Make your moving out easier with expert end of tenancy cleaning

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Make Your Moving Out Easier With Expert End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Make Your Moving Out Easier With Expert End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Moving out comes with its fair share of joys and debacles. From the excitement of starting a new life in a new place, the hugs and tears as you bid your neighbours and friends goodbye, to the workload that’s involved with the travel logistics and end of tenancy cleaning – it’s a busy time. Fortunately, turning to professional cleaning services will give you one less thing to worry about. That way, you can carry on with the rest of the relocation arrangements without struggling with the gunk that built up on the different surfaces and appliances over time. 

Your security deposit is also on the line. Before moving into the home, you signed a tenancy agreement that stipulated the condition in which the property should be when handing it back to the landlord. This is usually one of the main bones of contention when it comes to tenant/landlord disputes at the end of the tenancy. The tenant, being in a hurry to move, usually doesn’t carry out a thorough clean, leaving patches of stains and grime spots in the house, and the landlord – looking to ensure that the premises is ready for new tenants to move in, will be really keen on the condition of the different rooms. As per the tenancy agreement, the landlord will be in their right to withhold a portion – or the whole – of the security deposit to cater to any cleaning arrangements and repairs that will need to be carried out courtesy of your stay in the premises. Engaging in these disputes can be exasperating, and even take away from the joy of moving to a different place. Leaving the end of tenancy cleaning to the professionals will ensure that the task is carried out to high quality standards. This is for your peace of mind as well, since the firms come in with the equipment and personnel needed for the task, allowing them to carry out a top-to-bottom clean faster, preventing disruption to your moving out plans. We provide end of tenancy cleaning services to clients across the board, to make the moving process a breeze. 

The Cleaning Process

The end of tenancy cleaning services are tailored to the particular situation. From detailed cleaning of the rooms’ walls, floors, cabinets and countertops, appliance care like when you want the refrigerators worked on, all through to polishing surfaces including hardwood installations and chrome fixtures. A discussion with our personnel will work up a plan for your particular residence, and the amount of work involved. 

The amount of resources that go into the cleaning will depend on the condition of the house. If there have been routine cleaning sessions, then there will be a required amount of grime and stains that need to be attended to, thus fewer resources. However there are cases where heavy cleaning measures are needed, such as when there is excessive grease that has been caked onto the different surfaces in the home, and even situations where mould and mildew has started developing. 

It is recommended that items be removed from the house before the cleaning service is carried out. An empty house will be much faster to work on. However, if the furniture is still present in the residence, then the end of tenancy cleaning will be carried out around them. Speaking of which you can choose to have upholstery cleaning as part of the schedule, that way the sofas and furniture sets in the home can be given a thorough wash before you move out of the house, so you won’t be carrying the gunk with you to your new home. 

All-Inclusive End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Our cleaning services cover the different sections on the house, including:

Kitchen area

We will give the countertops a thorough scrub, getting rid of those stains and dried up residue that are riddling the surface, using processes that are safe for the particular type of countertop, be it ceramic tiles or natural stone surfaces. The sinks are cleaned and the chrome polished to restore that shine, and even the refrigerator component parts taken out to be washed. 

Need the oven included in the end of tenancy cleaning services? We’ve got you covered. This kitchen workhorse accumulates loads of grease on its surfaces, which even get baked onto it over time. Our end of tenancy cleaning team will give your oven a thorough scrub, in a fraction of time than you would have taken had you gone the DIY route. The microwave is cleaned inside and out, removing these splatters that are on its surface. Cabinets are not left behind, with both their exterior and interior surfaces being cleaned. Drawers are pulled out to ensure that even those hidden sections are worked on.

Door frames, light fixtures, baseboards, those ceiling corners – nothing is ignored. A top-to-bottom clean will restore the elegance to the kitchen, that way you won’t be feeling edgy as the landlord carries out the inspection. 

Bathroom cleaning

The last thing that new tenants want to see as they get into the house is traces of the previous occupants all over the bathroom – meaning that the landlord or property manager will be particularly keen when inspecting the bathroom. Our hawk-eyed cleaning crew will pick out those spots that are usually overlooked during DIY projects, delivering a thorough wash without putting the structural integrity of the surfaces being worked on at risk. The soap scum deposits, mounds of grime covering the bathroom surfaces – these all need to be got rid of. Our team will work on those tiled walls and porcelain tubs, scrub down the shower doors and polish the surfaces, clean the vanity and sink, and even clear the drain and disinfect the faucets. Those mirrors and chrome fixtures are worked on, bringing back the sparkle to the kitchen. 

Cleaning Living and Sleeping Areas

From the living rooms to the guest and bedrooms, these are the areas where we spend most of our time. Hanging out with family, relaxing after a tough day at work, binge watching those TV shows and having those steamy nights with your significant other – it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are mounds of soiling and patches of stains all over. Kids spilling their yoghurt and milk, those tea and coffee stains that mess up the surfaces, wine glasses getting knocked over and those vomit incidents when you have a wild night with friends and family downing more beer than they can hold in, pet urine stains that have left unsightly patches on the floor – in-depth cleaning is needed to restore normalcy to the space. With their broad experience, our end of tenancy cleaning crew will be sure to use products and processes that will be suitable for the particular fabric material or hard surface being worked on, removing the grime without posing a risk to the unit. From upholstery cleaning, sanitising frequently touched surfaces, to giving the walls and floors a thorough scrub – we have the equipment needed to carry out the job. 

Carpet Care

We also tend to carpets as part of the end of tenancy cleaning. These are core aspects of the household’s furnishings, and hoard loads of grime over time. The fibres trap the gunk that is at the bottom of people’s shoes as they walk on it, trap the fur and dander from pets like cats and dogs rolling around on the lush fibres, soak in those beverage spills which leads to unsightly stains being created, and are a germ haven – given the copious amounts of decaying organic matter being broken down by bacteria within the carpet. Speaking of which, all that decaying residue causes odours to develop, which will reek up the place. Whether you rented a fully furnished residence and need the units worked on as part of the end of tenancy cleaning, or want to have your carpet washed before you move out to a different residence and avoid carrying the grime with you, our team has got you covered. We are well versed with the different types of carpets, applying cleaning methods that will get the task done without corroding the fibres of the material, or causing the stains to be more permanently adhered to the unit. Powerful processes like hot water extraction, where a mixture of heated water and cleaning solutions is pumped into the carpet at high pressure flushes out the grime that is buried within the material, leaving the carpet truly clean. What about the drying time you ask? Well, the high capacity suction systems that are used as part of the drying process will remove the bulk of the moisture – so much in fact that the carpet is just left slightly damp to the touch – and will have dried off within the same afternoon that it has been worked on. That way you don’t have to worry about your moving out schedule being delayed by a carpet that takes days to dry, or bring issues of mould and mildew growing in the carpet. 

Window Cleaning

Over time, the glass panes, window sills and ledges accumulate grime – and this will need to be got rid of during the end of tenancy cleaning services. Those layers of dust that are coating the glass surface, the insect smudges that are strewn all over the window – they will be quickly noticed even before the rest of the house is inspected. Windows are essentially the ‘eyes into the home’, and when they are covered in grime due to weeks or months of neglect, it will not escape the attention of the landlord inspecting the property. When it comes to cleaning them, the matter is delicate, given that any mistake can etch or scratch the glass, corrode the window frames or damage the seals, which will put you at risk of paying costs that will be needed to repair the windows. What’s more, as you prepare to move out of the house, you don’t really have all that extra time to haggle around with the cleaning equipment – which is even more difficult when working on the windows on upper floors. Moving around with ladders, climbing up and down rungs carrying the washers and squeegees – these are not risks you want to take. Fall accidents are some of the most common causes of injuries in the window cleaning industry, and you don’t want to get in one during the end of tenancy cleaning. 

With our services, you won’t have to worry about risks to the property or to your family. Our end of tenancy cleaning team will give the windows a thorough wash, using safe and effective processes, without leaving behind any residue or streaks on the surface. Processes like using ultra-pure water for the cleaning, which is pumped up telescopic poles, get the task done with minimal risk. The cleaning power of the ultra-purified water causes it to “pull” the soiling and residue from the glass surface, with the effectiveness of the process being further enhanced by the soft-bristled brushes that are at the top of the water-fed poles. The extensive reach of these poles allows our end of tenancy cleaning crew to work on even those highly placed windows from the safety of the ground, which has the welcome befit of cutting down the amount of time taken to work on the property. 

Need A Move-In Clean?

On the other end of the spectrum are those looking to giving their homes a thorough wash before they move in. Whether it is to remove grime that could have been left behind by the previous occupants of the space, or the desire to start off your new life with a fresh and sparkling home, a deep cleaning will get the task done. The systems used for the end of tenancy cleaning are applicable to those who need a move-in clean as well, with the services catering to both apartments and houses. Simply get in touch with our personnel to discuss your desired package, book a session, then sit back as we get the new place ready for you to begin your new journey. 

Make Your Moving Out Easier With Expert End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

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