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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Dublin

You want to move out, but you’ve got to leave the place clean. The letting agents have stringent cleanliness standards that need to be met in order for you to get your deposit back. Over half of deposit disputes revolve around the state of cleanliness of the premises. The moving experience was already overwhelming without the cleaning being involved. As a tenant, you’re already dealing with the aspect of getting your new place ready, that leaving the old one spotless just adds to the burden. Deep cleaning takes time, and requires plenty of energy unless you have the requisite machinery and expertise. Let our end of tenancy cleaning team take that load off your back. We’re there for you, whether you simply want a full return of your deposit, have a colossal property with many rooms, or too little free time to handle cleaning on your own. You may be unable to reach parts of the property that need to be cleaned, cannot handle harsh cleaning solutions or don’t have access to professional equipment. Let us take care of your end of tenancy cleaning needs for you.

It’s not just about the house. You also want to move with clean belongings. You don’t want to carry dirt and grime on your furniture and appliances. You’re about to get a fresh start, and clean items will enable you to achieve that. The washing agents needed to ensure a thorough clean, especially for tough stains on surfaces, in bathrooms, or getting the gunk out of your oven, sometimes require tough formulations. They need to be used prudently to avoid risk to yourself and the surface itself. There are plenty of products out there, and you don’t want to end up using the wrong cleaning solutions. You can end up damaging the appliances, staining the surfaces, causing material such as carpets and upholstery to colour bleed, corrode floors, or even etch your windows. All result in more liability on your part, causing more dispute, and cutting back on the deposit you’ll receive. It’s your money, and you deserve to have it all back. Avoid the risks. Call in our end of tenancy cleaning experts.

Moving – So Many Things To Do

Moving is hectic. You need to determine what to move with, what to keep. Some things you’ll dispose, others you’ll sell, and there are those you’ll gift to your friends, and that neighbour who you always bumped into every morning as you headed to work. You’ve got to dig through dozens of moving companies, trying to find the most suitable to your needs. Your kids may be going to new schools, and you’ll have to arrange for their records to be transferred. Then there’s getting supplies for the move, from ordering boxes, markers, and items such as bubble wrap and tape. Everything needs to be packed up, from the croquet set and waffle iron, to your fashion ware. You have a long list of things to do- from labelling, separating valuables, changing your postal address, notifying your bank, your employers HR department, brokerage firms, any magazines you subscribe to, plus your credit card and insurance companies, arranging for your medial records to be transferred to your new health care providers, tuning up your car to handle the demands of the journey, or making some changes in case you’re moving to a new climate area, refilling on prescriptions, setting the clothes you’ll wear for the next couple of weeks, all through to taking inventory. All that is awaiting you- strike washing off your list, and let our end of tenancy cleaning team do it for you.

Areas That Need To Be Cleaned

Work surfaces

The end of tenancy cleaning personnel will get rid of the food residue and stains in the countertops and cupboards and drawers. Crumbs and food deposits in the shelves, filth in appliances and the cobwebs built behind the back of the machine units all need to be cleaned off. Some sections are particular grimy hotspots such as the fridge shelves and dishwasher filters.


A lot of meat and produce remnants collect in the sink. As you wash the dishes, plenty of gunk is left behind. The constant availability of moisture fuels the growth of microbes. You want to eliminate the limescale that has built up on the sink surface and taps. There is more faecal bacteria in your kitchen sink than in the toilet after you flush it. The tap handle alone as over an astounding 228,000 bacteria per square inch. The drain itself more than double that, with an over 560,000 bacteria count.


The goal of end of tenancy cleaning is to leave the walls spotless. This involves scrubbing down the surfaces and removing any splatters that may have formed over time.


It needs to be cleaned both internally and externally. You wouldn’t want to be forced to clean someone else’s oven when moving into your new home, and future tenants in the place you’re leaving shouldn’t be forced to do the same. Ovens tend to build up thick layers of dirt and grime, household dust, burnt food deposits and grease. This makes the cleaning job an arduous task. It needs time, effort and tough cleaning agents. Letting agents and landlords usually head straight to the oven when starting the inspection, because that where most tenants go astray.

Bin cleaning

You don’t want to leave behind dirty and slimy bins. They handle a lot of gunk on a daily basis, and will need to be clean and hygienic before the move.


You don’t want to carry a grimy fridge to your new property. Call the end of tenancy cleaners to get rid of all the food deposits and odours emanating from the refrigerator, and leave both its inside and outside spotless.


All those hot baths you’ve been enjoying led to a build-up of dirt in the shower area and walls, and accumulation of scum, hair and other particles in the drain.


It’s been used a lot, and you’ll want to leave it spotless. The end of tenancy cleaning process removes everything from the grease stains and body fat residue, to the urine scale that has formed in the toilet. Even the toilet brushes need cleaning, because they are usually left standing in a container holding bacteria-laden water. The cistern, bowl exterior, and the toilet seat all require special attention. Modern flushes have been designed to effectively and safely eliminate waste, but water conditions in some areas cause limescale to build up. This causes unsightly discolourations in the toilet bowls. Each time the toilet is used and flushed, the mineral deposits continue building up. The end of tenancy cleaning team comes with powerful toilet cleaners and descalers, which return the washroom to its original beauty and shine. They also have odour neutralisers that counter the awful smells emanating from the toilet. Even the flush handle is dirty, especially since people use it immediately they’re done with their business, and before washing their hands.


The bathroom faucet handle clocks over 6200 bacteria per square inch, while the insides of the sink, near the drain, harbours over 2700 bacteria in every square inch of surface. It’s one of the dirtiest sections in the home, and will require thorough cleaning.

Living room

It’s the heart of the home, where everyone gathers to make merry. You relax here every day after work, host guests during your day-offs, hold dinner parties and birthday celebrations, spend quality time with your family in it, and catch up on the prime time news. Those late night snacks you were having as you were binge watching your favourite TV show or snuggling close to your significant other, left behind crumbs of food in the furnishings and upholstery. As your kids hopped on the cushions on the sofa and played around in the carpet, they left dirt within the fibres. In case you have a pet, then there’ll be fur and dander strewn all over. The end of tenancy cleaning services will take care of everything, from the stains on the floors, the grime on your sofas, to the soiling on the curtains. Coffee tables, cabinets, bookshelves, and even the TV set all need to be leaned. Living rooms usually have extensive decoration sets, which require delicate handling. We’ll do it all.


They are in every room of the house. They are the barrier that shields you from the elements. Over time, they build up dirt that causes them to be dull. Dust and particles like cigarette smoke and vehicle exhaust get adhered to the glass surface. They are trapped by the microscopic valleys and ridges on the glass. Insect gunk and bird droppings make the window appear unsightly. The metal that’s around the window’s exterior can deteriorate and get oxidised, which damages the windows, giving them a white, hazy look. In case there is a sprinkler system nearby, and it uses hard water, there could be mineral deposits deposited on the glass surface. As it rains, water passes over screens and gets onto the glass, leaving behind whatever gunk it has picked up on its way. As the water dries, it leaves the window looking all unsightly. And that put’s your security deposit at risk. As a tenant, you don’t want to leave messed up windows that people can barely see through. Someone new will be looking to move in, and will want to enjoy the view outside the property. For landlords, it also increases the value of the property. Potential tenants will take the clean windows to be a sign that the property has been well taken care of. End of tenancy cleaning on the windows enables the light to be let in, brightening up the interior space. This enables you to enhance the ambience of the premises, and get more out of your investment.


You mainly use the bedroom at night, meaning that during the day dust and other contaminants in the air settle snuggly onto the surfaces. At night, as you tuck tight, you shed skin flakes attract dust mites. When you open the curtains in the morning to let the light in, around 80% of the particles you see floating around in the sun beams are skin flakes. Then there are the bed mites that need removal, and general soiling tracked into the bedroom.

Value Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Receive your full security deposit

The end of tenancy cleaning is essential in order to receive a full refund of your security deposit. The inventory checks before moving in and out of a property serve as a benchmarks for the condition of the house. In order to ensure that the full deposit is returned to you, the inventories need to be identical, or the second one better. Our end of tenancy cleaning team goes out of its way to make the latter possible.

Minimise your workload

You’ve got a big move ahead of you. You’re head is occupied with the logistics on planning how to transfer to, and set up, your new home. You’ve got a full bucket of things that require your attention, and adding cleaning to it will just make things pile over. You want your moving to be free of stress and frustrations. Chances of unsatisfactory results due to a DIY job are high, which will just exasperate you further. Free yourself and let our end of tenancy experts deliver the quality finish that is required.

Protect your items

You don’t want to move into your new home with stained carpets or upholstery. You don’t want to carry over mould and mildew in the sofa. Eliminate the stains and prevent fungal growth by hiring end of tenancy cleaning professionals. One of the major mistakes with DIY cleaning jobs is over-wetting the fabric of the furniture, which encourages mould and mildew growth. Avoid the risks by calling in our end of tenancy cleaning experts.

Increase the appeal and value of the property

You want to attract new tenants. The end of tenancy cleaning leaves the house clean and sanitary, which will make it easy to get another tenant. A clean and sparkling interior will generate leads and encourage them to seal the deal on the property. Tenants want to see a property that has been well taken care of. After all, that’s where they’ll be living. The clean windows enhance the curb appeal of the property, drawing in prospective buyers and tenants. In addition to making renting out to the tenants easier, the end of tenancy cleaning helps you to justify your monthly rental premium and sets the right precedence for your new tenants. It will show them to treat the property with respect, and keep it clean and tidy throughout their occupancy. It sets a benchmark for the incoming tenants to see how the property should be returned at the end of the lease.

Protect your investment

In case you’re renting out a fully furnished property, you’ll want the items to be in top condition. Dirt and stains will ruin their appeal. Any food residue left over will attract pests like insets and rodents. These leave behind droppings that are corrosive and can damage the fibres of your sofa, or carpets. Some of the (like mice) come with sharp teeth and claws, which they use to dig through the fibres of the material and pry out that caked on food. In case they form nests in the building, the danger amplifies. Numerous houses have been burned down because a couple of rodents went nibbling through electrical wires. They also damage the floors, walls and cabinets in the property. You also don’t want to be in the middle of showing the property to prospective tenants, only for a rat to scurry across the floor. That will damage the image of the property, and cut down the chances of the individuals moving into the house. Calling in professional end of tenancy cleaning personnel will get rid of the source of problem. You also don’t want your curtains losing their beauty due to accumulation of dust and contaminants like cigarette smoke particles.

New Tenants

Have you just got a new home? Are you preparing to move in or have you just settled into the house? Do you want to spruce things up? Let the end of tenancy cleaning professionals come in and get you off to a great start in your new home. Yes, our end of tenancy cleaning can also be applied at the beginning. Spruce up your living room. Get rid the layers of dust that had built up over the surfaces during the period the house was unoccupied. Prepare the bathrooms and kitchen areas. Let the windows sparkle, and enjoy the view outside the building. It’s not just about the aesthetics and improving the ambience of the house. Even your health is on the line. Contaminants include:


Decaying food stuff left behind after open houses, spills on your own furniture, to pathogens left on surfaces by coughing or sneezing visitors who were viewing the property. Some bacteria live for just a couple of hours, while others can survive for weeks. You don’t want to start a new life by dealing with infections. The end of tenancy cleaning team will sanitise the premises and enhance the hygiene of the establishment.

Mould and mildew

Damp surfaces left in the home by the previous tenants, or excess moisture that seeped into the building via the vents or leaky windows, can cause fungi such as mould and mildew to grow. Even the furniture you’re moving in with may have the fungal growths, due to spills that were allowed to stay on for too long, or exposure to moisture when it was en route to the new home. The mould and mildew cause unsightly stains and gunky smells. You don’t want to start living in a home with green, yellow, brown or black spots all over. The spores released by the fungi cause allergic reactions and exacerbate respiratory problems such as chronic lung conditions like obstructive lung disease. The fungi also release mycotoxins which can cause anything from liver damage and cancer, to damage of the central nervous system. Get rid of the fungal growths by calling in our end of tenancy cleaning personnel.

Dust mites

They are all over, and feed off the skin flakes left behind by the previous tenants occupying the home, and even the visitors during the open houses. The faecal material they leave behind, coupled with their cast skin, can get onto your skin and irritate it. This worsens conditions couch as hives and eczema. The microscopic residue can get airborne, and inhaled, making its way into your respiratory system. This will trigger allergic reactions. These problems are caused by the proteins in the residue of the dust mites. When they are breathed in or they get into contact with your skin, your body responds by releasing antibodies, which produce histamines. This will cause the swelling and reddening that’s typically associated with allergies. Persons in the premises may experience itchiness, coughing and sneezing, breathing problems, and get watery eyes and runny noses. Call in the end of tenancy cleaning personnel to eliminate the dust mites.

Benefits Of Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning

1. High quality service

You want quality results. We have invested heavily in top-of-the-range end of tenancy cleaning equipment to do a thorough and efficient job. We’ve got the tools needed for the diverse cleaning applications, from scrubbing down your shower walls to extracting the dirt and grime in the carpets and upholstery. Our team uses superior end of tenancy cleaning solutions that remove the grease and baked-on grime in your extractor and oven in the kitchen, to the lime scale in your sinks and drains. The tough-acting products get rid of the greasy residue from oil splatters on kitchen walls or food spills in your carpet, and break down the stubborn stains from beverage spills like wine, juice and coffee, to urine stains from your furry friend. The surfaces are left free of residue, preventing premature resoiling. This holds down the property long enough for the inspection to be completed.

2. All round services

The end of tenancy cleaning personnel take care of everything, from cleaning the floors and walls of rooms, to the sinks and washrooms. For a furnished property, they will clean the upholstery and furniture. Even carpets are on the end of tenancy cleaning list. Our team will clean, descale and polish your shower screen, bath tub, taps, and fittings, leave the mirrors sparkling, mop and sanitise the floors. Your entire property will be dusted, from the light switches, skirting boards, curtain rails, wall pictures, dado rails, spindles and bannisters, all through to the fire surrounds. The windows will be cleaned both internally and externally, including the window sills. Carpets, mattresses, and wardrobes in your bedrooms are all covered. Work surfaces in the kitchen, the dishwasher, oven extractor, and even the bins will be given a thorough wash.

3. Sanitises the house

End of tenancy cleaning is not just about getting rid of the unsightly stains and grime that is irking you. We also disinfect the surfaces and enable you to leave behind a healthier establishment. Bacteria have a high reproduction rate. They multiply rapidly, with single cell becoming over 8 million in less than a day. That’s why people develop symptoms of infection so soon after contracting the illness. They are everywhere in the home, from the door knobs and toilet seats to the kitchen sinks, bathroom taps and handles. Those frequently touched surfaces during the open houses as the landlord was showing off the building to prospective tenants, and pathogens left all over by a household member who was ill before moving out, plus the microbes carried into the building by insets scurrying about the empty house, will all need to be eliminated. The cleaning process and disinfecting go hand in hand, in order to create a healthy environment.

The end of tenancy cleaning team employs products and processes that sanitise the surfaces and furniture in the home. For instance, disinfectants with bactericidal properties are effective against a plethora of pathogens, from Campylobacter jejunii, E. coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and Shigella sonnei, to Enterococcus hirae, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. These cause everything from food poisoning and dysentery, to skin, wound, burn, and urinary tract infections. Processes like hot water extraction use high heat levels which kill the microbes on impact. These also includes and dust mites, fleas and insects that may be hiding out in the carpets’ fibres and furniture cushions. This ensures that the new tenant is getting a healthy abode.

4. Verified professionals

Our end of tenancy cleaning experts are fully trained, and come with years of experience. They know the right products and amounts of solution to use for the various surfaces and fabrics around your home. They’ll be tough on the dirt and stains, but gentle on the material being cleaned. Our wide customer base, plus the numerous reviews, ratings and recommendations are testament to the quality of services we deliver.

5. Timely services

The machinery used ensures that the end of tenancy cleaning job is done as quickly as possible, and to a consistent high standard. In addition, the drying time is fast, allowing you to proceed on with your activities as planned. Whether you made your booking weeks before hand, or you want end of tenancy cleaning services on short notice, we’ll be there.

6. Eco-friendly services

We live in a world where the environment has to be prioritized, if we want to pass down a great biodiversity to future generations. Our end of tenancy cleaning team uses products that are safe for Mother Nature. The entire process from the set-up, to the treatment and waste disposal is done in a professional manner with regards to safety regulations. You get to simultaneously have a clean and hygienic property, and reduce your green footprint.

7. Save your time and energy

There’s plenty of work that needs to be done. Kitchen cupboards and shelves need to be spotless. There should be no dirt or grime in the dishwasher or oven. There are cobwebs in almost every hidden spot, corner, and behind machines in the home. Bookshelves, cabinets and upholstery need thorough cleaning. Tiles, sinks, baths, mirrors, and even the toilet all needs to be scrubbed. The drains should be clear of debris, and mould, limescale build-up and soap scum should be eliminated from the bathtub, faucets and drain gates. There could be limescale plugging some holes in the shower head, and that too will have to be removed. Scuff and dirt marks on walls, windows in your home, some too high too reached, require special attention. The furniture should be pristine- no hair, fur, stains or odours should be seen or emanate from it- especially if you have kids and pets, or if someone in the house was smoking. Stairs and hallways handle a lot of traffic, and build up lots of grime.

Your mind is preoccupied with boxing up your items, sorting through your stuff to determine if you’ve packed everything up, researching moving companies, calling up your relatives to inform them of the move, changing your address for the mail delivery, scheduling or transfer cancellation of your utilities, such as gas, electricity and the internet or cable service, and making arrangements with the garbage disposal crew. You can even be holding a yard sale to dispose off items you don’t need, and make a little extra money for the move. Using professional end of tenancy cleaners will take the pressure off you and ensure that the job is completed to a very high standard.

8. Friendly customer services

You can reach us at any time via phone or online. Our staff is always ready to listen to you and address your needs. Our end of tenancy cleaning team ensures that you understand the process, from where and what, to how exactly it will be carried out. They will answer all your concerns and queries, and ensure that you are satisfied.

9. Affordable pricing

We have structured our end of tenancy cleaning pricing to be able to fit in your budget. You can select the services that you need, and we’ll deliver satisfactory outcome at a cost-friendly price, without compromising on the quality of the results. There are no hidden charges.

Get in touch with us today and book your end of tenancy cleaning appointment.

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