End of tenancy cleaning specialists you can count on

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Specialists You Can Count On

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Specialists You Can Count On

When renting a house, the responsibility of properly maintaining the property rests on your shoulders. This is throughout the occupancy, and the state of the space will be assessed at the end of the lease. The landlord or property manager intends to receive the home in the same state that you found it in when moving in. This entails a thorough end of tenancy cleaning being carried out. Using professionals for the task comes in handy for a wide range of reasons, including:

Securing as much of your deposit as possible

During the inspection, the hawk-eyed landlord will be looking for errors to penalise you on, and chip this away from the security deposit. Simple oversights can be costly, and the space needs to be in top condition. The routine cleaning doesn’t quite cut it, since no doubt there were areas that were missed as the normal house cleaning chores were carried out. At the end of the tenancy, even aspects like the ceilings, under the toilet bowl rim, appliances like the oven and dishwashers, those nooks and crannies in the closets and kitchen cabinets, the grout on the tiles shower walls- they all need to be attended to. A top-to-bottom house cleaning is required, and you want to ensure that it is done to quality standards. By hiring the professional cleaning staff, you get to ensure that nothing is overlooked, that way you get to have your security deposit being returned back to you.

Getting in a good word

Having good references from your previous landlords goes a long way in making it easy to move into new rental properties. Nowadays, more and more landlords are being keen on the people that they let into their buildings, as they want to ensure that the property is well taken care of. Hiring professional end of tenancy cleaning services means that the landlord will not hold back in recommending you as a tenant to other property managers and landlords, making your house-hunting task less of a headache.

In-depth cleaning

Going the DIY route with the end of tenancy cleaning usually results in areas being overlooked. Even when working with friends and family to speed up the process, there are chances of items being ignored, or alternatively the cleaning not being thorough enough. Those stains that refuse to budge under the conventional house cleaning products, outrightly using the wrong chemicals which actually result in further damage to the property- that is not what you want to happen. The moving out process should be seamless, and extra costs cropping up due to damaged walls, floors, appliances or carpeting will dent your budget. This is not a case you want at the end of your lease. Hiring the professionals, who have the skills and equipment needed for the task, will ensure that the proper systems and products are used for the various aspects of the job. Having been in the house cleaning industry for years, our personnel have the experience required to take on the job, and deliver the results to the expected high quality standards in minimal time

Avoid the hassle

Let’s face it: moving can be hectic. First, there is the sorting and purging that is required, as you go through the different rooms in the house deciding what you want to keep, and what you want to get rid of. There are also those items that will need special packaging for the move, and others that may even require insurance coverage. What of the moving company? You’ll need to research on the company that will meet your needs, getting estimates, checking through reviews, and handling the associated logistics. An inventory will be required, to keep track of everything, from the items being packed, to the receipts from the services that are hired during the moving process. Do you have kids? Arrangements need to be made to transfer their school records to the new school that they will be reporting to. The packing itself is also a process, from ordering the boxes, bubble wrap, markers and tape, and getting the items into the boxes, labelling and arranging them. The address itself needs to be switched, which will involve heading to the local post office to effect the changes. There are vital parties that need to be notified of the change in address, including the banks, utility companies, insurance and credit card companies, the HR department in the organization you work in, all through to the newspapers and magazines that you have subscribed to. Medical records require to be transferred to your new healthcare provider, you can get referrals, or simply get copies of them. For the actual moving, the car should be tuned up, especially if you’re relocating to an area with new climate and terrain, and you don’t want nasty surprises on the initial days of settling down.  There is lots that needs to be done, and little time to schedule it all in. Deciding to clean the entire house as well will add to your burden, draining the amount of time and energy that you have. Call in the professional end of tenancy cleaning team to enable you to focus your energy in moving to your new home.

We’re here for you

Our expert end of tenancy cleaning team will take care of the task, delivering quality results without straining your budget. Our personnel have been taken through training, and keep up to date with the latest developments in the house cleaning industry. They will apply the appropriate solutions for the different kinds of surfaces and upholsteries, enabling you to ensure that things are in top condition, ready for the inspection. They are timely, from punctually arriving at the residence, to the amount of time that is taken up for the task itself, in order to avoid any inconveniences. Our pricing structure takes into account the needs of your particular situation, including the number of rooms, types of appliances, factors like carpets and furnishings that need to be worked on, in order to deliver a tailor-made solution that will effectively address your end of tenancy cleaning needs. 

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Specialists You Can Count On

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