Taking Care Of Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs

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Taking Care Of Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs

Taking Care Of Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs

As you move out of the rental unit, one is required to ensure that it is spick and span. Restoring it back to its original condition in order to pass the inspection that will be conducted by the landlord or property manager can be an arduous task, without the proper products and systems to use for the job. It’s not just about wiping countertops, emptying the fridge and kitchen cabinets. The grease and grime that is on the tiles  should be got rid of, there shouldn’t be visible stains on the carpets, rugs and upholstery, units like the oven, the workhorse of the kitchen, need a deep clean that removes the baked-on food deposits, those smudges on the windows that are preventing one from seeing clearly through demand to be attended to, extra attention is required for the kitchen and bathroom areas that attract and hoard grime, then there is the dust that is on the furniture and radiators, sections like the doors and exterior surfaces also require to be cleaned- it’s a long process. In the rush witnessed during the final days of your tenancy as you prepare to move out, it’s likely for a thing or two to be missed, which puts your security deposit on the line. Bringing in end of tenancy cleaning experts will ensure that the task is carried out to high quality standards. Taking Care Of Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs

Your peace of mind also factors in. After all, with the long to-do list of the moving process- dealing with the logistics of the change in addresses, finding a moving company, the packing itself, organizing a yard sale for the items that you don’t want to carry with you to the new place, all through to aspects like bidding goodbye to your friends and neighbours- time is limited. Carrying out a top-to-bottom house cleaning will take a huge chunk out of it, straining you further. Dealing with units like the oven is a labour-intensive job, adding to your burden. You don’t have to go through the DIY route. Simply calling the professional end of tenancy cleaning crew to take the load off your back. 

Including The End Of Tenancy Cleaning In The Lease Agreement – Taking Care Of Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs

One of the main causes of deposit disputes between the tenants and landlords is the end of tenancy cleaning. When the tenants first move into the house or apartment, it’s usually clean. After all, the tenants have the right to receive a property that is sanitary and properly cared for. They are then required to maintain the hygiene standards throughout the lease period, and hand back over the property in the condition they found it in. As such, it is vital for the landlords and property managers to include a clause in the lease agreement that specifically addresses the end of tenancy cleaning. This is something in the lines of “It has been agreed by both the tenant and the landlord that the tenant will arrange for a professional cleaning at the expiry of their lease, and provide evidence of the same. If the professional end of tenancy cleaning is not done, or upon failure to produce receipts as proof of the work carried out, the landlord will proceed to hire the services- the expenses of which will be deducted from the tenant’s security deposit“. Taking Care Of Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs

A key emphasis is on hiring professional services. Why? Well, while the tenant can take on the task as a DIY project, there are high chances of it resulting in a poor cleaning job. Areas can be overlooked, stains left behind simply because they were too stubborn to come off, dirt spots that have been ingrained on the hard surfaces, issues like etching on the glass panes, all through to appliances like the ovens being shoddily attended to in the rush of the moving process. When dealing with the professional end of tenancy cleaning crew, they are well versed with the particulars of the job, and will pay close attention to the different areas of the house in readiness of the inspection, from the living areas, the bathroom, walls and windows, the curtains and upholstery, carpeting, fridges and ovens, all through to the exterior surfaces. This ensures that the property has been given a thorough wash, in readiness for the open houses that are to follow as you market the residential space to interested persons. 

Insisting on professional end of tenancy cleaning also sets the standard to which the property will be maintained- particularly affecting the new tenants that will move in. They will find it in top condition, and will be required to retain it throughout their occupancy. What’s more, as the landlords, it will be much easier for you to attract new tenants and sign the lease agreements, since clean houses depict a property that is well maintained, where the owner can be trusted- and it even justifies the premiums with the rent. The increased demand for the residential space is a boost for your real estate venture, bringing you more returns for your investment. The deep house cleaning goes to further protect the property, enabling you to avoid costly repairs and replacements that would have been caused by malfunctioning appliances and deteriorating surfaces later on. 

Schedule Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Session Today – Taking Care Of Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs

We have been in the house cleaning industry for years, and our services span across the scope- from spring cleaning, routine and emergency sessions, all through to the end of tenancy cleaning. We have heavily invested in state-of-the-art machinery that packs a punch, enabling our crew to attend to those difficult jobs that could have taken hours with a DIY job. Their experience, coupled with quality products and the highly effective equipment, enables our house cleaning crew to deliver the expected standards of results in moments. The appropriate safety measures are also put in place, to protect the property and our personnel as they go about their mandate. All this is done at an affordable price, with the quotation being tailored to suit your individual situation

Taking Care Of Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs

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