Giving the house a thorough clean before moving out

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Giving The House A Thorough Clean Before Moving Out

Giving The House A Thorough Clean Before Moving Out

At the end of the tenancy, the house needs to be restored back to the condition that you found it in when moving in- with the state stipulated in the lease agreement being the bare minimum. Otherwise, part or whole of the security deposit can end up being withheld in order to rectify any issues that arise. Deposit disputes usually revolve around the cleaning that needs to be done. The landlords and letting agents are very keen during the inspection, assessing every surface, the upholsteries and carpets, checking on their condition before returning the security deposit to the tenant. During those final days before the move, one is so busy that undertaking a DIY house cleaning, from top to bottom, dealing with the nooks and crannies, those stubborn dirt spots and stains, can take a toll. Areas are glossed over, and there may even be damages made due to harsh chemicals being used in a bid to deal with those stubborn sections. You don’t want to put yourself through the strain. Calling in the professional end of tenancy cleaning crew will free you, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the moving process- like sourcing for a moving company and the packing itself, and dealing with formalities like the change in address, notifying your utility provider, insurance and credit card companies. Turn to our services to handle the task for you, striking the arduous chore off your to-do list. Different sections are taken care of during the end of tenancy cleaning, including:

The kitchen

This tops the busiest zones in the house, and based on the amount of cooking activities that go on, there will be grease spots and grime all over. From the walls and backsplashes, to the floors, stains on the countertops where the ingredients were being prepared, to the kitchen sink that handled all grimy dishes- the different surfaces need to be attended to. Note that the cleaning products used vary depending on the particular material being worked on, and the kinds of dirt or stains that are being removed. Sections like the hob can get really soiled, as they are easily tarnished by the burnt-on food. Tenants may overlook cleaning them during their occupancy as well. As a landlord, you don’t want your prospective tenants being put off because of the hob, a focal point of the kitchen, being grimy. Bringing it back to its high shine is part of the end of tenancy cleaning services. Extractor fans are other items that are commonly neglected, especially the filters. It’s a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. Without the right combination of cleaning products and scrubbing method, the task can end up taking hours. The professional house cleaning team will get it done in moments, leaving the extractor fan filters gleaming. The cabinets are probably the first thing that protective tenants will check out during the open house, so you want them to be looking their best as well. 

The bathroom

Here, the different sections will require different cleaning equipment to be used. From the bathroom sink- where particular care has to be taken especially when dealing with porcelain sinks in order to prevent scratches; the tiles that accumulate grime quickly and can be a real chore to work on especially when there are limescale deposits; the bathtub will be a point of focus as the new tenants check out the property before deciding to move in; all through to the toilet- where cleaning it may not be the most fun job in the world, but it still needs to be done. Discoloured toilets, with urine scale deposits and odours emanating from them, will definitely put off the potential tenants. The end of tenancy cleaning crew will give the porcelain throne a thorough wash, from the rim to the bowl itself. For the shower, particular attention is given to the showerhead- including disassembling it to remove the gunk that has built up in it, and the grouting. 

Living room

It’s where families spend their quality time together, guests are hosted, and particles are held. The various surfaces, from the floors and walls, to the bookshelves, light fittings and fixtures plus the upholstery are all attended to. Is the residential space rented out while fully furnished? Our end of tenancy cleaning personnel can also handle the various sofas, giving them an in-depth clean, that way the new tenants will feel all cosy and relaxed when testing out the furniture. For those who are moving with the furniture, having it cleaned also gives you the chance to have a fresh start in your new residence, and not drag around sofas with soiled cushions, stains on the throws and pillows, or pet fur and dander clinging to the fibres. The house cleaning encompasses the different units, and will be tailored to your particular needs.

Windows, doors and ceilings

They are part of the property, and you want them in top condition. The dirt spots that are on the glass panes casting shadows into the interior of the house, those layers of dust that are reducing the amount of light getting into the space, smudges and grime on the doors, to the cobwebs on the ceiling corners- the end of tenancy cleaning processes get to them all, restoring the vibrant look to the interior space. 


These are some of the most soiled units in the household. Throughout the carpet’s life on the floor, it filters dust particles and allergens from the air space, and scrapes off the gunk that is at the bottom of people’s shoes. Over time, the gunk gets pushed deeper into the carpet pile. In fact, the carpet can end up accumulating up to 4 times its own weight in dirt. Stains are also common, and are a stark contrast to the colours and patterns of the carpet. The house cleaning crew give the carpet a deep wash, extracting the gunk that is buried within the material, and removing the stains that are strewn over the unit. 

Giving The House A Thorough Clean Before Moving Out

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