End of tenancy cleaning – cleaning up before the move

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End of tenancy cleaning - cleaning up before the move

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Cleaning Up Before The Move

A thorough end of tenancy cleaning is required before you can win back your full security deposit. In fact, most deposit disagreements revolve around the cleanliness state of the residence before tenants move out. Landlords require that you hand over the property in the condition in which you found it, without the dirt and stains dotting the various surfaces, and odours permeating through the interior space. Taking some time to ensure that a quality job has been done will ensure that it is ready for the inspection. While the landlord cannot force you to go with a particular service, hiring the proven professionals is highly recommended. Taking on the task as a DIY job leaves lots of room for error. Mistakes made can result in anything from unsatisfactory results, all through to property damage which will cost you more to make repairs.

Then there is the aspect of the limited time. Moving out is a hectic process. There’s a lot that demands your attention, from the packing itself and handling the logistics of the process, including narrowing down to a moving company that meets your particular needs, to issues like dealing with utilities and bills, handing the change of address for the magazine subscriptions that get sent over, scouting for new schools for your kids, following through with the transfer of your medical files to doctors, dentists and opticians in your new area of residence, organising yard sales for those who want to sell off some of their items and make some extra money to ease the expenses involved- adding the end of tenancy cleaning to all that will strain you further. Renting out the equipment needed for the task, from auto scrubbers to hot water extraction units, increases the dent in your wallet. Speaking of which, the units that are available from the departmental stores come with a reduced capacity compared to the machinery employed by the professional end of tenancy cleaning company. In order to make the units more portable, their component parts have their size and weights reduced. While this lets them fit in the back of your family car, it cuts down on the power and effectiveness of the systems. This is as opposed to the industrial-grade truck-mounted units that the professionals use. To get quality results for commercial cleaning in a fraction of the time, and without much hustle on your part, simply dial up the experts to take the burden off your back.

Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

Going room by room, different areas need to be attended to. Take the kitchen for instance. The cupboards and shelves are worked on, cleaning both inside and out and getting rid of the grime in the nooks and crannies. The appliances are taken care of too. These are the likes of the dishwasher and the refrigerator. Components from the soap tray and dishwasher filter, to the fridge trays, racks plus the cabinets are given a thorough wash, using safe cleaning agents. The oven is in its own league, due to the thick deposits of grime in it, the dust that coats its surface, plus the grease and food deposits that get burnt onto its interior walls.  Cleaning requires tough acting cleaning agents, and lots of manpower. This cannot be avoided, seeing that it will be on top of the list of things that your landlord checks the moment they step into the kitchen. The hob, burners, racks, baking trays, all through to the switches and handles- they are not left out as part of the end of tenancy cleaning.

In the living room, areas like the cabinets, bookshelves, the cupboards, walls and even ceiling are taken care of. From the stains that are on the hard floor to the cobwebs that have been woven on the ceiling corners, our expert end of tenancy cleaning crew handles them all. Those dirt spots that are dulling the surface, the grime that has ruined the appeal of the upholstery, all through to the stains on the carpets, are got rid of as part of the process, and you can rest assured that the property is in safe hands. For the fully furnished residential spaces, where there are even sofas that need to be cleaned, don’t fret- we’ve cog you covered. Our crew have the skill and experience needed to apply the appropriate cleaning agents that get rid of the grime and odours without putting the structures at risk.

The bathroom also needs specialised care. From the sink and bath, the tiles and grout, all through to the mirror and porcelain throne, different products and tools are used for the cleaning. The plug holes are also checked to ensure that there are no blockages, and that the water run-off is seamless. The faucets, shower heads, and drain grates are not left behind. The soap scum building up on the walls, the limescale in the sink to the urine scale in the toilet bowl are washed off using highly effective formulations. This is done while adhering to safety measures that will protect the persons on the property as the cleaning is being carried out.

What of the windows? They are key for the first impression that the property makes, hence the focus on ensuring that they are elegant. You’re moving out, but your landlord is in business and wants new tenants to moving in after you. Curb appeal is a huge factor in winning them over. The tenancy agreement also stipulates that they should be in the condition that you found them in when you yourself checked into the house.  As such, the cleaning is carried out on both the exterior and interior surfaces. Here, relying on professional services also enables you to avoid issues like etching the panes or using the wrong chemicals which would have corroded the frames.

Affordable End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

All this is done without straining your budget for the move. Our pricing structure is tailored to account for your particular situation. Issues such as the rooms being worked on, appliances like the dishwashers and ovens, cases of carpet cleaning and even the level of soiling and type of staining involved are taken into account when setting the final quote. There won’t be hidden costs that will crop up. Added to the peace of mind that comes knowing that you will get quality results at the end of the process, bringing the end of tenancy cleaning professionals on board goes a long way in easing the operations associated with the moving.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Cleaning Up Before The Move

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