Professional once off cleaning services

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Professional Once Off Cleaning Services

Professional Once Off Cleaning Services

You want to be able to relax comfortably in your own home, without any dirt, stains or odours. You want to come home to an inviting décor. Spills and dirt spots on the furnishings and hard surfaces are an eyesore. Heavy soiling builds up gradually, and needs tough cleaning processes to get rid of it. Was there a birthday party in your home that left the placed all messed up? Do you want to clean your house in preparation for a wedding after-party, confirmation or communion celebration? Perhaps you’re moving out of your home or office, and need it to be cleaned out. Are you looking for a “coming home from hospital’ clean, preparing for a family or neighbourhood get-together in your home, or there’s a new baby on the way? Christmas, New Years and baby showers all should be marked in a sparkling establishment. Whether you want to spruce it up for an upcoming event, or your house is in dire need of a top-to-bottom thorough wash, our once off cleaning team will get the job done for you.

Common Areas Covered By Once Off Cleaning Services

The kitchen

It’s the core of every home, and the powerhouse that drives the family. It also has some of the dirtiest surfaces in the home. The raw meats, fish and poultry in the kitchen bring bacteria such as E. Coli which is a common cause for food borne illnesses like food poisoning and haemolytic-uraemic syndrome. That chicken or turkey which you chopped up on the cutting board comes with Sheila, Salmonella, and Campylobacter, which cause diarrhoea, cramping, and fever. Seafood such as oysters and clams may be contaminated with vibrio bacteria, which causes diarrhoea, or they can even have the Hep-A virus. These pathogens easily spread to the countertops and other work surfaces in the kitchen. The dirty dishes cleaned in the sink deposit food particles, and there’s also grease from cookware. Appliances such as your oven and refrigerator build up gunk over time, from the baked-on food in the interior walls of the oven, to the dust on condenser coils that prevent heat from escaping the refrigerator. As grease deposits and grime build up in the sink drain, it increases the chances of clogging, which creates a whole new set of plumbing problems. Getting once off deep cleaning services will prevent this from happening, and restore the clean and hygienic state of your kitchen.

The bathroom

It has it all- soap scum, lime scale, shed skin, deposits from body oils and hair treatment regimens in the shower and bathtub, body fat and grease stains in the toilet bowl, dirt on the floors and walls, slimy grout, and bacteria-laden taps and fittings. It’s a grime haven. The once off cleaning team will get rid of the gunk. The bathtub is covered in microbes, and since it rarely gets to dry completely, it transforms into a breeding ground. Everyone touches the sink faucets, leaving behind bacteria, some of which can even damage the surface finish. The dirt, sweat, hair and oils going down the drain attach to the walls, adding to the build-up of gunk. They cause your bathroom to start emitting odours. Restore the clean and fresh feel of your bathroom by hiring expert once off cleaning services.


You start and end your day in the bedroom. You don’t want to be greeted by stains in the morning or walk into a room with odours when you’re going to sleep. You spend every night in here, and dirt builds up gradually. You’re constantly shedding skin flakes which add to the gunk and attract dust mites. Their droppings get airborne, trigger allergic reactions and breathing difficulties. The average bed contains between 100,000 to 10 million dust mites, and since you’re constantly providing food for them, they aren’t going to look elsewhere. In fact, in case your pillow is over 2 years old, chances are high that nearly 10% of its weight is composed of dust mites and their faecal residue. You also sweat in bed, and the place ends up smelling all musky after some time. People produce close to 26 gallons of sweat in bed in just a year. During the day when there is not much usage of the bedroom, dust and contaminants in the air settle over the surfaces, from the internal windows and furniture, to the lights, chandeliers and bed frames. The bedroom is one of the most frequently reported place in the house where people suffer from allergy symptoms. Piles of crusty socks and mildewed towels in your kid’s bedroom, the mould on the half-eaten sandwich left on the table, insects on the dirty dishes you were using as you watched that late night movie on your bed, all add to the dirt and gunk in the bedroom. Then there are those who sleep with their pets, which brings on board fur and dander. The once off cleaning process will cover all the surfaces in the bedroom, getting rid of the soiling, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep.

The hallway

Our once off cleaning team gives it a thorough clean, from the entrance door, the stairs and landing, to the switches, lights, floor, banister and even the photo frames.


As they protect you from the elements, they gradually build up dust and dirt. The glass surface is not truly flat. It contains microscopic valleys and ridges. These trap dust and dirt particles from the air. That’s why windows of buildings near busy streets get dull quickly- the depressions hold smoke particles from car exhaust. In addition to the everyday soiling, there’s residue left behind by insects, and bird droppings that are smeared onto the glass. For windows that have metal frames on the exterior, they may be exposed to humid conditions, causing them to deteriorate and get oxidised, which damages the glass. Homes in coastal areas tend to have a high build-up of salt on the glass. Over spray and rust on the frames gets to the window, giving it a hazy look. Then there’s the soiling that is carried onto the glass by water. It can be from the rain, as it rolled down the walls and picked up dirt which it carried to the window, or debris washed from the screen, and slammed against the glass. Sprinkler systems near the window can also affect it. The water that gets sprayed onto the glass may contain mineral compounds, which get left behind on the glass as the water evaporates. This reduces its gleam. Add the smears and fingerprint marks, and the window becomes very unsightly.

You may have just held a party were kids were dribbling onto the glass or left hand marks all over, or the backyard BBQ with the neighbours caused grease, sauce and oils to be splattered onto the windows. You want to enjoy the view of the world outside your property. You won’t be able to do that with smudges all over the glass. The dirt and grime can also cause structural damage. Dead bugs in the sills can prevent normal opening and closure, causing you to use excess force that can lead to breakage. Corroded seals will cause infiltration of water, damaging the items in your home. Get your windows cleaned as part of the once off cleaning process to protect your investment.

The living room

It’s one of the most used areas in the home. You spend quality time with your family here, host guests, and invite neighbours over for the regular welfare meetings. You hang out with your buddies to catch the weekend league games, and woo your dashing date in the living room. From curling up with a novel on those quiet evening, watching the late night news, or going through entire seasons of your favourite TV show- the living room is constantly in use. Food and beverage spills are common, from the mustard, spaghetti, pizza, and snacks as you watch a movie, all through to pet fur and dander from your furry friend strewn all over. The particles get into your sofas and armchairs, carpet, and even curtains when they get airborne. Stains on the floor, crayon doodles that your children made on the walls to showcase their artwork, cobwebs on those ceiling corners, and insect residue in the nook and crannies in the room- there’s plenty of gunk that needs to be got rid of. Then there’s the dust and particles in the air that settle on the furniture and electronics, from the TV, game console, and computer, to the sockets and light fixtures. Bring in the once off cleaning team to remedy the situation.

Health risks in a dirty home

Once off cleaning is not just about removing the stains and dirt spots that are an eye sore. There are plenty of microbes crawling in your home that need to be eliminated. They include:


They are everywhere- kitchen countertops, upholstery, the oven, sofas, carpets, floors, walls, bathrooms, and furniture. Your remotes, game consoles, switches and other frequently touched surfaces harbour millions of bacteria. Everyone uses the remote at one time or another. Game consoles have nearly 8000 bacteria per square inch of surface. If you’re a gamer having your buddies over for a match, or perhaps holding a party for your children and everyone is going to want a round at the game, it can lead to serious cross contamination. In case someone in the premises was sick, the pathogens could have been coughed or sneezed onto surfaces in the home, and easily infect the other residents. Many people enjoy snacking as they work on the computer, surf, or go internet shopping. The crumbs fall in between the keyboard, sustaining the microbes.

Your kitchen handles raw meat, poultry and fish, and fresh veggies. These come packing bacteria that easily transfer onto your cutting boards, kitchen countertops and sinks. The food material from washing dishes gets into the drain, and the constant availability of moisture allows the bacteria to thrive. Back in the living room, your sofa arm has over 12 times more bacteria than the toilet seat. After spending all day up and about with your handbag slung over your shoulder, you bring the 10,000 bacteria per square inch that it carries into your home, transferring some of them to the sofa, loveseat, closets, tables and worktops that you place the handbag on. These bacteria have been picked up from numerous sources, such as the bus and tram on the way to work, the office desk, all through to the restroom surfaces that you place it on as you refreshed yourself.

Plenty of germs on home surfaces can make you sick, such Salmonella, Campylobacter, E. coli and Listeria, hepatitis A virus, Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella sonnei and rotavirus. The once off cleaning team come with powerful disinfectants and employ thorough processes, which sanitise your home, enhance the health and hygiene, and protect your family members.

Mould and mildew

They thrive on damp surfaces- like when someone over-wets the carpet and sofa, and they take too long to dry. The spores that enable their growth are floating in the atmosphere, and some are brought into your home on your hair, clothes and shoes. When the fungi develops, it releases more spores into your home, increasing the chances of a plethora of allergic reactions. They range from nasal stuffiness and coughing, to fatigue, rhinitis and dermatitis. They exacerbate respiratory problems like the obstructive lung disease, and also release mycotoxins that can cause damage to the liver and central nervous system, or even cancer. The quick drying time of the once off cleaning processes prevents fungi from growing.

Benefits of Expert Once Off Cleaning Services

1. State-of-the-art equipment

To deliver high quality results, we have invested in modern and technologically-powered once off cleaning machinery. They clean the tough areas and hard-to-reach spots in your home, and get the grime that’s buried deep down in the fibres of your carpets and upholstery. Superior cleaning solutions are used to break down the stubborn stains and cut through the heavy soiling. The chemical formulations are tough on the dirt, but safe for the underlying surface or material. From carpets and upholstery to walls and bare floors, the once off cleaning equipment will restore a gleaming shine, and protect your items.

2. Professional services

Our once off cleaning team comes with years of experience. We’ve handled numerous jobs from individual home owners, tenants, landlords, real estate agents and management companies. We know how to approach the requirements of the different types of surfaces and material fibres in the items in your home. We use appropriate cleaning products and the exact amounts of solution in order to deliver quality results without affecting the structure of your items and investment.

3. Quick results

You don’t want lengthy interruptions that keep you locked out of your house. You want to be able to resume your day-to-day activities as soon as possible. Perhaps you are about to hold an event in your home, and want to spruce up the place before the guests arrive. You may have last minute plans and need the entire place being spick and span in moments. We come with the once off cleaning equipment and solutions necessary to complete the cleaning task as fast as possible. From the high powered extraction equipment to the tough acting formulations, the dirt and grime is eliminated from your home quickly, while retaining the quality of the result. We’ve got you covered, whether it’s for pre-planned arrangements or last minute once off cleaning needs.

4. Keeps away pests

The food residue that is strewn all over your home, from the kitchen floors, to the sofa and carpet in the living room, are magnets for insects and rodents. They come out under the cover of darkness to feast on the food crumbs that have been left for them. They are not cleaning up after you. The pests leave behind droppings and body fragments that are broken down and can get airborne, putting the health of your household members at risk. Some of the waste matter they leave behind such as urine is acidic, and can corrode the surfaces and material fibres of items in the home. Don’t forget that rodents have sharp teeth and claws- and they will use them to dig and pry out those crumbs from the fibres of your furnishings and carpets. They cause structural damage to walls, furniture, and even gas lines and plastic pipes. You don’t want mice nibbling through the electrical lines in the building and causing a fire. You also don’t want your guests coming into your home and finding cockroaches running all over. Get rid of the source of the problem by calling in the once off cleaning expe – rts. They eliminate the food particles in that draw the pests, and the cleaning processes such as the hot water extraction destroy the breeding grounds.

5. Save your time and energy

There are dozens of surfaces at home, and even more types of material fibres on your upholstery and furnishings. Each of them has a unique method of treatment. They react differently to cleaning formulations. Using the wrong product and corrode your walls, warp your floors, and destroy the structural integrity of your furnishings. You also don’t want to use products that could endanger your health and that of your household members. Avoid the risk by calling in the once off cleaning professionals. There’s also the right equipment that’s needed to do a thorough and fast job. You don’t want to spend hours searching for appliances, and spend more time figuring out how to use them. Not to mention the amount of money involved in making the purchase. Since the deep cleaning is done once in a while, the machinery required wouldn’t be feasible. Let us take that load off your back. You also don’t want to binge watch your favourite TV series with a guilty conscious, or missing out on the latest episode because you were scrapping gunk off the oven in order to be able to prepare dinner. You can end up spending an entire day deep cleaning the whole house, chomping up your weekend or day-off from work. Free yourself and leave the task to us. Head out with your buddies, spend time with your family, grab a book, or relax with your partner. Our once off cleaning personnel comes with the equipment necessary to meet your needs.

6. Mental benefits

You don’t want to come to a dirty house after a long and hard day at work. Persons in dirty homes are more depressed, fatigued, and have higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, compared to those in homes that are restful and restorative. Having massive chores after hosting an event, just before moving into your new house, or simply dirt that has built up for weeks, can prevent the natural decline of the cortisol, lowering your mood and making you irritable. This as a direct impact on your sleep patterns, health and even your fertility. The once off cleaning services take away the cause of the stress, helping you to feel happier and more relaxed. You even eat better. Since dirt and clutter are stressful, people resort to coping mechanisms such as going for comfort foods like chocolate bars, or over eating. Getting a clean environment will enable you to develop and maintain better eating habits.

Gunk and grime on the walls, stains on the floors, soap scum in the shower and a messed up kitchen are distressing. The once off cleaning process eliminates the soiling, thus there’ll be less distractions and frustrations. When there is a lot of dirt and clutter in the home, it overloads your visual cortex, making it more difficult for the brain to process information, thus you’re barely able to focus on the task at hand. Since the once off cleaning team will have got rid of the mountain of messes, it will make your home easier to maintain. It even boosts your relationships. The clean environment will enable you to develop positive relations with partner, family and the guests who will be visiting your home. You won’t feel awkward about the dirt spots, or agitated by the sorry state of the furnishings and surfaces in your house. The once off cleaning processes will get rid of the source of the shame and embarrassment that had kept you from inviting people over into your home, thus preventing you from cutting off relations, or developing feelings of isolation.

7. Enhance the ambience of your home – Professional Once Off Cleaning Services

If you’re uncomfortable about the state of your home, it’s unlikely for you to invite guests over. Stained floors, dusty furniture, and smelly bathrooms are not signs of being ready for company. You also don’t want to give your visitors a negative perception about you. It’s awkward when your neighbour comes over and asks if your sofa is safe to sit on. They can see stains or pet fur on the cushions, and are worried about it getting transferred to their clothes. You don’t want to postpone that event or cancel your child’s birthday because of the dirty state of the house. Call in the once off cleaning professionals to get things back on track:

Kitchen – Professional Once Off Cleaning Services

With a clean and dirty kitten, you’ll be able to carry out your cooking operations with ease, without distractions caused by stains or odours. It will also take the hassle out of preparing for your event or celebration. You’ll be able to get the meal together without having to deal will pasta sauce on your countertops or gunk in the oven. The once off cleaning services will prepare the worktops and shelves for use. You’ll also save on food costs. The thorough cleaning processes will eliminate the decaying food particles and prevent mould growth, thus helping you to reduce spoilage on food items in the kitchen. Keeping the sink, refrigerator and stove tops clean reduces the risk of bacterial growth. The once off cleaning also makes the kitchen safe. You don’t want slipping over food spills, or oil slicks causing fires. The once off cleaning will also kick start your efforts to managing your foods more efficiently. A clean fridge and cupboards will enable you to arrange your spices, nuts, baking powder, canned foods, vegetables and other supplies orderly. The life of your appliances, such as your oven and dishwasher, will be increased. When their vents or filters are dirty, it increases their workload, and reduces their efficiency. Cleaning them will enable you to protect your investment.

Living room – Professional Once Off Cleaning Services

You’ll get to brighten up the interior space and host your guests with confidence. Your date will not walk out on you because of the dirty floor, or odours coming from the sofa. You’ll be comfortable relaxing after a long day at work, and during the weekends. Clean floors, walls, furnishings and even curtains will work wonders for the décor, and also increase the value of the home. That’s beneficial whether you want to show off to your in-laws who are visiting, or you’re a realtor looking to rake in more profits from the selling or renting out the property.


The clean toilets and showers are vital for the comfort of anyone in the home. You want to be able to enjoy that hot shower. You don’t want your guests losing their appetite due to a filthy toilet bowl. Lime and urine scale ruin the appeal of the surfaces in the bathrooms. You also don’t want odours coming from the bathroom and spreading through the rest of the house. The once-of cleaning will fix all that, and leave your bathroom easier for you to maintain.


You’ll not keep avoiding your bedroom because it’s less relaxing compared to the couch. It’s one place that should offer you comfort, serenity and peace of mind. A clean bedroom will entice you and enable you to sleep comfortably, which has additional health benefits. Getting solid night of sleeping improves your complexion, gets rid of those bags under your eyes, and moisturises the skin. You’ll get to spend some quality time there with your significant other, or relax with a good book. The clean environment will also make things easier to find. You won’t keep fumbling through clutter to find that suit you want for your date, or the pair of shoes for work.

Save cost of energy

Dirt and grime is expensive, especially when it comes to running the systems in your home. Take for instance the air and conditioning system. Gunk in the vents and filters reduces the efficiency of the system, and it uses more power to regulate the temperatures of your home. The dirt building up on the windows affects the flow of natural light and warmth into the house, forcing you to spend more running your AC unit. Let’s go over to the kitchen. When the refrigerator’s condenser coils get dirty, its compressor will run longer and get hotter. You’ll be using more energy to keep the refrigerator cycles longer, and it also makes the kitchen hotter. This adds to the workload on the AC unit, as it will need more time and energy to process all that hot air. A soiled refrigerator door gasket allows warm air to leak into it, causing the unit to work harder to maintain the interior low temperature. Cooking activities will also be affected. A dirty stove or oven requires more heat to prepare your meals. The stove top reflectors that are under the electric burners assist in reflecting the heat back to the pan, and grime reduces the efficacy of the process. The more the insides of your oven are covered in baked-on food, the more the power it needs to run, and your meals will cook less evenly. So you’ll be basically paying more, while reducing the quality of your dinner. You also want to protect your appliances. Overworking the AC unit, or running the oven and refrigerator inefficiently, causes their components to burn out. This reduces their life, forcing you to incur heavy costs to have your units repaired or replaced. The once off cleaning will increase the efficiency of the electrical units in your home, thus cutting down on your monthly energy bills.

Affordable services – Professional Once Off Cleaning Services

Our once off cleaning pricing has been structured to be favourable to your budget. The costs are competitive, and factor in your particular needs, such as the bedroom number, carpets, and even oven.

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