Detailed once off cleaning services for you

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Detailed once off cleaning services for you

Detailed Once Off Cleaning Services For You

Is it time to give your home a top-to-bottom clean? Are you looking for spring cleaning services to give your residence a fresh start? Perhaps you’ve just had a huge party that left things in tatters, with stains all over- or you’re in the process of preparing for one, and you want your guests to find things in top condition. It may simply have been so long since your house received a thorough scrub, and you want to revitalise it. Whichever the case, our once off cleaning services are here for you. They cover:

The kitchen

Being the busiest room in the house, it’s bound to horde loads of grime. Those are meat and poultry products being handled on the countertops, the grease splatters from the cooking units, the caked on deposits within the oven, remove and clean stains on the floor, deposits building up in the sink drain and increasing the chances of clogging-different areas needed to be attended to. It’s not just the unsightly nature of the grime that is an issue. You want to prepare your meals in a sanitary area. Surfaces contaminated with bacteria like E. coli from the raw meat, or vibrio bacteria from seafood like oysters and clams, to the Sheila, Salmonella, and Campylobacter from poultry products like chicken or turkey need to be disinfected, otherwise the pathogens will end up getting transferred to dishes, fruit and meals that are ready to be served.

Bathroom cleaning

All that body waste that’s handled in the bathroom makes it a grime haven. From the limescale deposits in the toilet bowl and showerheads, soap scum streaking the walls and floors of the shower, slime on the grout, to bacteria crawling around the taps and fittings- a thorough wash is needed. The shed skin, hair particles, deposits from body oils, sweat and other material washed off during showers may be left behind on the floor, piling onto the gunk. The decaying organic matter causes odours to develop. The once off cleaning surfaces give the bathroom surfaces an intensive wash, to restore the fresh look and feel.

Living areas – Detailed Once Off Cleaning Services For You

With all that time spent in it, relaxing with your family, hosting relatives, hanging out with your buddies, wooing your date, some alone-time curled up with your novel, the furniture, carpets, floor, draperies and upholstery gradually build up grime. Food and drink spills, skin flakes shed by the persons in the room, dander from your furry friend- plus the soiling it brings in from the outdoors, the crayon doodles that your kids make on the walls as they test our their artistry skills, the occasional cobweb on the ceiling corner- the once off cleaning processes used get rid of them all. Those stains that have riddled your carpet and the odours emanating from your favourite sofa are all dealt with, restoring the elegance to your living room with and end of tenancy clean.


Dust and other allergens in your bedroom causing you to keep coughing and sneezing through the night, soiling on the windows and loveseats, to the lights, chandeliers and bed frames, the faecal residue from the insects coming to feed on the food crumbs left behind from the breakfast-in-bed, or that midnight snack that your kids carried with them into the bedroom, fur and dander for those whose pets know no boundaries- the grime needs to be got rid of. The once off cleaning processes cover the various sectors of the bedrooms, enabling your family member to enjoy relaxing nights of sleep.

Exterior surfaces – Detailed Once Off Cleaning Services For You

These are the likes of the windows, patio, and even cases where you want power washing for your roofing, walls, and out on the driveway. These surfaces are constantly exposed to the elements, and hence accumulate dirt and grime at a faster rate. Take the windows for instance. They build up layers of dust, there’s the gunk from the insects crawling all over it, plus the faecal waste of the occasional birds that perch on the sills. Those with metal frames may have corrosion effects that get to the glass. Pollution from the environment, be it the exhaust fumes from vehicles wheezing past on the nearby road, to acid rain that leave behind mineral deposits on the glass, they ruin the beauty of the windows, and the curb appeal of the entire residence. These exterior surfaces are included as part of the once off cleaning program, enabling you to ensure that your house receives all-round care.

Detailed Once Off Cleaning Services For You

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I’m very pleased with Dublin House Cleaning, very reliable and they have excellent customer service. Thank you to Tina for helping get me booked in at the start. They’ve taken a huge stress off my mind.

Nadia Brooke, Santry

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My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the cleaning we received from Laura and Bianca. They scrubbed our entire home from floor to ceiling. I was most impressed with the incredible job they did on our oven.

Michael and Kate Lawlor, Rathmines

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