Apartment Cleaning Lucan

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Apartment Cleaning Lucan

Apartment Cleaning Lucan

Many people think that hiring a professional apartment cleaning company is a very expensive experience. Our company gets most of its work from repeat customers or referrals so we are pretty sure that our services are very affordable. Even if you decide to deep clean your own apartment, you will need a lot of time, tools & chemicals. To deep clean a 3 bed apartment in full, a domestic person will need up to 10 hours. We can do the same job in less than 5 hours. Next time when you need apartment cleaning done, please let us quote for your project. After all, all our apartment cleaning estimates are free of charge.

Many people want to know how long does it take to clean a property. Our estimate is somewhere around 5 hours but the time required could go right up if the property is huge, dirty and hard to clean. Deep cleaning carpets, sofas, polishing floors, treating mould and infections, can take time. A standard apartment cleaning job, average condition & size, it should take around 5 hours.

Even more people want to know how many cleaners per job. We are a professional apartment cleaning company and we have to finish your place fast so we can start another one. We will use as many cleaners as needed. The number of cleaners per property is not relevant at all but the quality of the cleaners used makes all the difference. Dublin House Cleaning employs fully trained apartment cleaners only. We train our cleaners and only the best of the best will end up in your property. We can use up to 3 cleaners per property.

How much does it cost? Time is money so more service you pick to get done, more it will cost. Our minimum price for apartment cleaning is 130€ for 1 bed property. If you need the cooker done as well, the price will go up to 150€. If you need your carpets shampooed and all your external windows done as well, the price will go up to 180€. If you go for a full apartment cleaning package, you will save up to 40%.

Our apartment cleaning services:

Once Off Apartment Cleaning Lucan

End Of Tenancy Apartment Cleaning Lucan

After Renovation Apartment Cleaning Lucan

After Flood Apartment Cleaning Lucan

After Fire Apartment Cleaning Lucan

After Infestation Apartment Cleaning Lucan


Our company can sort out cleaning issues between landlords and tenants. We will drop around and we will make sure that the property is presented in the best possible condition.

Call us now and tell us more about your apartment cleaning project.

Apartment Cleaning Lucan – professional apartment cleaning services for less!

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