End of tenancy cleaning

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

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If you are a landlord, you expect to have your property returned in good condition while if you are a tenant, you will expect to pay as little as possible for cleaning and have your rent deposit returned in full. What you, as a tenant, might classify as “clean”, your landlord might disagree. To avoid losing your rent deposit and getting involved in a lengthy court case, you should consider booking a professional house cleaning company to do a deep end of tenancy cleaning before moving out and all your issues will be sorted. No more days of scrubbing, tonnes of cleaning products and disappointing cleaning results. A professional house cleaning company will know what to clean and how to clean it to satisfy and impress your landlord. If you know where to look, you will be able to find great deals and amazing package deals.

What is the end of tenancy cleaning?

When you are moving out of a property you are expected to deep clean the property top to bottom and to return the property to your landlord in a spotless condition. In some cases, the end of tenancy cleaning is the landlord’s duty and a small fee will be deducted from your rental deposit to pay for it. It all depends on the type of agreement between the landlord and the tenant. Either way, any property that was rented out for at least 12 months, will require a deep clean and full disinfection to make it safe for the next tenant.

Some landlords will expect little cleaning to be done while others will expect full deep cleaning & polishing. You need to pay attention to details before signing up to a new lease. But it is 100% expected that you return the property in good, clean condition without major repairing projects needed.

Carpet Cleaning

When the landlord comes to inspect the property, he or she will notice stains on the carpets and bad odours that come from it. If your property has carpets, it is highly recommended that you use the services of a professional carpet cleaning company to shampoo the carpet and neutralise all bad odours. A carpeted floor is likely to absorb hair, skin flakes, food, drink spillages, urine, saliva, etc. All this residue can accumulate and cause bad odours. You will need to make sure that your carpet cleaning contractor uses strong odour neutralisers to neutralise bad odours. A clean carpet is the first step on your road to recovering your rental deposit in full.

End Of Tenancy Oven Cleaning

Every time you use your oven to cook something, grease will splash onto the oven walls. Over time, all these splashes burn down and becomes carbon residue. Removing it and deep cleaning the cooker is not easy at all. You should definitely pay a bit extra to have your oven deep cleaned with proper oven cleaning products. From 30 euro, you will be able to restore your oven to pristine condition. Well worth it. A professional end of tenancy cleaning company will spray the whole oven with highly active caustic soda gels that will soften up burnt on carbon deposits and fat residue. It could take up to 5 cleaning operations to remove all the dirt from the oven. On average, it takes 2-3 hours to deep clean an oven. Leave it to the professionals.

End Of Tenancy Kitchen Cleaning

Your kitchen is very likely to get quite dirty and greasy over the course of your tenancy. If you spend alot of time in your kitchen cooking, the steam will attach to the walls and surfaces, grease splashes will stain your floors, worktops and your extractor fan. All the cooking odours and flavors will be absorbed by the walls, etc. The kitchen needs a deep clean with heavy duty degreasers and surface sanitisers. All end of tenancy cleaning packages include kitchen cleaning. The oven and the fridge are optional extras. A standard kitchen cleaning project will include : presses in and out, the extractor fan, floors, lights and switches, internal windows and all worktops. The kitchen will be clean, fresh & grease free after a professional deep cleaning.

End Of Tenancy Bathroom Cleaning

We all can deep clean our bathrooms but not all of us can do it right. Years of limescale and body fats can be a nightmare to remove. Limescale removers and general bathroom cleaners that you can buy in your local shop can prove to be useless. A bit more power is needed. Your end of tenancy cleaning company can help you out with that. Using their years of experience combined with premium heavy duty acidic bathroom cleaners, your bathroom will be nicely restored. A standard bathroom cleaning project should include : all fittings, all taps & shower heads, the grout, the mirror, the shower glass, full bath and sink cleaning and of course, toilet cleaning and descaling. A small bathroom can take up to 2 hours to be deep cleaned. Using harsh chemicals and heavy duty scrubbers is not a job for people with no experience.

End Of Tenancy Floor Cleaning

We can all mop our floors but when you have to deal with a number of types of floors that require different cleaning techniques, you should step away and allow the professionals to take care of all your floor cleaning needs. Your end of tenancy cleaning includes cleaning of the floors in the price but “deep” cleaning a floor and scrubbing grout is not included in the price. If you are looking for a special treatment and floor polishing, you should specify before the starting date. Deep cleaning floors and grout require heavy duty floor cleaning equipment and special floor cleaning products.

Floor polishing and gloss enhancing services usually cost a good bit of money. So be very clear on what you need done. Do not just expect it to happen. Read your contract and see if your landlord or your management company requires floor polishing. If your floors were polished when you have walked in, they should be polished when you are walking out.

Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning is a very broad word that can mean a lot of things. Usually surface cleaning means polishing all visible surfaces. Your end of tenancy cleaning company will degrease and disinfect all the surfaces within the property with a number of cleaning products. Kitchen surfaces will be deep cleaned with kitchen degreasers, bathroom surfaces will be cleaned with bathroom cleaners and descalers while the rest of the place will be cleaned and polished with hard surface cleaners and surface polishes. For antique furniture and generally highly polished surfaces, special gloss restorers will be used. All “visible” surfaces will be cleaned. If you are looking for inside the presses and inside the kitchen units, you should ask before the starting date. In most cases, the surfaces have to be food free and free from all personal items. No cleaning company will handle your food or personal items to avoid cross contamination or chemical contamination.

Window Cleaning

A standard end of tenancy cleaning project will cover all the internal windows and frames. It has to be in a decent condition and has to be easily accessible. If you are looking for external window cleaning services and frame cleaning, you will be charged extra. A spotless house will be let down by dirty external windows. We recommend that you book an end of tenancy cleaning project to include all windows, inside and out. A reach and wash pure water system will be used to deep clean external windows. There will be no ladders required, no blades and no harsh chemicals. A system of soft brushes and pure water will be used to remove dirt and residue from the glass. 100% eco window cleaning services.

Sofa Cleaning

You spend a lot of time on your sofas so it will need a clean and refresh. A standard end of tenancy cleaning project will include vacuuming and dusting the sofa but not shampooing it. If your sofa is badly stained and in poor condition, you should book a sofa shampooing service and spot removal. A mixture of eco sofa cleaning shampoos and hot water will be used to soften up all the dirt on your sofa. Special brushes will be used to scrub the sofa and powerful extraction systems will be used to extract the dirt. Sofa cleaning prices start from 20 euro per seat. A minimum fee of 50 euro will apply to all sofa cleaning projects.


Vacuuming and dusting are essential. Your end of tenancy cleaning company will use highly efficient HEPA vacuums to extract even the finest grain of dust from your property. Your floors will be vacuumed, your furniture will be vacuumed, your frames & all your wood work will be vacuumed, your carpets will be vacuumed, your walls and curtains will be vacuumed, your heaters and pipes will be vacuumed & all hard to reach areas will be vacuumed. Same will apply to dusting. No surface will be left untouched.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Packages

As you are fully aware, not all tenants are the same and not all properties require the same level of cleaning. Your end of tenancy cleaning company can provide you with a free estimate for a basic cleaning that does not include oven cleaning, carpet shampooing, sofa shampooing, external window cleaning or floor polishing or you can create your own end of tenancy cleaning package to include all of the above and more. The rents are pretty high right now and the rent deposits will cover at least one month rent. The last thing you need is to lose your rent deposit for a few hundred euros. Talk to us, tell us what you need done and we will create a package deal just for you to cover all your requirements. We are happy to deal with commercial end of tenancy cleaning projects and domestic end of tenancy cleaning projects.

Eco Products

Anyone can offer deep house cleaning services using cheap and toxic general cleaning products but very few people can deep clean a dirty property with proper 100% eco friendly cleaning products manufactured in Ireland. We can guarantee that all your surfaces will be deep cleaned with Cleanfast Clean & Fresh, your kitchen will be degreased with Cleanfast Shift Degreasers, your oven will be cleaned with Cleanfast Oven Cleaner, your bathrooms will be deep cleaned with Cleanfast Super Bowl Bathroom Cleaner & all your furniture will be polished with Cleanfast Glass & Furniture Polish. Outstanding results guaranteed. Same level of attention and same types of cleaning products will be used for commercial end of tenancy cleaning services.

Of course you can deep clean your property well yourself and hope for the best. But why take a chance? House Cleaning Dublin provides free no obligation estimates, online bookings, online payments and our work quality is second to none. We are very flexible and we can work with any budget. Check out our covered area and select the most appropriate package for your particular requirements. We have been deep cleaning houses since 2007.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

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