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Carpet Cleaning Sandyford

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford

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Over the past few years you have used the services of a number of local carpet cleaning companies but even if the service was reasonable, it has totally missed the wow factor. You did not feel that you were dealing with a professional carpet cleaning contractor. Well, time for you to book Carpet Cleaning Sandyford and experience a different type of approach.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – Why Book Us

We started deep cleaning carpets and sofas in early 2007. Initially, we used to deal with small domestic carpet cleaning projects but as we have gained more and more experience, we have invested in commercial carpet cleaning technology as well and now we offer both types of carpet cleaning services. Our approach is different, we are a very friendly eco carpet cleaning company with a great understanding of the whole carpet cleaning process. For us, it is not only about making money but it is also about building relationships. We deal with pretty much the same people for years and the people that have used us once, will recommend us to their friends and families as well. You can book online, over the phone, by text or just call us. We are also capable of tackling challenging carpet cleaning projects and we will find a solution to sort out any issue.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – Hot Water Extraction System

As a carpet owner that has used a number of carpet cleaning contractors over the years, you must be fully aware that there are two types of carpet cleaning technology. Dry carpet cleaning and water extraction carpet cleaning. Each type of carpet cleaning system can provide outstanding results if the specialist is fully trained and if proper carpet cleaning technology is being used. We personally prefer the hot water extraction carpet cleaning system and below we will detail why.

For the extraction carpet cleaning system to work well you need to use professional carpet cleaning shampoos. Pre-sprays, deodorisers & particular spot removers. Also, the operative has to know its trade. Warm water (below 60 degrees) will be mixed up with an eco friendly carpet cleaning shampoo. It will all go inside a large solution tank. From there it will be injected at high speed right inside your carpet fibre. This shampoo in conjunction with hot water will soften up the dirt and it will prepare the carpet for extraction. Using a heavy stainless steel wand, the operator will apply pressure to the carpet while spraying more carpet cleaning solution while extracting dirt at the same time. In the process, the dirt from the carpet gets agitated, then extracted & a new coat of cleaning solution is applied at high pressure. The whole process will stop when the carpet looks spotless and all the dirt has been removed. If there are serious spots on the carpet, a localised spot removal operation will be required. We have a number of spot & stain removing products for most types of carpets and spots.

So we believe that the hot water extraction carpet cleaning service provides a deeper carpet cleaning, it removes more residue and it sanitises better than other types of carpet cleaning systems.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – Can I Afford Carpet Cleaning?

Of course you can. You cannot afford not to clean your carpets at least once per year. A clean carpet can affect the mood in your home or business. A clean carpet will be dust free so less sneezing and less chances of developing dust allergies. A clean carpet will have no visible spots so your home or business will look cared for. A clean carpet will have less hair, less harmful bacteria, less skin flakes and less saliva/urine. A clean carpet will be better ventilated and it will last for longer periods of time. 

Many people still think that deep cleaning a carpet with hot or warm water can have negative results for that particular carpet. That is not the case at all. Maybe a few years back when the carpet cleaning technology was at its “baby” stages, that might have been the case, but right now the technology is just amazing. The latest types of eco friendly carpet cleaning shampoos are very gentle, very effective, powerful antibacterials & great conditioners.

30 euro per bedroom, 45 euro for stairs & landing and 45 euro for a living room looks like very reasonable prices. If you cannot afford a full house carpet cleaning, you can at least wash the areas with more traffic. We have a minimum charge of 50 euro per project regardless of the size of the project.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – How Often Do You Get Your Carpets Washed?

Some people are using their carpets a lot so they are likely to need to deep clean their carpets more often than people that are hardly using their carpeted floors. A family with 3 kids, 2 parents, some type of pet and a lot of in and out the whole day, should have their carpets deep cleaned at least twice per year. A family with carpeted floors in particular areas that are getting little or no traffic at all, should wash their carpets once per year. Most people would ask what is the point of cleaning a carpet that gets no use at all? Well, even if your carpet is not used at all, the carpet will still absorb odours from the air, humidity from the base and dust from everywhere. Rooms with little ventilation and little light can become a great habitat for mites as well. A quick carpet cleaning project will remove dust and disinfect the carpet as well.

Carpet Cleaning Sandyford – A Spillage Has Just Happened

At some point or another, you or someone from your family will spill some liquid on the carpet. People spill drinks, milk, coffee, tea, wine, etc. Also people get sick on the carpet, pets urinate on it and kids drop saliva all over it. It is essential that you don’t start becoming creative at that particular time. Do not use baking soda, vinegar or vacuuming powder on the stain. The stain has to be extracted from your carpet. Use a towel to try to extract as much as you can from the stain while keeping the area wet. Then call Carpet Cleaning Sandyford and let us deal with your stain in a professional way. By adding domestic cooking stuff to the stain you can create permanent damage to your carpet.

Of course you can pay little for carpet cleaning services. Of course you can use anyone from the internet to deal with it. After all, it is just carpet cleaning. Well, that is not the case. First of all you are bringing new people into your home. You want to be comfortable with them and you want to be assured that your home will be left as it is, damage free and not infested with harmful chemicals. For all this to happen you need to call Carpet Cleaning Sandyford. We have been dealing with people like you since 2007 and we will be here many years from now on. We can create amazing package deals to fit all pockets and all customers. We are also happy to provide you with free no obligation estimates for sofa cleaning services in Sandyford, upholstery cleaning services in Sandyford, rug cleaning services in Sandyford and mattress cleaning services in Sandyford.

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