Professional apartment cleaning services in Dublin

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Professional Apartment Cleaning Services In Dublin

Professional Apartment Cleaning Services In Dublin

You want to be able to kick back and relax when you come home from work. Your concerns should be what to have for dinner, catching up on the day’s events on the prime time news, and listening to your kids telling you about their day at school. You don’t want to start dealing with stubborn stains on your floor, or the musky odours coming from the bathroom. You want to prepare your meals in a clean and hygienic kitchen, not chase around cockroaches scurrying in the cabinets. You need a good night’s sleep, not to keep coughing throughout the night due to dust and allergens in your furnishings and mattresses. Giving your apartment a top-to-bottom clean can consume hours on your day-off or weekend. You are meant to be relaxing, not scrubbing heavy soiling off your carpet. For efficient results, you need more than just a couple of detergents, brushes and a bucket. Everything, from application, scrubbing, and moisture extraction for the various hard surfaces and the fibres of your carpets and upholstery, needs quality machinery to ensure a thorough job. And the equipment is pricy, hence not feasible for individual needs. Avoid the hassle and save your budget. Call in our apartment cleaning Dublin professionals to get the job done.

Have you just moved into a dirty apartment? It can be a huge let down. After all those weeks of planning of packing, only to open the door to find the place in shambles. Naturally, you’ll point an accusing finger to the property manager. Every resident has a right to move into a clean apartment. Our professional apartment cleaning Dublin team can spruce it up for you, and prepare it for you to settle in comfortably. As a property owner, you don’t have to wait until the tenant or buyer gets to the premises. Hire our apartment cleaning Dublin services to get the area ready, and benchmark the standards that you want it to be maintained in.

As a landlord or real estate agent, you want to get more value out of your investment. You want to be able to justify the premium your tenants will be paying, or rake in more profit from the sale of the apartment. That’s why apartment cleaning Dublin is vital. The vendors you called in to maintain the place after the previous tenant moved out-like painters and plumbers- may have left a mess. Some residents vacate the premises leaving trash all over. As you conduct open houses, you want to be able to convince potential tenants or buyers to move in. Dirty ovens, pet urine in carpets, stains on countertops, and smudges on walls will discourage them. You don’t want to open the kitchen cabinets in the middle of a tour of the apartment, only for cockroaches to scurry all over, or to get odours coming from the bathroom. Grime and lime scale in the toilet, or mould and mildew growth in the bedroom, will all turn away your visitors. Apartment cleaning Dublin services will restore the great look and feel of the premises, and get rid of those unwelcome surprises.

Common Areas Covered By Apartment Cleaning Dublin Services


You store and prepare food here. It’s a prime germ hotspot, because of the numerous crevices that can hold water and food residue. There’s everything from food particles on countertops to oil splatters on the walls due to cooking activities. Handling raw meat, poultry and fish leads to pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter, to spread from cutting boards to surfaces, and in the sink as you wash your items. As they multiply, they put your family at risk. The food particles attract insects and creepy crawlers. The dirty and disorganised kitchen can deter you from cooking at home, simply because you don’t want to make more of a mess. Dirt and baked on food in the oven affects heat distribution, and your food doesn’t cook evenly. In addition to using more power to run it, you’ll be affecting the quality of your meals. Hire apartment cleaning Dublin services to remedy the situation. From oven cleaning to getting the grime and stains off your countertops, and cleaning your refrigerator, the apartment cleaning Dublin services will enable your kitchen to serve its functional purpose, and enable you to prepare healthy meals for your whole family.


The list of surfaces that need professional apartment cleaning Dublin here is long- from lime and urine sale in the toilet bowl, to germy flush handles, the bathroom sink, stained floors, soap scum on the walls, to the mirrors, shower curtains and the faucets. There’s gunk and pathogens from body waste, shed skin as you are showering or drying yourself with the towel, hair and body oil treatments that are washed onto the bathtub and down the drain.

Living room

Dirty curtains, soiled furniture, wine, juice, coffee or tea stains on the floor, grimy walls- they all need to be cleaned. The dust and pollutants such as cigarette smoke particles that are floating around in the atmosphere get embedded onto the furnishings and other surfaces in the living room, making them dull and forlorn. Then there’s the soiling that is tracked into the apartment under peoples shoes, from mud to asphalt, herbicides and pesticides from the outdoors, as your household members head straight to the sofa. The carpet itself filters the particles from the air and traps them in its fibres. The visible soiling you see is merely a tip of the iceberg. Close to 85% of the dirt the carpet holds is buried deep within the fibres. In fact, it can carry 4 times its own weight in dirt. Specialised apartment cleaning Dublin equipment is needed to get rid of all the soiling and gunk in the carpets and door mats.


You spend your nights here, and leave behind lots of skin flakes. There’s also the dust that settles onto the surfaces from the air. As you snack in bed while catching a late-night TV show or reading the latest showbiz magazine, you’ll leave behind food crumbs. There’s also the millions of dust mites in the bedroom. In fact, around 10% of the weight of a pillow that’s over 2 years old is composed of living and dead dust mites, plus their faecal residue.

Health Value Of Professional Apartment Cleaning Dublin Services

Regular apartment cleaning Dublin is vital to eliminate the substances posing a health risk in your home. These include:

1. Bacteria

They thrive on the abundance of organic matter in your apartment- from food particles, beverage spills, to the skin flakes your household members are constantly shedding. In bathrooms, the microbes are spread out from the toilet bowl and flush handles to the sinks faucets. The numbers are shocking. A single bacterium multiplies into over 8 million cells in just a day. There could be over 100,000 more bacteria in your kitchen sink than in your bathroom. The taps and handles in the bathroom can have over 50,000 bacteria on every square inch of surface, while the kitchen tap beats that by over 180,000. The handbag you come home and throw onto your table carries over 10,000 bacteria per square inch, and the game controller your kids enjoy spending time with can have over 7800 of the microbes per every 15 square inches. The sofa arm that you rest your head or limbs on as you relax can have over 12 times more bacteria compared to a toilet seat. Restore the health and hygiene of your home using expert apartment cleaning Dublin services.

2. Dust mites

They are everywhere, from your floors, curtains, carpets and furniture, to the pillowcase you rest your head on at night. In a single day, one individual sheds enough skin flakes to feed close to 1 million dust mites. Your bed alone could have anywhere between 100,000 – 10 million of the little creatures. The mites nourish themselves and leave behind faecal residue and cast skin on your items and surfaces. As you or your guests sit back to relax on the sofa, or your kids play with some toys on the carpet, you raise the organic waste into the air, and inhale it. It can lead to allergic reactions such as coughing and sneezing, or exacerbate respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis. They can also cause skin irritation- which is probably why your children and pets constantly scratch themselves after spending some time playing or grooming on the carpet respectively.

The effects by dust mites are caused by the proteins in their organic waste. When they get inhaled or into contact with a person’s skin, the body reacts by producing antibodies, which release histamines. These lead to the swelling and skin reddening. Very sensitive persons will find themselves getting red and itchy bumps after just spending a couple of minutes on the furniture. The apartment cleaning Dublin processes get rid of the dust mites and their residue. The extraction processes involved reach into the fibres of the items like carpets and area rugs, and the powerful suction involved during the cleaning process eliminates them together with the rest of the soiling.

3. Mould and mildew – Professional Apartment Cleaning Services In Dublin

You don’t want to open your fridge to see mould growing, or walk into the bathroom and find mildewed surfaces. Fungi thrives in areas with moisture, and they damage the structure sustaining them, from your wood floors, fabric sofas, to the ceiling boards. The mould and mildew release spores into the air, which trigger allergic reactions when inhaled. You don’t want your guests or family members to keep coughing, sneezing and their eyes getting irritated. It also causes nasal stuffiness, a runny nose, throat irritation, wheezing and sometimes even irritates the skin. The fungi also cause conditions such as pulmonary haemorrhage, bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, and can even suppress a person’s immune system activity. Mistakes during DIY apartment cleaning Dublin such as over-wetting also encourages the mould and mildew to grow. You don’t want them forming unsightly brown, green, black or yellow spots over your floors, walls, carpets and upholstery. Some of the fungi that grows releases mycotoxins, which are harmful substances that can cause damage to the nervous system and organs like the liver.

4. Pet fur and dander – Professional Apartment Cleaning Services In Dublin

Your furry friend can make you sick. The fur that’s left strewn all over the furniture and carpet is not just annoying to see, but it can also trigger allergic reactions. The cushions in your sofa can be so concentrated in pet dander, that simply lying on them could give you a more severe allergic reaction that if you went ahead and buried your face in the pet’s fur. Then there is the risk of the pests they bring into the home- like fleas. These come with a plethora of problems, from skin irritation, to an outright infestation in your home. Some fleas come with parasites- like the cat flea, which brings the Dipylidium caninum, a species of tapeworm. As your child plays on the infested carpet or sofa, he or she can end up ingesting the flea, and the tapeworm will mature, causing digestive tract problems. Avoid all this by hiring the apartment cleaning Dublin professionals. The equipment and solutions used get rid of the pet fur and dander. They also enhance the hygiene of the premises. For instance, the high temperatures involved during the hot water extraction kill the fleas, and they are removed from the items in your home.

5. Contaminants and allergens

They are floating into your home through the windows, doors and even the ventilation ducts. These range from natural substances like pollen to particles from aerosols, and even car exhaust that was wafted into the apartment through the open windows. They settle everywhere, from the curtains to the fibres of your carpets and furniture. Agitation when you sit on the sofa, walk on the carpet, or draw the curtains releases them into the air, where people breathe them in. This causes a wide range of reactions, from coughing, to sneezing and getting watery eyes. Protect your household members by calling in the apartment cleaning Dublin professionals.

Benefits Of Expert Apartment Cleaning Dublin Services

1. Fully equipped – Professional Apartment Cleaning Services In Dublin

Different sections in your apartment require different approaches to get them clean- from the floors and walls, to the carpets, furnishings, upholstery and bathrooms. We have invested heavily in modern state-of-the-art apartment cleaning Dublin equipment to tackle every area and situation. From hot water extraction systems to high-powered vacuums, we have them all. Applicators to scrub cleaning solutions and shampoos onto the various surfaces and into material fibres, all through to the suction that is needed to remove residue and moisture from them- our equipment ensures that the job is done fast, without compromising on the quality of the results. Our services cover all kinds of apartments, from lofts, convertibles, studio and penthouse apartments, to duplexes, triplexes, railroad and garden apartments.

2. Improves mental health – Professional Apartment Cleaning Services In Dublin

Walking into a clean apartment is good for your mind. A dirty home drains you visually and mentally. When you live in a messy homes, with stained and grimy surfaces and the occasional odours sifting through the air, you are subconsciously reminded that there is work that needs to be done, and you’re constantly distracted. It makes you feel tired. The soiling may be too much that you throw your arms in the air in frustration. It makes you feel not in control of your own life. The dirt and grime is ruling your home. Get apartment cleaning Dublin services to put you back in the driver’s sit of your life. It restores the sense of calm and stability in your home.

You even eat better. It’s not just because it’ll be easier to spot an apple in your organised apartment. The mental state affects your eating habits. Since living in a dirty environment stresses people out, they naturally look for coping mechanisms. One of these involves stress eating, whether it’s grabbing the nearest chocolate bar, or outright overeating. The apartment cleaning Dublin takes away the source of the stress, thus encouraging you to eat healthily.

The apartment cleaning Dublin also increases your productivity. It’s difficult to function normally and be creative when you’re surrounded by dirt and grime. Without the soiling and stains in your environment, your mind is more focused and can analyse information faster, increasing your efficiency in the task at hand.

3. Saves your time and energy – Professional Apartment Cleaning Services In Dublin

From work, managing kids, to preparing dinner, you have plenty of things to do. You can barely enjoy watching TV or reading a book, because the moment you sit down you think of a dozen of things that need cleaning around the house. Relax and let our apartment cleaning Dublin personnel take the load off your back. Free yourself to do what you love- hang out with your friends, relax with some board game, spend quality time with your family or curl up with a novel. Rest assured that the apartment cleaning Dublin professionals will have the job done quickly, and to consistent high standards.

4. Enhances the interior space:

The apartment cleaning Dublin spruces up the working and living conditions of different sections of your home including:

Kitchen – It increases the efficiency at which you prepare meals. You don’t want to find ants and bugs running around your cooking area. Your dinner particles and luncheons will be a success, as they are more fun when your guests aren’t questioning the sanitary conditions of the kitchen. You’ll be able to easily cook without obstructions. Your appliances, from the oven to the refrigerator, will be able to operate optimally. For instance, removing the gunk lining up the interior walls of the oven enable heat do be distributed evenly, enabling you to bake your meals well. The apartment cleaning Dublin also gets rid of the odours from decaying food residue that cause the kitchen to be unbearable. The painted walls and surfaces will be protected from becoming tainted, and the oil splatters will be removed, preventing premature resoiling. Your worktops and shelves will maintain their quality and last longer. Regular apartment cleaning Dublin will keep them from getting corroded, becoming damp, and bending or shrinking.

Bathroom – You want to be able to enjoy a hot, relaxing shower- whether it’s after a hard day at the office, or after your morning jog. You won’t be able to do that if there is slime covering the walls of your shower or bathtub. There might be mineral deposits from hard water in the shower head, and you’ll be basically covering yourself with dirt as you take a bath. Then there’s the general look and feel of the bathroom. Hair deposits and soap scum on the surfaces can gross you out, and make the shower experience terrible. A clean toilet goes a long way. You don’t want your guests performing acrobatics on the seat, or reaching for the flush handle with their legs. The porcelain throne is one of the most used sections of the home, and maintaining it in proper condition is vital for the health and hygiene of the entire residence. The apartment cleaning Dublin team will leave your bathroom smelling clean and fresh.

Bedroom – You get to sleep better. First, the stress and anxiety caused by dirt in the apartment is alleviated, relaxing your mind and enabling you to get that much desired shut-eye after a long day at the office. The brain is in tune with the state of the environment around you. You may be unable to all asleep simply because the brain is registering the gunk in your bedroom as incomplete work. After a good night’s sleep, you’ll wake up with renewed energy, ready to conquer whatever the new day throws at you.

Living area – You spend plenty of time here, binge watching TV series, hanging out with your buddies and hosting your guests. You want your furniture to be in excellent condition. You want a touch of elegance in your décor, and the area to have a fresh scent. Odours are frustrating, whether they are from decaying food residue, or the urine stain left by your furry friend on the carpet. They cover the entire premises and cause it to be uncomfortable. Then there are the unsightly stains that ruin the balance of colours in your home, and the dirt spots on your tables and chairs that make the living room look old and dingy. You want everything, from your floor and walls, to the curtains on the window to be free of grime. Speaking of windows, you should be able to enjoy the view outside your property. Dust and soiling like bird droppings on that glass impede the view, and also reduce the amount of light getting into the residence. Brighten up your interior space by calling in our experts. With apartment cleaning Dublin services, you’ll be able to see, feel and smell the difference in your newly cleaned home. Guests in your home won’t be worried about food spills or pet fur on the furniture getting attached to their clothes.

5. Improve relationships – Professional Apartment Cleaning Services In Dublin

When your friend stops by for a visit, you don’t want to be forced to over-explain why the apartment looks the way it does. Its embarrassing, and you also get anxious thinking about how its state reflects on you as a person. How often do you invite family and friends over to your home when it is dirty? Odds are never. The questions will be too many, and the looks too displeased. You don’t want those awkward moments when you’re forced to hide the stains on your carpet by moving the furniture. Hence, you grow estranged from your loved ones, and lose the opportunity to make new friends. Apartment cleaning Dublin changes all that. It gets rid of the shameful and embarrassing dirt and stains, enhancing your interior décor. It will protect your reputation among your relatives, friends and neighbours. It can even score you those bonus points you’ve been looking for with your in-laws. Apartment cleaning Dublin even helps with your dates. You don’t want to bring your new love interest home, for them to find odours from pet urine on the sofa, stained kitchen floors, soap scum on the shower walls, or rings in the toilet bowl. They will turn off your date. A messy apartment gives the initial first impression that you don’t really care enough about your environment, which reflects on your character and what matters more to you.

6. Prevent pest infestation

Bugs and other pests in the apartment like warm and damp environments. They can easily disguise themselves in dirty and grimy areas. Then there’s the availability of food- those spills and crumbs that are left all over the apartment, from kitchen floors, to the sofa and carpet in the living room. They are a magnet for the cockroaches plus other insects, and even rodents like mice. Cockroaches are not just annoying, but they can spread dangerous pathogens to humans. They are a well-established cause of asthma, carry a plethora bacteria and parasites, and they spread the germs that cause gastroenteritis. Mice can spread a number of diseases to humans, such as Lymphocytic Choreomeningitis, Salmonella and Hantavirus. The apartment cleaning Dublin team gets rid of the source of the problem, from removing the food particles that attract the pests, to destroying their breeding grounds, and making it difficult for the bugs to hide out and survive on your residence.

7. Create a healthier residence

The apartment cleaning Dublin processes and solutions get rid of the pathogens in your home. Infections are spread by contaminated surfaces- like the E. coli an – d Salmonella from the raw foods on your countertops, to the viruses coughed or sneezed onto furniture in the home by a household member who is ill. The microbes survive for different periods- the Salmonella and Campylobacter can live for between 1-4 hours on the hard surfaces, the Norovirus can go for weeks, while the Clostridium difficile (C-diff) can stick it out for close to 5 months. The apartment cleaning Dublin team comes with disinfectants that destroy the pathogens, preventing infections from spreading and enhancing the hygiene of your residence.

8. Make a safer home

You don’t want to slip over a food spill on the floor, or cause a fire because of oil slicks in the kitchen. Clogged drains will cause flooding in your home, which is both a health and structural hazard. The apartment cleaning Dublin services enable you to make the residence safer for the household members. Pests like mice chew up insulation and gnaw through electrical wiring, creating a fire hazard. They live in structures like wall voids in your home. They also tunnel through floors, pipework, gas lines and soft concrete. They require little food and water, but multiply very rapidly. A single female provides between 5-10 litters every year. Each litter consist of 6 – 8 young ones which are ready to breed after they are just 30 days old. Rats and mice are known to spread about 55 different illnesses, from Lyme disease to Typhus, and are responsible for numerous Hantavirus outbreaks. The apartment cleaning Dublin services get rid of the food residues all over your residence, removing the attraction, thus preventing a pest infestation in your home. This protects the structural integrity of the building itself, and also items like your carpet and furniture.

9. Cost effective – Professional Apartment Cleaning Services In Dublin

Our apartment cleaning Dublin services are beneficial to your financial status in a number of ways. First, they are affordable, and you get a sparkling apartment without straining your budget. The pricing of our services is structured to take into account your particular needs, such as the size of the apartment, the carpets, and even the appliances like ovens that you want cleaned. Secondly, the regular apartment cleaning Dublin reduces the costs of maintenance and repair in your home. Your refrigerator and oven units are kept running optimally, and your carpets, furnishings, and hard surfaces are protected. The life of your investments is lengthened, enabling you to enjoy them for longer. This has the additional bonus of bringing you more profit in case you decide to sell your items later on in life, through a yard sale, or online markets.

Tips To Maintain Your Place In Between Apartment Cleaning Dublin Appointments

Place a door mat at the entrance of your apartment. This will reduce the amount of soiling being tracked in.

Leave your shoes at the door. They carry things like mud, grass, gum and even faecal matter that was accidentally stepped on along the way home. You don’t want to bring this dirt into your home.

Clean up spills as soon as they happen. This will prevent stains from setting into your surfaces. Blot, don’t rub, to avoid spreading the spill.

Wash your dishes after meals. Putting it off increases the workload, and reduces the efficiency of your operations at home. Having to work on last night’s dishes before you rush off to work in the morning is not really how you want to start your day.

Professional Apartment Cleaning Services In Dublin – Professional cleaning services for less!

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Nadia Brooke, Santry

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My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the cleaning we received from Laura and Bianca. They scrubbed our entire home from floor to ceiling. I was most impressed with the incredible job they did on our oven.

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