepare meals in the kitchen when there are dingy smells hanging in the air? Even sleep is affected, what with you coughing all through the night due to the dust and allergens that have built up. Add to this the unsightly colourations caused by stains and dirt spots, which your mind registers as pending work. This takes away the simple pleasure of lounging with a book over the weekends, watching some TV, or grabbing a good night’s rest. You feel uneasy and on edge. You can prevent this from happening by scheduling regular house cleaning sessions.

You even argue with your significant other. The start of the disagreement can have been something minor- from misplaced keys to forgotten plans, but the dirt in the house adds fuel to the fire. Over time, this friction pushes people apart. While infidelity is the most common cause for divorces in the UK, domestic hygiene plays a major part. Over 30% of couples who are divorced point out that arguments over the domestic chores, “who was failing to do what and when”, were to blame for the feeling that the spouses were not pulling their weight around the house. Sure, at first it appears to be trivial, but when it happens day after day, the resentment builds up. As much as dirt can break up relationships, it can also prevent them from happening in the first place. Imagine inviting your date over to your place, only for them to find it in shambles, grime all over. That is an instant turn off. If they don’t turn back immediately, they can endure the evening and leave, never to return. You don’t want this to be your story. Single, dating or married, a clean home is vital to attracting and maintaining healthy relationships. Our house cleaning personnel will enable you to create an environment in which your relationship can thrive.

How about your relationships with you neighbours, friends and relatives? Do you jump in shock each time you hear the door bell ringing? Do you dread those unannounced visits from the neighbours coming to check up on you? Are you planning a party and can’t stop worrying about how the state of your house will reflect on you as a person? Do your in-laws want to come over and you keep pushing away the date in order to avoid a nasty confrontation about the state of affairs in your home? The situations are diverse, but they are all caused by one thing: grime in the house. It affects your ability to be a host. Your confidence is taken away. Immediately someone walks in through the front door, you go into a series of explanations detailing the source of the dirt spots and odours, desperately trying to paint yourself in a positive light. Imagine asking your friend to take a seat on the sofa, only for them to ask you if their clothes will be safe from the stains on the cushions, or the pet fur riddling the fibres. It’s embarrassing. When the queries and glances are taken personally, arguments can happen. As such, home owners in these situations tend to put off hosting visitors all together. This causes them to drift apart. You don’t want to become estranged with those whom you are close to. Regular house cleaning can save your life’s relationships and keep them thriving.

Are there kids in the households? Well, they are not immune to the effects of the dirt and grime. When those stains and odours are overworking your senses, your little ones are also feeling the same way. In this case, it is not the loud TV or too much animations that will be affecting their ability to learn, rather it will be the build-up of dirt and disorder around the home. The parenting task becomes a hustle. How will you instill discipline in the children, and expect them to behave in a certain way, cleaning up after themselves, when the home is in disarray? In extreme cases, it leads to behaviour modification, and gradually neglecting their surrounding becomes normal to them. You don’t want this to be the setting in which you raise your kids. Call in the house cleaning professionals to clear the mess.

The House Cleaning Process


All those food preparation activities leave behind plenty of gunk in their wake, from the bacteria and food residue on the countertops, to the oil splatters on the stove tops and walls. Caked-on particles in the walls of your oven, organic matter in your sink and its drain, all through to the spills on the floor itself contribute to the messes that are waiting to be cleaned up in the kitchen. Add to this the surfaces like fridge and cabinet doors, the lighting fixtures themselves, top and front of the range, chrome fixtures, and the handles plus knobs that are regularly being gripped by persons accessing the different areas or operating the appliances, and the risk of spreading infection increases. It’s not just your safety that is on the line. The efficacy of the cooking itself is affected. For instance, the gunk on the stove tops, electrical burners and interior of the oven affects heat distribution, which in turn means that your meals won’t be evenly cooked. Then the reduced efficiency means you’ll be preparing the dishes with much more power, which pushes up your energy bill. The house cleaning services will reverse the downward trend and put things back on track.

Sleeping Areas

You spend every night here, and you want to be able to get a good night’s rest. The furniture, from the bed itself to the closets and dressing table, build up soiling gradually, turning your place of rest into a cocktail of grime. From the dusty walls and floors, to the body waste such as skin flakes and sweat that get rubbed onto the material, the surfaces need to be wiped down and the upholstery thoroughly cleaned. Those fragile appliances in your bedroom, like night stands, light fixtures and artwork draping the walls, all require a specialised touch that will provide a thorough clean without damaging them. Our expert house cleaning team will give the area a top-to-bottom clean, getting to those nooks and crannies and even the polishing the door knobs and frames.

Living and Dining Areas

Being the centrepiece of the home- where you relax on a daily basis, host guests and where your pets no-doubtedly enjoy playing around, the furniture and upholstery in your living room should be given deep cleans, that will get to the spots and stains riddling the surfaces, to the gunk that is hidden deep within the fibres of the material. From your favourite sofa to the curtains on the windows, the tables and love seats to the dining table where there is a high frequency of food and drink spills, smudges on the floors and walls, dust that has built up on the electrical appliances, all through to the ceiling itself, are all given comprehensive attention by the house cleaning team. Dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing and extraction, conditioning and buffing, the required method of approach is determined by the area being worked on and the surface requirements. This will leave your home spotless and enable you to relax and enjoy the ambience.


This is where your household members get clean, and it’s no surprise that it quickly builds up dirt and grime. After a long day at work, morning jog, or when you’re back from an outing with friends and family, you want to be able to enjoy a hot relaxing bath. When there’s scum all over the walls, the mirrors are dingy and covered with fingerprint marks, or there shower head is stained with limescale deposits, you won’t be able to feel clean. You want those cobwebs removed from the corners of the bathroom, dusting on those cabinets and shelves where you put your hair kits, makeup, body oil and other cleaning supplies, and the gunk eliminated from the floors of your shower. When it comes to the toilet, that porcelain throne needs thorough cleaning and disinfecting. From the bowl, seat, tank to the region under it, there could be hordes of bacteria. Add to this the toilet flush handle, plus the brush itself. These items need to be cleaned to protect the health of your loved ones. Not to mention the unsightly scenes that develop when there are stains in the bowl. You also don’t want odours coming out of your bathroom. Bring in our house cleaning professionals to take care of your bathroom cleaning needs.

Carpets, mats and rugs

Your carpet is in a league of its own with the microbes, gunk, fungi and other irritants that can make you ill. Its danger lurking literally under your feet, waiting to pounce on the persons you love and care about. Just think about it. Everything that falls- from food crumbs, skin flakes and spills from drinks, ends up in the carpet. After all, it was intended to protect the floor underneath. Since the carpet has fibers, it does a great job of cleaning the air of particles like dust and pollen that can be floating about. However, the gunk doesn’t go anywhere. It just keeps on accumulating within the fibres. Did you know that carpets can hold up to 4 times their own weigh in dirt? That’s plenty of soiling considering how heavy a brand new carpet is. These substances range from living things like microbes and fungi, feeding on the organic matter getting shed by persons in the house and insects crawling about under the cover of darkness, to non-living substances such as volatile compounds and smoke particles that are trapped within the material. As people walks around the house, they disturb the fibres, causing the fine particles of dirt to be kicked up into the air, from where they are inhaled. Respiratory issues follow suit, putting your family members at risk. Some of the substances such as mould thrive in the carpet, releasing the mycotoxins that make air unsafe for breathe. Add to that conditions such as athlete’s foot caused by fungi getting to you as you walk barefoot on the carpet, plus the stress levels caused by the unclean environment, and your carpet becomes a cocktail of trouble. As part of the house cleaning process, these problems will be taken care of, and you will see and feel the difference under your feet.

Value Of Professional House Cleaning Services

Boosts the real estate value of the property

We all know that saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well, that doesn’t apply to real estate. Clients- potential buyers and tenants- will definitely judge the place by what greets the eye. And you only get one shot at a first impression, so you want to make sure you get it right. As you hold your open houses and walk the guests through the rooms, they create mental pictures of them living in the place. You want that image to be positive. Dirt spots, smudges on the windows and walls, the gunk strewn all over the bathroom and kitchen floors, or even odours, set a negative tone. They make the place appear poorly managed, and it will cost you the deal. Even insects like cockroaches scurrying around are a sign that there’s gunk hidden in spots around the house, which are not being seeing. Who would want to move into a house with a bug infestation? You want to impress your clients so that you can make lucrative returns from the property. Getting it ready with house cleaning services will put you on the right track.

Enhance your health

You want to your household members to remain healthy and happy. Taking away the dirt and grime that sends them to hospital is a great start. The house cleaning team removes the source of your troubles, enhancing the hygiene standards of your interior space. Those allergies and infections are done away with, enabling your kids to be free to play around without you throwing a fit whenever they are on the sofa or carpet, and you can get a good night’s rest without going into a bout of coughs. Getting rid of the stains and odours also improves your quality of life, by taking away the distractions that frustrate you as you try to carry out your duties at home, and also reducing the amount of the stress hormone cortisol coursing through your veins. The house cleaning can save your life and enable you to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own home, which reflects in your other endeavours. You take that radiant joy with you to your workplace and on those outings with friends, increasing your productivity and spreading the cheer.

Extra Tips To Maintain Your Home Before The Next House Cleaning Session

Do the dishes, preferably after each meal. You don’t want them to pile up at the sink, or the gunk to stick more strongly to the utensils. This is to reduce your workload, and prevent odours from developing.

Always ensure that you toss waste into the bin. Don’t leave it hanging around. The foodstuffs will attract pests, while waste such as aerosols and paper create fire hazards.

Clean up spills as soon as they occur. This is to prevent the stains from setting into the affected surface. It is also for the benefit of the underlying structure, such as wood or marble that are susceptible to water damage.

Regularly give your pet a bath. This cuts down on the amount of allergens that will end up in the dander they leave behind. For instance, a bath can reduce your dogs’ allergen levels by about 85%. However, the allergen levels will spike up in under a week, necessitating another wash.

Open the windows and doors of your house often to allow for proper ventilation to take place. Shutting them for prolonged periods, like during the fall and winter months, causes an increase in the amount of dust that accumulates in the interior space.

Avoid leaving food out for your pet unless you’re sure that your furry friend will clear it. You don’t want to be unknowingly feeding pests like mice.

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