Apartment Cleaning Knocklyon

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Apartment Cleaning Knocklyon

Apartment Cleaning Knocklyon

We know that you love cleaning your home, but if you ever need help with your apartment cleaning, please call Dublin House Cleaning. Our company is fast, reliable and pretty affordable. You can book our services online and you can also pay online. We are highly popular with the rental market and the domestic market. Hundreds of domestic customers are booking our apartment cleaning services once or twice per year, before some important dates.

Our company has a very strict “green” policy and we can guarantee you that all our cleaning products are eco friendly and safe to use around kids, pets and pregnant woman. Bactericidal deodorisers will be used after each job, to make sure that all the bad odour are neutralised. If you require more information about our cleaning products, please visit www.cleanfast.ie

Our standard apartment cleaning job should take around 5 hours more or less. Some apartments that are in a very bad condition might take a bit longer. We will use up to 3 cleaners per job but the amount of cleaners required will be decided on the spot after a site inspection.

Dublin House Cleaning is not a budget apartment cleaning company. We employ top of the range house cleaners and we use high quality materials. VAT and all the equipment required for the clean are included in the price. Our apartment cleaning prices start from as little as 130€ for 1 bed property. We can provide you with prices for light apartment cleaning services or deep apartment cleaning services. Not all the apartments are in the same condition and not all the apartments need to be cleaned to the same level. More products you pick, cheaper the final price.

Here is a long list of our apartment cleaning services:

End Of Tenancy Apartment Cleaning Knocklyon

Once Off Apartment Cleaning Knocklyon

After Fire Apartment Cleaning Knocklyon

After Flood Apartment Cleaning Knocklyon

After Renovation Apartment Cleaning Knocklyon

After Infestation Apartment Cleaning Knocklyon

Apartment Cleaning Knocklyon

Apartment Cleaners Knocklyon

Our end of tenancy cleaning services are in big demand with the rental market. We work with most major estate agents and hundreds of landlords and tenants. We will make sure that your property is presented in the best possible condition.

Are you a busy person with little time to spare? We can collect and drop back your keys. Free of charge.

Call us now and tell us more about your apartment cleaning project. We can work with any budget and we can adapt to any special request.

Apartment Cleaning Knocklyon – professional apartment cleaning services for less!

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