Get a professional clean when moving out

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get a professional clean when moving out

Get A Professional Clean When Moving Out

While moving to a new home can be exciting, there are also stresses that are involved in the process. There is so much that needs to be done, and things don’t always go as planned. As you handle the different logistics associated with the move, what about the end of tenancy cleaning? A deep cleaning of the entire residence needs to be carried out for you to be able to clear with your landlord and get your security deposit back. It’s like spring cleaning, but where an inspection awaits you in the end. The condition in which the property should be left is stipulated in the tenancy agreement. 

How Tenants Benefit from Professional Move-Out Cleaning Services

Saves your time and energy

Giving the house a top-to-bottom clean can be stressful and take up loads of your time, especially with all the processes involved. From the walls and floors, to the countertops, reaching the ceilings to scrubbing the gunk off the toilet bowls, shower screens and the building’s windows, different kinds of equipment are required. For the residences that are furnished, like those with carpets, additional systems like hot water extraction are needed to give the unit a thorough wash. Going to source for supplies for the multiple applications, microfibre cloths, soft and hard bristled brushes depending on the areas being worked on, extension poles and dusters – it will all add to the costs that are incurred in the process. 

Even your personal safety comes into focus. Take those situations where you’re working on high areas for instance, like the ceilings, skylights, or windows on the upper floors. DIYers often go for ladders, but this comes with risks of fall accidents. Balancing on those rungs as you work with the cleaning equipment like washers and squeegees can cause you to easily lose your footing, sending you toppling over. Falls from heights can lead to nasty sprains and bruises, and even cases of fractures depending on the intensity of the fall. On the other hand, the professional end of tenancy cleaning team works with units like water fed poles, which allow them to get to the high-rise areas from the safety of the ground. What’s more, this speeds up the amount of time taken setting up the equipment, and moving from one spot to the next. 

There are also situations where potent chemicals are required for the end of tenancy cleaning task. For instance, you may be dealing with stubborn stains and scale deposits that refuse to budge, and need potent solutions to chemically break them down. However, some can carry risks such as being corrosive to the skin in case of contact, or releasing toxic fumes that affect the indoor air quality. Firstly, selecting the solutions to use in such a situation is a delicate task, since you need to balance safety and effectiveness. In the rush of the end of tenancy cleaning, this may be quickly glossed over, and end up putting you in a risky situation. On the other hand, the cleaning professionals already have access to the resources needed to handle the task, as well as a wealth of knowledge of the most appropriate approach to use to yield the required results with minimal risk. For those cases where the use of potent chemicals is unavoidable, they will put in place safety measures to protect themselves as they carry out the task.

Avoid damages

The last thing you want to have to deal with is ruined surfaces and installations, which will cost you more money to have repaired. Issues of the wrong end of tenancy cleaning measures being used can end up wreaking havoc. For instance, when encountering stubborn gunk on the windows, a DIYer may be tempted to use a putty knife or razor to scrape out the gunk. However, this can easily lead to scratches. Here, specialised tools like windows scrapers are required – and even these have their specific mode of operation. For instance, you can only scrape with forward strokes, and the window needs to be lubricated. Failing to do this will easily damage the windows, scratching them and resulting in a dispute with the landlord.

Even the types of solutions used matters. For instance, dealing with a beverage stain that’s on the hardwood floor is different from the same kind of stain on a marble countertop. The different materials from wood to cement, ceramic and natural stone installations, have their requirements when it comes to the kinds of chemicals that can be used on them. You don’t want to be in a situation where the cleaning agents used have dulled the floor polish, or corroded the countertops. The risks are heightened when you’re dealing with stubborn stains, since more powerful solutions are used, yet one needs to ensure that the underlying material is not affected. You don’t have to worry about this when you hire the end of tenancy cleaning professionals. For a company that has been providing this service for years, they have the necessary experience needed to provide a thorough wash without putting the underlying structures at risk.

Secure your deposit

It’s your money, and you need it as you move to a new area, especially with the financial costs that are incurred along the way. You don’t want the security deposit being drained to cater to issues that could have easily been resolved from your end before the landlord or property owner comes for the inspection. Given that the end of tenancy cleaning is one of the common areas of disputes between tenants and landlords during the moving out process, ensuring that you get it done right will prevent things from taking a nasty turn. For the landlord, this is their business, and they need the premises to be in good condition to attract tenants in future. This means that any trace of the previous tenant – in this case you, needs to be got rid of, so that when prospective tenants are being shown around the place, they will see it as ready for moving into. So the landlord will be quite keen during the inspection, to ensure that things are up to standard. What’s more, it had already been agreed upon, in the tenancy agreement that you had signed when you first moved in, about the condition that the house should be in when the time comes for you to hand it back over to the landlord. Getting the place all spruced up will enable you to secure the deposit. 

Selling Your Home? Get It Cleaned Before Hitting the market

For those who own homes and are planning to move out and sell the property, ensuring that it is in a clean state will maximize the saleability. Granted, there are different issues that come into play when influencing the interest of the prospective buyers in the property. This ranges from the curb appeal – from the driveway and landscaping, to the windows, patio, right to the front door, and even issues like staging the house so that viewers can envision themselves in the house. However, without the residence being clean, all efforts will be wasted, since a dirty house is an instant turn off. This is not just about cleaning the open surface. Those hidden areas in the closets, grime in the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, issues like dust layers coating the windows and smudges on the bathroom mirrors – they all need to be got rid of. Stains on the countertops, scale deposits on the toilet bowl, to soap scum in the shower will discourage potential buyers from taking up the property. On the other hand, a clean space shows that the property owner is mindful of the premises, and gives more confidence in the building’s structural integrity. By imparting an impression that the home is well taken care of, you will be in a position to reduce the amount of time that the house spends on the market before being snapped up, and rake in more value from the sale.

The Value Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning To Landlords

Are you a landlord? Here are ways you get to benefit from insisting on a quality end of tenancy cleaning:

Protect the property

For your real estate venture to be successful, the property should be maintained in good condition. Prospective tenants who will be checking out the property should be able to feel comfortable in the space and envision themselves living in the residence. This will be difficult when there is dirt and grime all over, stains left behind by the previous occupants, odours from the bathrooms and bedrooms, to gunk that is choking the oven and dishwasher. All this gunk needs to be got rid of, thus the need for a thorough end of tenancy cleaning.

Prepare the property for new arrivals

You don’t want the house remaining empty for months. The longer that it takes for new tenants to move in, the less the revenue that will be generated from the premises. Moreover, maintaining an empty house also has its costs, since you don’t want it falling apart. All these expenses will eat into your budget. On the other hand, a properly staged house that is clean and well-kept will be attractive to the tenants who are looking to move in. The more interest that the property generates the sooner you can seal a deal and get new tenants moving in. 

Set a bar

 You want the tenants that are taking up the space to take care of the premises during their occupancy. The condition that they find the house in will be key in determining the standard at which the premises should be. Remember that you will want them to hand over the property back to you when it’s in good condition – and this will be dependent on how it is right at the very start of their tenancy. Having a professional carry out the cleaning, and ensuring everything in the premises is in a quality state, will show the tenants the level of care that you put in the property, and encourage them to maintain it in throughout their stay. 

Free up your time

No doubt you have your plate full with your work and social commitments, including running the property. Having to carry out the end of tenancy cleaning yourself will take a huge chunk out of your time, as well as cause you to incur huge costs especially with sourcing the requirements needed to work on all the different surfaces and installations in the house. Why not leave it to a professional end of tenancy cleaning company that already has all the gear and personnel needed for the job? What’s more, the pros use industrial-capacity machinery when carrying out the task, since they need to deliver timely results to multiple clients in both residential and commercial establishments. They have invested in deep cleaning machinery that speeds up the process, and skilled teams in order to reduce the amount of time that the cleaning takes, without compromising on the desired quality of results. What’s more, they put in place prudent safety measures during the job, to protect other tenants in the establishment as they work on the empty unit. This enables you to ensure that your property is well taken care of, which is key to keep your real estate venture running optimally. 

For landlords, having a specialised end of tenancy cleaning company on speed dial also comes in handy during those situations where you want the establishment quickly spruced up. For instance, you may be planning for an open house, or dealing with an unruly tenant who took off in a huff and left the premises in a sorry state. Take your time when going through the different cleaning companies in your locality, before narrowing down on the right one for your needs. Check out their testimonials, to see the experience that other clients had with their services. Finding a quality cleaning company will give you peace of mind, since the companies usually offer a broad range of services beyond the end of tenancy cleaning, and you can have them come in for those one-time or routine jobs across your different property listings. 

Get A Professional Clean When Moving Out

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