Moving out? Get your house cleaned by the professionals

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Moving Out Get Your House Cleaned By The Professionals

Moving Out? Get Your House Cleaned By The Professionals

Moving out is a stressful time. Different factors come into play as you plan to transition into your new home – and you already have your plate full with the logistics of the process. Dealing with your belongings, the packing that’s required, arrangements with the kids’ schools as you transfer their records to the new institutions that you want them to shift to, dealing with formalities with the utility bills and postal addresses, cancelling subscriptions where deliveries are made to your current address, and notifying your bank and insurance companies of your new address, the goodbyes and yard sales for those who want to offload some of their belongings and make an extra buck for the move – there’s plenty that needs to be done. One aspect is key, and it will affect the percentage of your security deposit that you get back from the landlord: the end of tenancy cleaning. 

As stipulated in your rental agreement you will need to ensure that the premises is in proper condition as you hand it back to the landlord, and you can be sure that they will be thorough when inspecting the house. After all, it’s a business for them, and they need to ensure that it is in a good condition for the new tenants that are to arrive after you have moved out. A dirty house will put you at loggerheads with the landlord, and lead to disputes on the security deposit since the landlord will be within their right to arrange to have the premise cleaned, and deduct this cost from the deposit. In fact, many of the rental disputes involve the end of tenancy cleaning, where it is either improperly done, or not done at all. Given that you already have a myriad of things that need your attention, why stress yourself out with the cleaning process? Call in the move out cleaning specialists in Dublin to handle the job for you, and ensure that it is carried out to quality standards. 

Benefits Of Hiring An End Of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Peace of mind

With all the activities that surround moving, you will be more relaxed when you leave the end of tenancy cleaning to the professionals. That way, you get to focus on the logistics of the move, and still wind up with quality results at the end of the process. Given that, for the pros, this is their bread and butter, they have invested in the personnel and equipment needed to deliver on the job. Entrusting them with the task beats having to source for all the cleaning supplies yourself, roll up your sleeves and scrub away the grime from all those surfaces in the household. Definitely for you to actually wind up with the desired level of results, so you need to be particularly keen on the company you hire, ensuring that it is up to the task. 

Safer process

Given that this is a top-to-bottom clean of the household, plenty of risks abound. Take working on the windows or ceilings for instance. When faced with a surface that is out of reach, one may be tempted to use ladders, such as when working on the windows that are on the upper floors. However, this brings about the risk of fall accidents, which are actually highly prevalent across the window cleaning industry Balancing on those rungs as you climb up and down the ladder carrying the squeegees, washers and also extending your reach to get to those corners of the window, will put you in jeopardy. What of those cases where potent chemicals are required? These are the likes of the situations where you’re dealing with really stubborn stains that require powerful chemicals to break them down. Selecting the right chemical to use on that spot that has been on the floor for months, or those heavy scale deposits that are on the bathroom surfaces is an intricate balancing act, where you want to get the right solution while still putting in place safety measures especially when toxic fumes are being produced. 

Using the proper equipment also factors in here. For instance, when going the DIY route with the end of tenancy cleaning, you may be tempted to point the power washer that is used on the sidewalk, to buildings’ exteriors in an attempt to blast away the grime. This can end up damaging the paints and siding of the building, which will add to your repair bill. The processes used also vary from one surface to the next. For instance, dealing with coffee stains on the hardwood floor is different from removing them from natural stone countertops. The emphasis here is on working with products that will remove the stains without damaging the underlying material. In the rush of the DIY end of tenancy cleaning, one may end up using the same solutions, which end up wreaking havoc on the installation. On the other hand, professionals who are already versed with the wide range of solutions and equipment needed to attend to the different scenarios, the property will be in safe hands. 

Secure your deposit

With the end of tenancy cleaning, the main factor that affects the security deposit is the quality of results. When you rush through the process – perhaps due to being constrained for time, or the equipment for a deep cleaning not being readily available, you end up with subpar results, forcing the landlord to have to schedule for a cleaning session themselves, and take this out of your deposit. However, when you hire a professional cleaner from the word go, a company whose personnel have been providing the service for years and know the hotspots to watch out for, while still delivering a thorough clean all through, you will walk through the inspection tour with confidence, knowing that the task has met the required standards.

Save money

You’re already spending loads of cash on the moving process. Taking on a DIY end of tenancy cleaning job will rack things up higher. This is especially with the amount of money that goes into sourcing for cleaning supplies and equipment. Remember that you need more than the usual mop and wiping cloths to get the task done. Window cleaning gear, hot water extraction machinery for the upholstery, scrubbing tools for the oven cleaning, extension poles for those high resistance areas including the windows and ceilings, scrapers for the gunk that has stubbornly adhered to surfaces – the list is long. Add this to the costs that come when you wind up with low quality results and are forced to repeat the process. All this is assuming that there wouldn’t be any damages made during the DIY end of tenancy cleaning. Ruined surfaces, etched windows and mirrors, the paint job getting damaged by harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing tools – making repairs will add to your bills. Then there is the time itself that you will spend on the top-to-bottom house clean smack in the middle of the moving process, leading to delays in other parts of your plan. The potential savings that you would have made by taking it on as a DIY job end being overrun by the costs that are incurred in the process. 

Turn To Our End Of Tenancy Services

We provide tailored house cleaning packages to suit your particular needs. This includes a detailed cleaning of the rooms, floors, cabinets and electronics, polishing surfaces and even deep carpet cleaning using processes like hot water extraction. It is preferable that the end of tenancy cleaning is carried out after the furniture and belonging have been removed from the house – though we can still arrange for it to be done prior, in which case you can also include the upholstery as part of the job. 

Clean up the kitchen

All those happy meals prepared in the kitchen no doubt left their mark. Sure, the routine cleaning helped in reducing the grime and making the place become orderly – but there will be those grease splatters that simply refused to budge, stains that adhered to the countertops, and appliances like the oven that got grime baked onto their interior surfaces. With end of tenancy cleaning, all this needs to be resolved, and when you get a professional to do it you get to avoid the hustle involved. 

With end of tenancy cleaning services, the whole kitchen is given a top-to-bottom clean. This includes washing and polishing the work surfaces where those veggies and meat products were chopped up, cleaning the insides of the cupboards and drawers – even pulling them out to ensure that those hidden spots are got to, working on the sinks and taps to remove the scale deposits that accumulated over time, to giving the oven – the workhorse of the kitchen, a thorough scrub. The walls are degreased and polished, and the refrigerator emptied and its component parts worked on. The dishwasher is cleaned both inside and out, as well as appliances like the microwave. Taking on all these as a DIY in the middle of the rush of the moving process can put a toll on you, which is why it is recommended that you leave it to the end of tenancy cleaning specialists, who will get the task done in a fraction of the time that it would take you going the DIY route. 

Get rid of grime in the bathrooms

The bathroom has its particular share of gunk, ranging from scale deposits for those residences in regions with hard water, to soap scum deposits that dry onto the shower surfaces. The work in the bathroom during the end of tenancy cleaning involves everything from scrubbing and polishing the shower sink, degreasing the wall tiles and polishing them to restore their sparkle, descaling the toilets and scrubbing them clean, working on the mirrors to remove those smudges that are adhered to the glass surface, to giving the floor itself a thorough scrub.

With professional end of tenancy cleaning services, you get to ensure that the right products and solutions are used while working on the bathroom surfaces. You don’t want toxic chemicals that end up corroding the surface during the process, or worsening the stains. The appropriate safety measures are also put in place when dealing with potent chemicals, such as when powerful solutions are needed to break down those stubborn scale deposits that are in the toilet bowl. Dealing with a company that has years of experience in providing the cleaning services will ensure that you obtain the right results without putting the bathroom at risk. After all, the last thing you want is to hear of etched and stained surfaces, broken pipes, cracked tiles or other issues that crop up when you hire rookie services for the cleaning job. With your security deposit – and peace of mind, being on the line, you want to ensure that the task is in the right hands. 

Bedroom care

The mounds of grime that accumulate in the bedroom, from the open floor to the nooks and crannies of the closet, are all got rid of. Pet fur and dander for those with cats and dogs that kept dashing into the bedroom, musky odours from sections of the room that were not attended to for months – such as those that were behind the bed or furniture – the end of tenancy cleaning crew ensure that every part of the room has been worked on. 

General cleaning

Those living areas where the family made happy memories – and no doubt lots of stains as well, are given a thorough wash. From the floors to the walls, scrubbing off the stains and dirt spots, dusting the cleaning and even removing cobwebs on the corners – nothing is left to chance. Our personnel use the products and systems that are ideal for the particular area being worked on. For instance, with hardwood floor cleaning, one needs to be careful with the amount of water used. What’s more, we can also include polishing of the surfaces as part of the end of tenancy cleaning, which has the welcome benefit of revitalizing the installation being worked on and leaving it looking new. 

Moving Out? Get Your House Cleaned By The Professionals

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