End of tenancy cleaning – all you need to know

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End of tenancy cleaning - all you need to know

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – All You Need To Know

Deep cleaning of a house can be advertised as a few different things. If you are searching for once off house cleaning you will discover that most house cleaning companies are promoting end of tenancy cleaning, once off cleaning, after infestation cleaning, moving out cleaning, end of lease cleaning. It can be all a bit confusing. All you want to know is how much it costs to use the services of an end of tenancy cleaning company, what is included, what it is not included, how long it takes, is the company insured, what type of cleaning products will be used & how can you pay?

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – How much does it cost?

 To use the services of a professional end of tenancy cleaning company you need to have a budget. If you read the local blogs and chat rooms you will get an idea of costs but there can be very big differences in pricing. If a small local end of tenancy cleaning company employing 1-2 people charges 250 euro for a 3 bed house, you could pay up to 500 euro for the same job if you use the services of a bigger company. It doesn`t necessarily mean that you will get a better service, it only means that you deal with a bigger corporation that probably employ hundreds of people and has alot of overheads.

Cheap generally does not equal high quality service. You will have a crew of people using chemicals in your home. You want to be sure that they are using quality, non toxic cleaning products and equipment.

1 bed house/apartment cleaning 120 euro to 250 euro – depending on what you need done

2 bed house/apartment cleaning 150 euro to 300 euro – depending on what you need done

3 bed house/apartment cleaning 200 euro to 350 euro – depending on what you need done

4 bed house/apartment cleaning 250 euro to 400 euro – depending on what you need done

You need to be aware that the basic price does not include carpet shampooing, external window cleaning, floor polishing or oven cleaning. These services can usually be added for an extra charge. Most end of tenancy cleaning contractors can provide you with special packages where you can save 30% if you book more services.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – What is included?

Most end of tenancy cleaning companies will offer you a standard cleaning package that includes more or less the whole property. When a company says that prices start from …, that means the cheapest price will only include a basic clean. You will get your floors washed, all internal windows, skirting boards, doors, frames, switches, lights, the banister, kitchen without the oven, all bathrooms, etc. A more comprehensive cleaning package will include all the carpets, external windows, floor polishing, sofa cleaning & oven cleaning. It can be a good idea to book a few additional services in order to save yourself some money.

Common sense rules should apply and will apply. The standard price quoted is informative only. If a house or apartment is much bigger than average, the price will change. Any extra time needed to complete extra work in your property will add to the final price because the cleaning company has to pay extra in salaries.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – How long does it take?

The first question you will ask is how long does it take to clean my place? You need to plan your day and you need to know what time to drop around and check out the results. Most end of tenancy cleaning projects will take anything between 3 to 8 hours. Smaller houses in good condition will be done in about 3 hours but very big and dirty houses can take up to 8 hours. Most cleaning contractors will give you an idea of time but that can always change if the oven is very dirty or the exterior windows have paint or glue on them. The fixed price agreement is always a good idea for you, as a customer. If you are quoted 300 euro for an end of tenancy cleaning, the company will spend whatever amount of time is needed to deep clean the property. If they finish earlier you should not be bothered because they could have finished 3 hours later at no extra cost for you.

A property that looks easy to clean, can turn out to be a nightmare and a very time consuming operation. Floors could have wax on it that is un-removable, the grout in the bathroom could have inches of limescale or if you live beside a busy road, your external windows could have a lot of grease & oil that can make them very hard to clean.

Bear in mind that the time required to do an end of tenancy cleaning project can change. This is a big project so you should prepare for a 1 day job. If it finishes earlier than expected then all the better for you.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Insurance

Paying a fair price for an end of tenancy cleaning project is always great but what do you do when things go wrong and you discover that the “cheapest” end of tenancy cleaning company that you have hired is not insured? Just thinking that they are professionals and they know what they are doing, is not enough and is not advisable. Things can always go wrong when you use high PH cleaning products and powerful industrial cleaning equipment. Any company you hire to undertake work in your home should be properly insured to do so.

So what can go wrong?

Reaction with sealants on floors

Spillages or chemical burns

Falling from ladders

Items damaged, scratches

Carpet reacting with shampoos

Oven cleaning detergent spillages

If the end of tenancy cleaning company is fully insured, no problems at all. But if they are not insured, if anything should happen you will find yourself in trouble.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Eco products

There is a huge difference between standard cleaning products and eco cleaning products. It all depends on the price you are willing to pay for the end of tenancy cleaning and who you hire. Not all cleaning companies use proper eco cleaning products because of the high cost. A high performing eco hard surface cleaner costs 12-15 euro for 5 L while a cheaper chemical hard surface cleaner costs only 3-5 euro for 5L. The cheaper cleaning products will leave residue on your floors and furniture and will leave traces of active cleaning chemicals for weeks. A quality hard surface cleaner is manufactured with eco or organic materials, it is safe and efficient.

Don`t just hire anyone who offers what seems like an amazing, reasonable price for end of tenancy cleaning. Do your homework a bit and find out who they are, what they do, for how long and what they use.

Online reviews

Here is a good one for you. You are planning to hire an end of tenancy cleaning company. They have a great website and are highly reviewed by many people. Miss B. reckons that they are very reliable, Jonny D. reckons that they are affordable while Emma C. reckons that they respond well to mails. Well, 99.9% of the online reviews are fake. You should not believe any of this nonsense and you should focus on other factors to decide how good or bad they are.

  1. How long are they in the business? Bad contractors don`t last
  2. What is their organic ranking online? It takes years to reach good rankings

  3. Do they have an office or is it a home based business?

  4. Speed of reply, efficiency & general website information

  5. Clear pricing & clear information about what they do

A reputable end of tenancy cleaning company would have nothing to hide and they will have no problem explaining to you in detail about what they do, how, what they use and for how long. Anyone can post thousands of good or bad reviews online. The online reviews are irrelevant. Good or bad reviews. It is a well known fact that most people that are very happy with x contractor will never review him or her. People expect quality so when they receive quality, they see it as normal.

On the other hand, bad reviews are also nonsense and have become a way of putting pressure on cleaning companies to provide big discounts and extra services. A professional end of tenancy cleaning company could be doing hundreds of projects each month. Out of these 400 projects, 398 could be very happy and never bother to review the company while 2 of your customers might be unhappy with your service for whatever reason and they will go out of their way to leave a bad review. Is this an accurate picture of that particular company? Should you be worried about 2 bad reviews out of 400 jobs completed? Not really, but obviously it is up to you. 100% customer satisfaction is not always possible.

So next time when you are looking for a local end of tenancy cleaning company, take in consideration all of the above.


This is a tricky one. Common sense will tell you that if you use the services of a professional cleaning company or any other type of company, you should have the money ready. Unless of course you have an emergency and you cannot pay on the day because you did not expect it to happen (leaks, fire, floods, etc). An end of tenancy cleaning service is not an emergency. You are looking for a professional cleaning company to outsource your cleaning jobs to. This is a luxury that helps you enjoy your life more and it increases your chances of financially benefiting when you receive your rent deposit back. You have used other peoples time, equipment, diesel and cleaning products. They will expect payment on the day to pay for all this.

So you are just about to pay 300 euro for an end of tenancy cleaning project that took 5 hours x 3 cleaners. That seem pretty expensive. I mean 3 cleaners earning 100 euro for 5 hours? Way too much. Well, hold on a second. Add up the costs:










When you deduct all these expenses, you will find that 150 euro out of that 300 euro, is gone. Check out the job, make sure that you are 100% happy and pay on the spot. Ask what type of payment system is accepted so you can be prepared. 30 days credit does not apply on once off cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning projects.

Snag List

When a big end of tenancy cleaning project takes place, many things are being done. The chance of some things being left undone is pretty high but the end of tenancy cleaning company that you have just hired will have no problem coming back and sorting out any issues. Do not do it yourself and then expect some money back. If you are unhappy about anything, call them fast and ask them to come back.

It is always recommended to use local end of tenancy cleaning companies. They have to travel less to reach you so they won`t get stuck in traffic. Ask for a free no obligation estimates.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

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