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End of tenancy cleaning services near you

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services Near You

You’re moving out. It’s time for a fresh start. We all have our reasons. You may have just got a job transfer, or you’re looking to move into a school district with more prudent education choices for your children. That groovy neighbourhood where you moved into after your marriage may not meet the requirements for your kid’s academic life. Your family may be growing, and you need bigger space to house them all in. With all the kids wanting their own rooms, those bedroom closets being choke-full of clothes, and the garage bursting to the brim with items you got at a sale, a time comes when larger space is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The reverse is also true. Are you an empty-nester? Have your kids reached of age and moved out, whether it’s to college or to start a life of their own? Here, there is simply so much extra room around, and people tend to prefer to downsize to a smaller and more conducive space. It’s not just about taking away that feeling of empty room. You get to make major cost reductions in electricity and maintenance. Speaking of finances, cost of living is a major reason why people move. Sometimes it has not reached the pinnacle of financial distress, and people just make an early move to a cheaper area with lower taxes, where the bills can be paid more easily, and you don’t have to spend every waking day living from hand-to-mouth. On the other side of the scale, there are those who want to reward themselves for years of hard work and wise fiscal behaviour, by moving to a more grand residence once they are able to afford it. Age too is a consideration. The older we get, the more we need to be in safe locations, with close proximity to amenities like medical facilities. There’s also the need to be closer to family, whether it is your elderly parents or the growing grandkids. Can’t stand your neighbours? From the ones constantly playing loud music into the dead of the night, to bad relations that cause you to get into arguments each time you bump into each other in the hallways or out on the curb- sometimes people choose to move to get away from all the debacle and have some peace of mind. Then there are those who simply want to explore other parts of the world- expand their horizon per se, meet different cultures, make new friends, and experience the thrill of discovering new ways of life. Whatever the reason for the move, you want to leave things in good condition at your current place of residence. That’s where the end of tenancy cleaning comes in.

The Hustle Of The Move

You’ve got your hands full with the moving process, and you don’t want to add the chores involved with the end of the tenancy cleaning to your list of duties. First is going back to the lease agreement to ensure that you do things right. Proper protocol has to be followed, like informing your landlord via letter or signed document of your intent to move out. This is usually needed a month prior. You also have to figure out how the actual moving will be done. Will you do it personally or hire professional help? With the latter, there are plenty of companies to choose from, and you’ll need to scrutinise each of them- prices, reviews, schedules etc. – before settling on your preferred option. Then there is the packing. Arranging all your belongings into packages that will be easily transportable, without causing any damages. Dividing them into sections that will go into the truck first and what will be last, what you need for the days prior to the move, and what can stay packed away for weeks to reduce your workload on the actual day. Getting cardboard boxes, enough taping and even looking for bubble wrap to ensure the safety of the items will need to be done. In order to ensure that you have everything with you after you move, you’ll need to create an inventory as you pack. Some items won’t need to be carried along with you, with homeowners usually deciding to donate them. In case your landlord allows it, you can organise a yard sale and make some extra money off the stuff you don’t need.

Switching your utilities is a no-brainer. However, timing is key. As soon as you have settled on the closing date, call up the gas, electricity, and internet or cable companies and get a service switch. You may need vehicle sticker for your new location, and change the address with your bank. Contacting your insurance companies- life, auto, medical and even pet- are part of the logistics that will need to be carried out. In case you’re moving out of the locality and you’ll require new doctors, dentists and opticians, you should de-register with the current ones. You’ll also need cash for the moving day, including that with which you’ll pay the movers, plus money for ordering food. You may need to preserve a parking spot for the day you’ll be moving, which may require you to clear it with the property manager- whether it’s getting the prime parking out front, or pulling into the back alley. You don’t want to add the hustle of giving your house or apartment a top-to-bottom clean. Let our end of tenancy cleaning team take care of that for you. Strike it off your list and get on with the rest of your obligations with the peace of mind that the residential establishment will be spotless, ready for inspection by the landlord to get your security deposit back.

What The Law says About End Of Tenancy Cleaning

That you have to follow the tenancy agreement that you signed is a given. It’s a consumer contract designed to protect both the tenant and the landlord. Neither wants to be put in a disadvantaged situation- like forcing the realtor to clean out mounds of gunk caused by your family and friends after you leave. Before you move out, you’ll be needed to schedule and complete a walk-through of the place with your landlord or property manager. Skipping this forfeits your ability to challenge the security deposit decisions that your landlord makes. Besides, when you are around you get to point out what is and isn’t your fault. However, the cleaning will be required to be proved to an agreed standard. It is stipulated in your agreement that the place should be left in a hygienic state, though the exact phrasing may vary. Some property managers even insist on being provided with a receipt or invoice as proof of a professional clean. Aspects like limescale, grease and dust, stained carpets and even dirty ovens cannot be overlooked. You want a thorough end of tenancy cleaning service that will enable you pass your check-out and get your deposit back in full- after all it is your hard-earned money.

On the side of the property managers, the requirement for a professional clean in the tenancy agreement is designed to remove the scope for arguments by providing an objective common standard. In fact, recent surveys show that over 50% of the deposit discount disagreements revolved around cleaning. Moreover, section 3(2) of the Health and Safety at Work Act obligates the landlord to ensure that the property is safe before the new tenants move in. realistically, it is difficult to keep track of a tenant’s level of hygiene. That’s why professional end of tenancy cleaning is beneficial. It ensures that the place is free of grime and disinfected, to protect future residents.

What End Of Tenancy Cleaning Involves

It’s an in-depth clean that covers different areas of the residential establishment. From sanitizing and scrubbing the interior surfaces, from the front door and skirting boards at the entrance hall, to the ledges and banister at the landing, cleaning the cupboards and microwaves, eliminating the grease and grime in refrigerators and other places it could have accumulated over time, to getting to the radiators and splashback in the kitchen, and furniture for residences that came fully-furnished, and even cleaning out the garage, there is plenty that the end of tenancy cleaning covers. The basic break down includes:


They’ve handled copious amounts of body waste over the duration of the tenancy, and need thorough cleaning to not only restore their beauty, but also eradicate the pathogens crawling all over. From the hairs, sweat, oil treatments and scum that goes on the shower floor and through the drain, to the soap residue that winds up on the walls, the area will need thorough scrubbing, and all the surfaces descaled. The smudges and fingerprint marks on the windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces will be removed and the surfaces polished, bringing back their sparkle. The toilet requires all its components to be attended to, from the bowl itself to the seat, lid, and even the tank. The toilet flush handle and brush are all on the line for sanitization, using products with superior bactericidal properties. This goes for the rest of the surfaces too, especially since those occasions when the toilet is flushed without the lid being closed, aerosolised particles get sprayed to the nearby vicinity, reaching all the way to the bathroom cabinets and sink.


You prepare plenty of meals there, and it’s one of the rooms you will get sentimental about leaving. With the numerous recipes that you handle, oil splatters from the cooking could have winded up on the walls and floors. Don’t forget the pathogens from handling raw food and poultry on the countertops, plus those fresh vegetables that you incorporated into the dishes. The surfaces need to be degreased and sanitised, and this also includes appliances that came with the establishment and are being left behind- like the cookers, ovens and fridges. They contain baked on food residue in their interior walls, which not only reduces their energy efficiency, but also affects the quality of meals prepared. For property managers, you don’t want potential tenants finding the appliances in deplorable conditions. The end of tenancy cleaning takes care of everything, from the mopping and vacuuming, to the minute details of wiping the skirting and sockets.

Living Rooms – End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services Near You

Oh the memories that were made here, as you hung out with friends and family, spent quality time with your kids, argued, laughed and cried. The joys from the shows that you watched and games that you played- the living room was the place that brought everyone together. With that human traffic comes loads of waste that ends up on the various surfaces. Food and drink spills on the floors, the skin flakes that were shed all that time providing nourishment for hoards of dust mites, pet fur and dander from your furry friend, and even the pathogens coughed and sneezed onto the various surfaces, especially if a household member was ill. In case a family member is a smoker, then the smoke particles absorbed into the walls and floors need to be dealt with. The mirrors, windows and door frames also require to be attended to by the end of tenancy cleaning team, as well as those frequently touched surfaces like light switches and door knobs.


From the flooring to the built-in closets, grime could have formed layers and they all need to be cleared. Add to this the hallways and stairs leading to it, its own floors and mirrors, to those corners where you used to leave clothes and forget about them till the moving time came, they are germ havens. The microbes flourish in the dirt, and there could be insects nesting in the nooks and crannies. The end of tenancy cleaning personnel will get to all the surfaces, from the ceiling up above to the crevices in the household, clearing out the gunk, cobwebs, wax residues and other kinds of filth to freshen up the place.

Health Concerns

With the mounds of dirt and grime, there are numerous factors that place new tenants at risk. Take for instance bacteria. They are in the billions. While many can be naturally fought off by person’s immune system, and others are safe and vital for the balance in biodiversity of the establishment, what of those little creatures responsible for conditions like food poisoning- like E. Coli? They are left on the surface where raw foods are handled, and they can result in medical bills for persons moving in. What of the Staphylococcus bacteria dominating the bathroom surfaces, cause of the common staph infections? Or Pseudomonas in the kitchen sink ready to crawl onto nearby dishes and contaminate them? Common microbes also include Clostridium difficult (C. diff), that causes diarrhoea, or even bleeding in the colon, and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), whose high resistance to antibiotics makes treating it difficult. Even viruses are in the mix, such as Norovirus, one of the major causes of infectious gastroenteritis. You don’t want infection breaking out among the family members that take up the tenancy, resulting in negative publicity for your real estate establishment. Add to this the pathogens that are transmitted by insects like cockroaches on the property, such as Salmonella and parasitic worms. Pests like rats are carriers of Hantavirus, which causes fatal infections. End of tenancy cleaning services will enable you to ensure that future tenants are not exposed to such ailments.

There’s also the fungi problem. Those green, black, grey and other colours of growths popping up on the surfaces are not just a cause of musty odours, but they also release spores into the air that can be inhaled, triggering asthma attacks and other reactions in persons with immunity problems. They even lead to hypersensitivity pneumonitis, infections like sinusitis, gastrointestinal issues, plus haemorrhage. Kids and the elderly are at a higher risk. There are also those species of fungi that produce mycotoxins. These are a direct threat to body organs like the liver, and even the central nervous system. The fungi growths are caused by issues such as overwetting, like using excessive water to mop the floor, or cleaning solutions for the carpet and furniture that prolong the drying time. These rookie mistakes can be avoided by turning to the end of tenancy cleaning experts, who ensure that proper procedures are followed to prevent the fungi from sprouting in the first place.

Benefits Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services For The Tenant

1. High quality equipment

We have invested in state-of-art end of tenancy cleaning machinery. This includes tools that can reach the high rise ceiling, to the nooks and crannies in the in the in-built wardrobes, deliver powerful cleaning solutions to the inner fibers of the carpeting and clean away at the scale and scum deposits on the bathroom surfaces. From vacuuming to scrubbing and extraction, even polishing of the floors and glass surfaces, our team has got you covered. Not only does it ensure professional results, but it also prevents mould and other fungi from growing due to the surfaces being left too damp. You get the results delivered fast, to keep your moving schedule on track.

2. Saves your time and energy

With all the things you have to do, you don’t want to spend an entire day dusting, scrubbing and polishing the surfaces around the place. Not only is it time consuming, but there’s the risk of below-standard results, considering the level of strain that you’re putting yourself through. This could lead to whole or part of your security deposit being withheld. Let our energetic and highly-skilled end of tenancy cleaning team take up the task, cleaning the entire property top to bottom and delivering the expected quality of the results.

3. Eco-friendly services

You may be moving out of the house, but you’re not leaving the planet. The Earth is ours to protect, and we all have an obligation to do so in all aspects of our lives, from the shopping and transport choices we make, recycling options we take, all through to the end of tenancy cleaning. After all, you want your kids to inherit a planet that can support them and enable them to thrive. Our end of tenancy cleaning processes are carried out using systems and solutions that pose no risk Mother Nature. From the application all through to the extraction and disposal, the machinery and products are safe for the biodiversity around the establishment, enabling you to get professional results while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Affordable

Our end of tenancy cleaning services have been structured to provide pocket friendly prices without compromising on their quality. They are tailored to suit your specific needs, including the size of the establishment, the number of rooms involved, and even the appliances that you want to be cleaned.

As a welcome bonus to the entire process, you get to leave in good terms with your landlord.

Value Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services To The Realtor/Property Owner

1. Enhance the value of the property

Images are a make or break factor in the real estate industry. You want to be able to appeal to future tenants, and be able to justify your premiums. You want your open houses to be more successful, generating leads and sealing deals. When persons come onto the property to check it out, they visualise themselves living there. How does it blend with their taste? Is it safe for their kids? A clean and elegant establishment shows them that the property is well taken care of. The opposite is detrimental to your endeavours. Stains on the walls and floors, smudges on the mirrors and windows and even cobwebs on the ceiling corners or insect residue in the sills, on skirting boards or hidden in the closets will turn them off. It portrays an image of unprofessionalism. They’ll be thinking, “If this is what I can see, what of the missing details that I can only discover when I move in? Like the energy efficiency of the premises and how you handle repair and maintenance issues that pop up?” No one want to move into a premises that promises more headaches than comfort. Cooking meals in a dilapidated kitchen, or taking showers in bathrooms covered in scum, is not how you want persons to visualise their stay in your house or apartment. End of tenancy cleaning helps you to avoid the negative light, and puts you on the path to rake in more profit from your real estate venture.

2. Protect your property

In addition to the visual appeal, the structural integrity of the premises is vital for you to continue getting returns on your investment. You don’t want to incur huge losses in making repairs to floors and walls that got water damaged due to excessive amounts of cleaning solution used during the DIY end of tenancy cleaning, or deal with gunk getting grinded onto the surface of the flooring as you invite people for the open houses. Drink spills that seep into the surfaces of the countertops and floors, or get absorbed into the fibres of the carpet, need to be scrubbed off. They cause the affected material to lose its strength and shorten its lifespan, meaning that you’ll need to replace it sooner that you had anticipated. Then there’s the issue of the food particles that attract pests into the building. Not just the ant and roaches that scare off tenants, but the larger rodents like mice. They are quick to discover empty properties where there is a food source. Now these will literally eat away your property. They gnaw at the electrical insulation of the wires in the building, and even material like soft concrete. Their sharp teeth and claws do real damage to the ceiling and floor boards, and the furniture that is left behind. You may not even see then on the floor. They have the ability to sneak into all sorts of places that could be ignored during the standard DIY cleaning, like the insides of food cupboards. You don’t want that elegant sofa that you’re using to market the apartment breaking apart as soon as a person sits on it due to a supportive component in its structure having been gnawed through. They even cause fires. Houses have been burnt down in infernos caused by the pesky little creatures damaging the electrical systems. You also don’t want the other tenants currently in the complex getting a pest infestation issue. The end of tenancy cleaning fixes this by getting rid of the source of the problem- those food particles that are a magnet to the pests- thus enabling you to protect your investment. The powerful cleaning solutions and systems also destroy their nests and breeding grounds, ensuring that your property remains pest-free.

3. Enhance the health of the premises

You don’t want tenants complaining of allergies the moment they move in, or potential clients on a tour of the house erupting into a bout of coughs and sneezes, or getting itchy skin. There could be different kinds of allergens in the property, ranging from pet fur and dander, to spores from mould and mildew. Some are not even the fault of the tenants moving out, like pollen which get blown into the building by wind. The only way to get rid of them is giving the property a full and deep clean, whilst paying attention to surfaces like soft furnishings and carpets. You can get this level of detailed job from professional end of tenancy cleaning services.

4. Eliminate odours

Smell is the one sense that overpowers all the rest. When you’re in a stinking room, all the beauty and elegance of the furnishings, surfaces and wallpaper will go unnoticed. In fact, it’s a guaranteed instant deterrent to anyone who interested in the property. The odours have different sources, ranging from decaying food residue in the kitchen cabinets and sinks, gunk in the shower drains, or even body waste in the toilet bowl. Musty odours from fungal growths, stale stenches in the bedroom closets from clothes that had stayed in there for way too long, or even the odours from the sofa in your all-furnished apartment or house that you are looking to rent out, are also a problem. Take for instance the furniture. When your previous tenants were using them, their sweat and body oils were rubbed into the cushions. Add to this the food spills, plus faecal residue and body parts from insects crawling up and about, and it creates a cocktail of pungent smells that puts off anyone who sits on the sofa. The end of tenancy gives the furnishings, upholstery and all other areas deep cleans to remove the source of the smell, and even employ odour neutralisers in the process, bringing a fresh ambience to the interior space.

5. Preserve indoor air quality

The last thing you want is complaints from other tenants in the apartment complex, or new persons moving in, that the environment is stuffy. Worse is them getting medical conditions because of the air becoming toxic, due to potent chemicals used in DIY end of tenancy cleaning projects. While odours are simply annoying, there are particulate compounds in the air that can land you in hospital. In a rush to get rid of the stubborn stains on the surfaces and upholstery, an individual can opt for powerful chemicals that break down the compounds, only to leave the interior space choke-full of toxic fumes. This can lead to minor allergies, exacerbate respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, or expose persons in the premises to serious effects like organ damage. This can be avoided at the onset using professional end of tenancy cleaning services, which entail employing solutions and systems that are tough on dirt but safe for the interior air space. That way you won’t have to worry about the health of your new tenants, their kids or pets.

6. Set the bar for new tenants

You want persons cleaning before moving into the house or apartment to take care of it. With the high standards of the cleaning results that will have been obtained during the end of tenancy cleaning, you will be able to achieve this. At the bare minimum, as you take photographs of the premises to show its state before signing the tenancy agreement, the tenant will have to ensure that when their time comes to move out they restore it to that state. Not only does it enable you to avoid unnecessary debacles, it also shows the tenant that you care about the property, and their state of living, and as such, they’ll endeavour to take care of it all through the tenancy period

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services Near You

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