Quality end of tenancy cleaning services for you

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Quality End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services For You

Quality End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services For You

Are you a realtor or letting agent? Perhaps you’re a landlord directly involved in the management of the property, where you deal with the tenants and the property issues in person. Whichever the case, maintaining the house in proper condition is key to the success of your real estate business. This includes ensuring that the place is given a thorough cleaning whenever tenants are vacating the premises. 

Taking care of the landlord’s needs

That period between when a tenant is moving out and when the next one is coming in is a busy one for landlords and property managers. The residential space needs to be prepared for the open houses, to showcase the space to prospective tenants, there’s lots of paperwork for the old and new tenant, security deposit issues that need to be handled, credit and reference checks for the new tenants, while still trying to minimise the amount of time that the space remains empty- it’s a business after all, and you’re in it to make profits. 

During the moving out process, how clean has the property been left? Has the tenant done a good job? If the task was done as a DIY, chances are there are areas that were missed, stains and dirt spots that were left behind because they were “too difficult to remove”, and there have been situations reported where gunk is left in appliances like ovens, and odours emanating from the hidden grime. The tenant who is moving out properly focuses on just doing an adequate job, and not to the high-quality standards that would enable you to attract new tenants. Then there are those troublesome tenants who flee the property in the middle of the night, leaving the place in a mess. For them, the security deposit is not worth the hassle, and they’d rather just leave you to sort the mess that is in the house. Whichever the case, the property needs a thorough end of tenancy cleaning, since it is the very survival of your business that is on the line.

Importance Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services For Landlords

There is a wide range of benefits of turning to the professionals for the task. These include:

Increasing the appeal of the space – Quality End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services For You

With real estate, image is everything. When prospective tenants come to view the property, you want them to be impressed. It’s a competitive market, and issues like stains riddling the surfaces, walls and floors dulled by soiling, smudges on the windows, and odours in the kitchens and washrooms will turn them off, sending them right into the arms of your competition. They picture themselves living in the space, and you want them to have a positive perception of the property. In fact, when there are signs of deterioration, they begin questioning how the rest of the structures of the building are- the ones that are not within the immediate line of sight. Worries of moving in and starting to deal with damaged plumbing systems, faulty wiring, insect and rodent infestations begin cropping up. This is not the sight that you want greeting them when they walk into the space. You also don’t want the tenants having the opinion that you don’t care about the property, and can’t be trusted. On the flip side, having a properly maintained property attracts quality tenants, and they are even willing to pay a higher premium for the space, giving it more value, and earning you more profit. 

Sets standards to be maintained

“If the landlord doesn’t care, why should I?” Such thoughts running through the minds of your tenant can bring you losses from property damage in the long run.   When the tenant finds the place is soiled and in messy, they won’t have an incentive to improve on the condition of the place- perhaps only tidying it up to a level that they will find just comfortable to survive in. You want to send the right message. Presenting your tenants with a clean and sparkling property shows them the level that they need to keep. This also comes in when you’re signing the lease agreement, stipulating how you will require the property to be handed back to you at the end of the tenancy.

Protect your property

This is core to the end of tenancy cleaning. Deep cleaning protects the house from the damage that is attributed to dirt and grime, from structures wearing down, glass panes getting etched and the natural stones dulling or spalling over time, the finish getting dilapidated, all through to cases where the grime attracts insects and rodents, and the resultant infestation wreaking havoc on the property. No one wants the electrical wiring of the house getting chewed off by mice that have found shelter and food hidden in the nooks and crannies of the kitchen cabinets after the tenant moves out. In addition, the end of tenancy cleaning prepares the house for inventory, as you take pictures of the walls, carpets, fixtures and fittings, the appliances including the inside of the fridge and oven- which comes in handy when proving your case should there be disputes in future.

Turn to the Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Team

Our crew have been taking care of diverse house cleaning needs over the years, and can handle the end of tenancy cleaning task for your property. They have the skills required for the task, applying the appropriate products and systems for the operation, that will get the place in optimal condition in moments. State-of-the-art equipment, coupled with a proficiently-trained team, ensures that you get quality results each time. Our rates are affordable, taking into account the factors that are particular your situation. What’s more, we are fully licensed and insured. The coverage caters to your property, our crew plus the equipment that is used or the task. This gives you the peace of mind that you’re safe from any liabilities in case of an unfortunate incidence. These are prevented by our personnel putting in place the required safety measures while carrying out the end of tenancy cleaning. 

Quality End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services For You

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