Moving out? Give the house a professional clean

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Moving out Give the house a professional clean

Moving Out? Give The House A Professional Clean

Lease agreements stipulate that the tenant needs to return the rented property in a clean and neat condition, free of damages in order to receive their security deposit. However, the specifics of the moving process can have your hands full with so many things to do, that the cleaning itself seems like a tough and arduous job that simply serves to increase your stress levels. You don’t have to take on the burden. Hiring end of tenancy cleaning services will enable you to focus on the other logistics of the move, to make it a seamless process.

Lots of areas need to be worked on during the end of tenancy cleaning. These include:

The bedroom

From the cobwebs on the corners and ceilings, the dust that is on the wardrobes, shelves, cupboards and the tops of the doors, the picture frames and the curtain rails, the curtains and blinds that need to be properly vacuumed and dusted, the mirrors and wall hangings that may have accumulated grime over time, the light fittings and lampshades, all through to the power sockets, switches, extension cords, and even for those cases where you want the mattresses to be attended to, are part of the end of tenancy cleaning process. The floor too needs to be thoroughly worked on, with the appropriate measures being put in place that will get rid of the dirt and grime without ruining the surface treatments that had been applied, or putting its structural integrity at risk. 


Here, the toilet, shower, tiles and bathtubs require a thorough cleaning. From the hard water stains that make the surfaces unsightly, the soap scum, dirt on the radiators and towel rails, the marks that are on the shower screens, the gunk in the shower heads and coating the taps, the extractor fans, all through to the porcelain throne- the end of tenancy cleaning crew give the bathroom a top-to-bottom wash, restoring the sparkle to the different surfaces. 


This is usually where the bulk of the work is. The countertops where meals were prepared, to the sink where dirty dishes were being washed, the insides of cupboards that may be hiding crumbs, and the limescale on sink surfaces, the walls that are stained and have grease splatters, to the grime that is on the extractors and hobs, the gas rings and gas control knobs which need to be attended to, all through to appliances like the microwave and the huge fridge- there’s lots that’s waiting to be done. Even the bin should be emptied, then cleaned and sanitised. The windows, including the ledges, frames and sills, plus the woodwork which covers everything from the doors and their frames, to the furnishings and the skirting boards in the kitchen- the house cleaning crew works on them all. Particular attention is given to units like the oven, where its heavy usage results in gunk building up on its interior walls, and the high temperatures during the various cooking activities resulting the splatters and food residue getting baked onto the surfaces. Our end of tenancy cleaning personnel have the equipment and products needed to work on the oven, and have it ready for the next tenant. 


Perhaps the place was rented while fully furnished, or you want the dirt and grime on your units got rid of before carrying them with you to your new residence. Whichever the case, incorporating furniture care to the end of tenancy cleaning will ensure that the units are given a thorough wash, removing the gunk that is in the upholstery, and buried within the cushions. The tables and worktops are also attended to. The house cleaning team are well versed with the different materials involved, such as when dealing with leather and fabric sofas, and will take the approach that is the most effective without putting your units at risk. 

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning Pros

The landlord or letting agent doing the inspecting will be sure to have their eye on the carpet. After all, it is one of the units that has the highest rates of dirt build-up. Processes such as hot water extraction are used, that get to the grime that is buried within the fibres of the carpet, removing it and leaving it truly clean. Fragranced products can also be used, which will leave behind an invigorating scent- which comes in handy when giving an appealing ambience that will entice prospective tenants. 


They are part of the building, and will also need to be cleaned. Their constant exposure to the elements causes them to slowly build up grime over time. From the dust that forms layers on the surface, those droplets that distort the dust during rains and make the window appear dirtier, issues like concrete leaching, oxidation effects from the surrounding metal frames, all through to the gunk that is in the sills that prevents normal closing and opening operations of the window, plus the streaks of insect residue and the faecal waste left behind by the occasional bird that perches on the sill as it takes a rest mid-flight- window care is part of the end of tenancy cleaning process, and our crew will employ products and processes that will get the task done in moments, leaving the glass panes and surrounding structures in an elegant condition.

Call In The Pros

Our house cleaning team is trained and experienced in the various aspects of the process, carrying them out to professional standards and using quality machinery that increases the efficiency of the process. We have pumped loads of capital in acquiring top-of-the-range units that will extract the grime, scrub away the stains and dirt spots, and put in place safety measures to protect our personnel while they are on the task, and the property itself. We are fully licenced and insured. The coverage provides caters to our personnel the property, and the equipment that is used for the end of tenancy cleaning. This means you can rest assured that there won’t be liabilities cropping up and straining your moving budget. 

Moving Out? Give The House A Professional Clean

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