Apartment cleaning can save your life

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Apartment cleaning can save your life

Apartment Cleaning Can Save Your Life

The apartment craze is justified- it comes down to affordability and demographics. Flats give one a great entry point into the property market, enabling you to have a place you can call home and have a stable foundation for your everyday life. Demographics factor in the aspect that more and more people are living in smaller units, the size of households decreasing with each passing day. From the young and bold taking on a new stage of life, to the empty nesters and baby boomers selling their large family homes then moving to apartments, with the profits from the sale funding their retirement, there has been a surge in their popularity. Then there are the benefits of the communal style of living. The apartment complex is an environment where you can easily interact with others. There’s also added convenience in that the only place that you will need to take care of is the indoors. This is a bonus for those without the time to cater to the yard and exterior of the establishment. The apartments are also typically located close to amenities including transport and shopping facilities, and the property owners equip them with features ranging from intercom entry, built-in closets and dishwashers, to air conditioning and security features to attract tenants. Whether you got your apartment for the budget value, proximity to work or a jumpstart to your life as an independent individual, you need to maintain it. There lurks plenty of dander in an unkempt and grimy apartment, putting your health and that of other family members at risk. But don’t fret- apartment cleaning can save your life and those you love.

The Dirt Problem In Your Apartment

1. Dust

It accumulates with each passing day. On average, there can be 40 pounds of dust that build up in the normal apartment annually. From particles of soiling that are tracked into the residential establishment and gradually broken down, to the organic waste such as skin flakes plus the material left behind by the dust mites feeding on them, to faecal material from insects and rodents crawling about. Those small particles can lead to allergies and infections to your household members, with the kids, elderly, and persons with weak immune systems being at the greatest risk. As the surfaces are disturbed, whether it is you sitting on the sofa, dusting a table, or walking around on the floor, some of the particles get raised into the air, and they can then be inhaled. Then there are those minute ones that can get absorbed through the surface of the skin. Common effects of dust in apartments range from itchy skin and eyes, coughing and runny noses, to sinus problems, eczema, asthma and bronchial infections. The eczema symptoms can additionally be worsened by the dust, leading to chronic dermatitis. There are also inorganic substances, such as paint particles, plus the PBDEs (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers) which are flame retardants used on furniture, carpet padding and other household items. Researchers found that over 60% of the PBDEs that are present in adults’ bodies come from household dust. In the case of infants, nearly 90% of their PBDE body level came from the house dust. They affect brain development and reproductive hormones. The apartment cleaning can save your life by eliminating the dust that is piling up.

2. Microbes

There can be billions of disease causing pathogens thriving in your apartment. Take for instance the Staphylococcus bacteria that is a common cause of food poisoning and skin infection. MRSA is a particularly drug-resistant strain of this bacterium. Staphylococcus particularly dominates bathroom surfaces, and is responsible for those staph infections you hear about in hospitals. E. coli and other bacteria in body waste that goes down the toilet can get splashed on nearby surfaces during flashing, especially then the lid is not closed, and you can also find them on your kitchen surfaces, brought over by the meat products that were being handle there. Your bathroom and kitchens sinks are most likely home to the Pseudomonas bacteria. Add to this the viruses that get coughed into the air and onto surfaces around the home such as the cushions of the sofa, and stick around waiting for the next person to inhale them; or they end up on appliances that are used by many people- such as the remote control, even on those light switches and door knobs that each household member touches at one point or another. This enables contamination to spread. As such, professional apartment cleaning can save your life through disinfecting areas being worked on, to get rid of the pathogens and protect your family members.

3. Fungi

They are responsible for a wide range of things, from creating musty odours in your home, to causing athletes foot on your family members. Fungi comes in numerous shapes and forms. Take mould for instance. Common indoor species include Aspergillus, Epicoccum, Alternaria, Dreschslera, Penicillium, Acremonium, Cladosporum, Stachybotrys, and Trichoderma. The fungus growing inside your apartment can cause or aggravate conditions like asthma, allergies due to the spores they release and illnesses like chronic sinusitis. They can also cause a multitude of other problems, including skin rashes, gastrointestinal and genitourinary problems, immunosuppression, and haemorrhage. There are also species that release mycotoxins into the air, which can cause cancer and damage organs like the liver. The fungi develop in damp conditions, like when you use too much cleaning solutions to work on your carpet or wood surfaces. These are common mistakes of DIY and rookie cleaning. The extraction and drying processes that are involved in the apartment cleaning can save your life, as they enable you to avoid all these fungal problems by preventing their growth in the first place.

4. Pet fur and dander

They can be your best friend, but the gunk they leave behind can land you in hospital. Their dander is composed of dead skins cells and fur (in some instances feathers, for those who keep birds), and these wind up in numerous surfaces around the home- from the furniture and bedding all through to the floors and carpets. It’s similar to dandruff in humans, since it’s majorly caused by those specks of skin that flake off from the animal. However, remember that pets like to lick themselves. The dried saliva mixes with the dander, and increase irritation to affected persons. Persons who are highly susceptible to the allergens get reactions such as itchiness or reddened skin, and even asthma attacks when the fine particles are inhaled. These effects are not just due to the pet’s own natural waste. There are also those substances that they bring with them into the apartment in their fur, such as mould spores and pollen. Vacuuming alone is not sufficient enough to get out all the dander, especially that which is trapped in the inner fabrics of the rugs and furniture. Incorrect approach also raises the small particles into the air, where they can then be inhaled, thus causing the very problem that you were trying to avoid in the first place. The professional apartment cleaning team comes with equipment that have high-efficiency particulate air filters and employ deep cleaning techniques that get rid of the gunk to protect your family members.

5. Pests

All that build-up of food and grime is a magnet for bugs. You don’t want to walk into your kitchen and find cockroaches running across your sinks and pantry doors. Larger ones like mice come out to snack on those crumbs that are dropped onto the floors and even in the crevices of your furniture. Those sticky spots of juice that are left behind after spills are appetizing to ants. From the creepy crawlers to the rodents, you’ll have plenty to worry about. The body waste they leave behind- such as faecal residue, saliva and even body parts being shed, can lead to adverse conditions. Take for instance the roaches. They transmit pathogens like E. coli, Salmonella and parasitic worms. Those meal moths in the cupboards and pantries can secrete compounds that are carcinogenic. House flies drawn to the decaying organic matter are famous for causing food poisoning, dysentery, and other gastrointestinal conditions. Rats are historic transmitters of diseases that reach epidemic scale- like the medieval bubonic plague. While the chances of such as large scale event happening are low, you will still have to worry about fatal infections like typhus and Hantavirus, which are transmitted by the rodents. Then there’s the risk to the structural integrity of the items involved. Take for instance the sofa and carpets. As the mice chew and claw their way through the material, they damage the fibres and necessitate it to be repaired or replaced. The rodents crawling in the walls of your apartment can gnaw at the electrical insulation, causing a fire. You don’t want your home and belongings getting razed by rats that were going to their hidden nests after feasting on the food residues left all over the establishment. Not to mention the sheer embarrassment when friends and relatives come over. Your dashing date screaming after a hoard of cockroaches’ races across your floor is not how you want things to go down. How do you explain the mice seen dashing along the walls of the room to your visiting in-laws? You also don’t want to spend all night worrying about what kind of creepy-crawlies might be taking up residence in your new home. Calling in the apartment cleaning professionals will prevent things from going down this road. They get rid of the problem before it crops up, eliminating the gunk that draws the pesky little creatures into your home.

Mental Effect Of The Dirt – Apartment Cleaning Can Save Your Life

Dirt is a major source of stress in people’s lives. And if it is in your home, it will have a great impact on you, since you spend a huge portion of your life in your apartment. The dirt spots and odours bombard your visual and olfactory senses with excessive stimuli that prevent you from effectively focussing on anything else. Getting through that work which you brought home from the office becomes a hassle when there are stains popping up at the corner of your eye. How can you prepare a sumptuous meal in a kitchen riddled with grime? Even holding a conversation with your kids becomes difficult when there are nasty odours pervading your nostrils. With the comfort in your own home having been taken away, how will you fair in other aspects of life? You are constantly put on edge, and your productivity decreases. Why endure this while you can turn things around with specialist apartment cleaning services? End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services Near You

Sleep is affected by the dirt and odours. Coughing through the night is not the only issue to contend with. Your brain registers that there’s pending work, which prevents you from catching that much-desired shut-eye. Then there comes that feeling of guilt that “I should be more organised.” “Things shouldn’t be like this- I can be better” You beat down on yourself, yet there’s still the whole work and social life that you must balance. The chores are daunting and take a huge chunk of time off your schedule. Turn to the apartment cleaning professionals to get the load off your back. End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services Near You

Those stains and odours inhibit your creativity. They colonise your thoughts, taking over those sections of your brain that allow you to think and brainstorm. Gradually, preparing those mouth-watering recipes becomes a problem, helping your kids out with their homework becomes an uphill task, and even taking part in your hobbies is made less joyous. Whether it’s a board game, reading that novel, or even catching up on your favourite TV show, your mind is distracted from enjoying the moment due to the messes all around you. End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services Near You

Your relationships are also put on the line. Singles- are you looking to invite someone over for a date? Well the state that they find the house in is a make or break factor in determining the viability of the relationship. You don’t want to miss out on a potential catch because there were stains all over your floors, grime on the walls, and the occasional cockroach running across the walls. First impressions are critical. For couples, a dirty house can pull you apart- whether it’s a casual fling or you are married. Take spouses for example. The dirty environment is a common result for arguments. In fact, 3 in 10 divorces in the UK are attributed to one of the persons in the relationship feeling that the other was not helping out enough in the household. The arguments start small, but slowly build up into resentment. It becomes a sensitive topic that gets dragged into every other disagreement that the couple will have. When the strains become too much to bear, then the splits happen. Why not get rid of the source of the problem in the first place? Apartment cleaning can save your life from these frustrations, taking away the cause of your troubles, and enable you focus on growing your relationships. End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services Near You

It’s not just about couples. Your social life is impacted by the dirt and grime. How often do your invite guests over to your apartment when things are in a mess? Most likely you don’t- save for those really close friends who can understand your situation. Some even insist on meeting people outside the home, instead of letting them in. There have been confessions made of persons getting borrowed items by a neighbour, then instead of the neighbour coming to fetch it, the owner of the item chooses to deliver it himself, rather than face the embarrassing situation of being found in a dilapidated environment. Hosting parties becomes a problem. You don’t want questions about the grime and gunk in the premises. And let’s not forget the ever-so-critical in-laws. The looks that they cast around the residence can be mortifying. Answering their questions puts you on the defensive, and arguments can ensue. This situation strains your relationship with your friends and relatives. Call in the apartment cleaning professionals to prevent this from happening. End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services Near You.

Those messes in your apartment can also turn your little bundle of joy into a wrecking-ball. Kids are heavily affected by the environment that they are in. Dirt spots, stains, odours, pet fur and dander all over, those piles of dishes in the sink, food residue under the furniture, smudges on the windows and mirrors- that’s not healthy for the little one’s psyche. The effects vary depending on the level of chaos, but it leads to behaviour modification. Those distractions that are overloading your senses and making it difficult to concentrate on your activities are also affecting your toddler. This leads to slowed learning in the children, which has a negative impact on their mental growth. Protect your kids by scheduling regular apartment cleaning services.

What Apartment Cleaning Involves


It’s the heart of the home. It’s from the kitchen that the fuel to run the household and bring up your family is prepared: food. The processes involved in the cooking leaves the surfaces in dire need of a thorough wash. Take for instance the countertops. As you dice up that raw meat and fish products, or cut the fresh vegetables, there are different kinds of bacteria that are left behind, from Salmonella to E. Coli. These can wind up on other items and contaminate them. The kitchen sink itself has a larger bacteria count than the toilet. All kinds of gunk go down the drain as you wash the dishes. It will need to be cleaned and disinfected. Your tools are not free off the grime too. The stove top burners and knobs get all greasy from the cooking chemicals and dirt on the hands. Even the walls get oil splatters as you prepare those sumptuous meals. Appliances like microwaves, the fridge and oven require regular deep cleaning in order to get rid of the build-up of gunk along their interior and exterior surfaces. The dirt not only takes away their beauty, but it also reduces their efficiency. For instance, those caked on-food particles in the walls of your oven prevent proper heat flow, which racks up your energy bills, and prevents your meals from being cooked properly. It’s a double blow- increasing costs of operations and ruining your dinners. The apartment cleaning professionals will enable you to bring back the order to your kitchen.


It’s ground zero for body waste from your household members. Not only is it a high risk environment, but lack of proper care can make pungent odours develop in your bathroom, that will reek up the rest of the apartment. The shower walls, the bathtub, and drain take up all the oils, hairs, and body waste washed off the body, plus the treatments and soaps that are used during the process. The gunk forms layers on the surfaces, including the floors and doors. Then there’s the mirror, with its fingerprint marks and smudges. The bathroom sink, as the household members brush their teeth, also get dirtied, together with the clippings from shaving off the beard. The toilet needs no introduction. It handles loads of body waste, and stains can form on its surfaces, from the insides of the bowl to under the rim. The flush handles that are frequently touched need thorough disinfecting. All this is in addition to the scale deposits formed especially if you’re in an area with hard water. It can affect everything from the shower heads and sink faucets to the porcelain throne. Get rid of the gunk and stains using expert apartment cleaning services, which will also involve disinfecting the bathroom to enhance the hygiene of your household.

Living and dining room, plus bedrooms

They’ve got plenty of furnishings, and you spend most of your time at home in either one of them- from the sofa that is the go-to set for hosting guests, relaxing with your family, watching some TV or taking an afternoon nap, to the bedroom where you spend every night. The materials of the furnishings gradually build up waste, and the surfaces get contaminated by the spills that occur while on them, not to mention body waste from persons and pets alike. What of those food and drink spills under the dinner table as you were preparing to go to work in the morning, or your kid made a mess during dinner in the evening? They cause stains that need to be taken care of. Even your electrical appliances are couriers. That remote that is handled by everyone in the apartment tends to get lost plenty of times beneath the cushions where it deposits the bacteria. The handbag that you use all through the day, at work, while visiting restrooms, taking the bus, or hailing a cab, transports the microbes from all these places on the surfaces that you leave it on in your home. Don’t forget the cabinets, doors and even the upholstery that get dust and other particles deposited on them. The apartment cleaning team will get to all these areas and restore the elegance to your residence.

Carpets – Apartment Cleaning Can Save Your Life

They are grime havens. In fact, it’s the one item in your apartment that can haul dirt for longer than you can see. By the time that the soiling is becoming visible, whether it’s due to discolouration or the carpet is fading, there could be even 4 times its own weight in dirt buried within the fibres. Microbes, food residues, dust mites, dust itself-everything that can wind up on the floor gets into its fibres. Volatile compounds, mould spores, and pet fur and dander accumulate, with the organic material including skin cells providing nourishment to the colonies of tiny organisms flourishing in the carpet. The light particles get kicked up into the air as people walk on it, and can be inhaled, leading to respiratory issues. The filth in the carpet contains both living and non-living irritants that can affect your skin, and the risk is amplified by pests like cockroaches and mice that are attracted to the gunk it carries. They come with pathogens that expose you to different conditions. They exploit breaks in the skin, cuts and scratches to attack you, thrive, and cause incessant itching. You don’t want to get athlete’s foot simply due to using the carpet. The apartment cleaning team will give your carpet a thorough wash, to bring back the hygiene to your home.

General cleaning

Then there are all those other surfaces around the home, such as the frequently touched light switches and outlets, the fixtures, and even the walls, floors and ceiling. The cobwebs at the corners of the ceiling, dust on the stairs, plus the smudges on the windows that prevent adequate light from getting into the interior space need to be attended to. The apartment cleaning gives the entire premises a top-to-bottom clean to leave it elegant and hospitable.

Benefits Of Professional Apartment Cleaning Services

Enhance the value of the apartment

Are you a realtor or property manager looking to rent out the premises or put it up for sale? Perhaps it may be your very own home that you want to put out on the market as you move to a new location. Getting it all spruced up will enable you attract prospective buyers and tenants, and get higher returns from your investment. You want your open house to be successful. Appeal is critical. Persons coming to the property to check it out are first struck by the look, before the features are even considered. They like to picture themselves living in the apartment, and you don’t want dirt and smudges coming in the way of that. Gunk on walls, dusty ceilings and slimy bathroom surfaces, all through to the roaches hanging out in the kitchen cabinet are a turn-off. Getting professional apartment cleaning can save your life’s investment, as it gets rid of the source of the problem, revitalising the premises and enhancing the value of the property itself. It even puts you in a better position to justify the premiums to your new tenants. Moreover, they are able to see the amount of effort you have put into caring for the establishment, enabling them to continue doing the same when they move into it.

Improve your quality of life

By getting rid of the dirt and grime, the apartment cleaning can save your life, enabling you to stay, and bring up your family, in a healthy environment. Without the coughs, allergic reactions, itching, and odours, you will enjoy the comfort in your home and avoid the unnecessary medical bills. Did you know that persons who have their homes clean are more active and full of life than those who don’t? In fact, studies show that home owners who described their living spaces as being grimy or full of pending chores were more likely to be depressed and fatigued compared to those who described their homes as “restful” and “restorative.” The spruced up environment leads to a reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, and by taking away the distractions to the visual cortex, enables you to allocate more attention to relevant tasks and complete them efficiently.

Tips To Maintain Your Place In Between Apartment Cleaning Sessions

Wash and put away dishes after use. Piling them up will frustrate you, and increase the amount of gunk building up in the home, plus the risk of infection. Also wipe down the countertops and rinse the sinks.

Bathe your pets regularly. This reduces the amount of allergens hiding out in their fur, and that will end up on the various surfaces around your establishment.

Make use of a bin for all waste. Leaving it strewn all over is risky to both your health and the safety of the persons in the building. While the organic material draws pests, substances like waste paper are fire hazards.

Store perishable fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. Remove them as needed, to allow them come to room temperature. It not only keeps them fresh for longer, it also helps prevent fruit flies and other bugs from coming into your home.

Allow proper ventilation in your apartment. Air out the environment, opening the windows and doors regularly. Keeping them shut for extended periods like during those cold winter months increases the amount of dust building up. In fact, during these periods is when the amount of dust mites thrive.

Don’t leave standing water on your floors, sinks, bathtubs or showers. For surfaces like floors and countertops, it is to prevent water damage. For washing areas, it will enable you avoid a fungal infestation. It even further dissuades pests from flourishing. The little creatures like roaches may be able to go for days without eating, but they need to regularly find sources of water.

Regularly recycle your old newspaper, cardboard, and boxes. Pests liked rodents love to burrow in these warm and cosy materials.

Apartment Cleaning Can Save Your Life


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