Eco end of tenancy cleaning Dublin

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Eco End Of Tenancy Cleaning Dublin

Eco End Of Tenancy Cleaning Dublin

If you are a landlord, you know how expensive it can be to have a property deep cleaned after your tenants have vacated. The property was in a nice, clean condition when your tenant moved in, it is only fair that he or she will return it back in the same condition. If you are a tenant, you will expect to move into a spotless home after you have paid your rent deposit. The question is, who has to pay for the end of tenancy cleaning?

The common sense rule will tell you that the landlord has to provide you with a fully sanitised and safe to use property. The ex tenants obligation is to return the property to the landlord in as good shape as possible. But the word “clean” can have a different meaning from person to person. This misunderstanding of what cleaning means can lead to disputes between the landlord and the tenants. To avoid such issues and to make sure that your rent deposit is returned in full, call House Cleaning Dublin now to book our professional end of tenancy cleaning services.

House Cleaning Dublin is a professional house cleaning company with over 13 years experience. Over the years, we have completed thousands of domestic end of tenancy cleaning projects and commercial end of tenancy cleaning projects. We have the right skills and the right equipment to deal with any project and to restore your rental property to its past glory. We use only 100% eco cleaning products and heavy duty industrial cleaning equipment. We are very clear on what is covered and what is not covered by our end of tenancy cleaning packages. You can select a light end of tenancy cleaning or a heavy duty end of tenancy cleaning project. We can adapt to any special requirements and we are happy to work with any reasonable budget.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Dublin – Why get it done?

In most cases, it is your legal obligation. The same rule applies when you rent a car or anything else. You use it for a limited period of time and then you will return it to its owners as you got it. Or in a decent condition. Of course you could just take a chance and hopefully your landlord will just ignore the condition of the property and you will be fully refunded your rent deposit. But many landlords or estate agents are not very flexible. You would be better off finding your own end of tenancy cleaning company and pay a fixed price than trusting your landlord to find the best deal for you. Leaving a landlord to discover other issues could end up costing you more.

Our recommendation, after 13 years of business, is to deep clean the property well if you have the right products, skill and time, or to call a professional end of tenancy cleaning company fast and have it sorted completely hassle free.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Dublin – What kind of package should you book?

All end of tenancy cleaning companies will offer you a basic cleaning package and a more comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning deal. Some people will be looking for a light refreshing job while properties shared by students will require a deep end of tenancy cleaning project to cover all areas and all surfaces.

Basic End Of Tenancy Cleaning – will cover pretty much the whole property without the oven, external windows or carpet shampooing. All surfaces will be dusted and disinfected, all internal windows and frames will be deep cleaned, all woodwork will be cleaned and polished, all floors will be washed and disinfected, full bathroom cleaning, full kitchen (without oven cleaning), living room, all bedrooms and the hall will be vacuumed, dusted and disinfected. This is the basic end of the tenancy cleaning package.

Full Package End Of Tenancy Cleaning – this is a more comprehensive cleaning service that will include the whole house/apartment top to bottom. We will deep clean all the bathrooms, we will deep clean the full kitchen + the oven + the extractor fan, we will wash all the windows in/out, we will disinfect all surfaces, presses in and out, the fridge, all lights and sockets, all floors will be washed and disinfected, all carpets will be shampooed with heavy duty hot water extraction technology, all sofas and upholsteries will be vacuumed and wiped, odour neutralising treatment, if the paint is washable, we will also do spot cleaning on marks on the walls, full vacuuming and dusting.

How long does it take?

On average, an end of tenancy cleaning project takes approx 3-7 hours. It all depends on the size of the property, the condition and the type of cleaning required. The 1 bed or 2 bed properties basic end of tenancy cleaning should take around 3-4 hours to be fully completed. Same property, but done in more detail, can take up to 6 hours. Very large properties, in poor condition, where carpet cleaning is required, will take up to 7 hours.

How many cleaners should I expect?

1-2 bedroom houses or apartments can be done by one cleaner. 2-3 bed properties will be done by at least 2 cleaners. 4+ bed properties will be done by 3+ cleaners. If a property is in bad shape and if it requires rubbish removal, carpet cleaning, additional cleaning services, we will send more cleaners to be able to complete the project within the time frame. We will give you an idea of time, but the actual time needed can vary from property to property.

How is the pricing calculated?

We will provide you with a free no obligation estimate over the phone or online. The price is not fixed and it can change. The standard prices listed within our website refer to average size properties in average condition. If when we arrive at your property, we discover that the condition of the property is worse than described or larger than described, we will increase the price. Our cleaners are paid per hour so the more hours spent at your property the more salaries we need to pay out. Also, if the property requires very intensive cleaning and extra or expensive cleaning products are needed it will cost you more.

So, bear in mind, the prices listed on our website are informative only. They only apply to average size properties in average condition.

What products do you use?

To be able to achieve great results in a short period of time, we need to use some of the best cleaning products available. We use only 100% eco friendly cleaning products manufactured in Ireland.

Clean & Fresh Cleaner And Sanitiser – For all your surfaces

Shift Degreaser – For all your kitchen cleaning projects

Window & Glass Cleaner – For all your windows & mirrors

Oven Cleaner – For all your oven cleaning needs

Furniture Polish – For all your polished wood furniture

Floor Clean – For deep cleaning all floors

Bathroom Shine – For deep cleaning your bathrooms

The property will be left fully disinfected, deodorised and spotless. If you are booking carpet cleaning or carpet shampooing, we will deep clean your carpets with soft eco friendly carpet cleaning products.

How do you do carpet cleaning?

We use a hot water extraction carpet cleaning system. Water will be mixed with an eco friendly carpet cleaner and conditioner, it will be sprayed all over your carpets to soften up dirt and disinfect areas. About 10 min later, we will scrub the surface with special brushes, we will agitate the stains & we will extract all the waste with powerful extractors. Your carpets will feel soft and will smell like fresh and clean. We can remove most types of stains from your carpets but you need to be realistic.

Kitchen cleaning, what do you do in the kitchen?

A standard kitchen cleaning operation will include all surfaces within the kitchen, the tiles, floors + the grout, all worktops will be degreased and disinfected, the microwave will be deep cleaned, the oven (if included) will be deep cleaned, degreased and fully sanitised, the fridge is usually included as standard. All presses will be also cleaned, degreased and disinfected assuming that the presses are empty. We do not touch food or dishes. We do not book kitchen cleaning projects only.

Window cleaning, how is it done?

All the internal windows will be deep cleaned with alcohol based window cleaning products and degreasers. The frame of the window plus all fittings are also included in our standard end of tenancy cleaning. Exterior window cleaning is an extra service that is not included in the basic end of tenancy cleaning package. All external windows will be deep cleaned with a brush system and pure water. There is no risk of glass scratching and the final result is just fantastic. Clean windows will make a great impression on your landlord.

Bathroom cleaning, what gets done

The bathroom is used quite a lot and can build up alot of dirt and grime. The toilet is likely to build up limescale and the tiles and grout is also likely to have built up deposits of body fats, grease, scale, soap residue, etc. Deep cleaning the bathroom is one essential cleaning job. We will use heavy duty bathroom cleaning products from Cleanfast and special grout brushes. We will deep clean the toilet with acidic toilet cleaners and descalers, we will wash all the tiles, we will descale the taps and all bathroom fittings, we will clean the shower head, we will wash all the painted areas and remove mould, if any, and we will sanitise the whole area. Your landlord will have no reason to complain about the bathroom.


Even if there is not a lot of furniture or a lot of stuff around the bedroom area, there can still be a lot of dirt hiding everywhere. We will vacuum the carpet to remove even the finest dust particles, we will deep clean the skirting, we will remove all spider nets, we will disinfect the handles of the doors and the handles of the windows with special disinfectants, we will remove markings from walls and the floors and we will spray odour neutralisers and bactericidal deodorizers. The place will look spotless and it will be nicely perfumed.

Living Room

We spend on average about half of our lives on a couch in the living room. This family room is highly popular with kids, guests, pets, etc. All the traffic is likely to create a lot of dust and a lot of mess. Our end of tenancy cleaning packages focus mostly on the kitchen and living room areas. Those two rooms will get most of our attention.

We will dust and remove all the spider nets from all over the room. We will move the furniture around the room and we will vacuum all hard to reach areas. We will use special furniture polish and wax to restore lost gloss on polished furniture and we will use hard surface cleaners to disinfect the rest of the surfaces. The windows, the frames and all the handles will also get a good scrub. Whatever areas we think should be cleaned, will be cleaned. Our cleaners are highly efficient and they have a special eye for dirt. We will make sure that your landlord has no reason to complain after the job is completed.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Dublin – Our advice

Do not wait until the last minute to book the services of a professional end of tenancy cleaning company. The longer you wait, the bigger the chance of having to pay a premium to be able to book a professional end of tenancy cleaning company. We are available 6 days per week subject to availability. Do not take a chance with your rent deposit. Assess your property in a good time and if you think that the property could do with an end of tenancy cleaning project, call us. Book about 1 week ahead to avoid disappointment. Deal with one of the most highly recommended end of tenancy cleaning companies in Dublin.

Eco End Of Tenancy Cleaning Dublin

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