Get your end of tenancy cleaning done right

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Get your end of tenancy cleaning done right

Get your end of tenancy cleaning done right

Just what needs to be cleaned before you get your security deposit back? Here is a look at what lies ahead before you can clear with your landlord and move out to your new residence:

Working on the bathroom

How clean is the bathroom? Those numerous showers taken by family and friends, to the frequent usage that that toilet handles, limescale in the sinks, all through to the gunk in the grout- a quality clean is needed to restore the sparkle to the bathroom. Limescale and urine scale deposits are unsightly and easily noticeable. In fact, they stand out against the tiled backdrop, screaming for attention. They will not be missed by the hawk-eyed landlord or letting agent as they inspect the property. Incorporating the help of the end of tenancy cleaning professionals will ensure the formulations, such as descalers that are used, are safe for the particular type of surface being attended to.  The shower head too needs attention, which involves taking it out to clean its insides and remove the gunk n that is blocking the holes. The bathroom mirror, just like any other glass surface, needs products that are safe for it. You don’t want it to get etched at the end of your tenancy, which only increases the costs that will need to be involved in reversing the effects.


It’s a core part of any home, with the sumptuous meals prepared here, the jokes shared during the cooking, to those precious moments as you teach your kids new recipes. It’s also one of the places in the house where dirt and grime accumulate on a daily basis. This is from the kitchen sink where the dishes are washed, those residences with dishwashers where the unit needs to be given a thorough clean, the countertops and kitchen cabinets, all through to the floor itself. Backsplashes, and even the walls are affected by the grease splatters from cooking activities. Oil based and water based stains that wind up on the natural stone countertops and the hardwood or linoleum floors each have their optimal unique cleaning agents, which will get the task done without affecting the structural integrity of the underlying installation. Concrete, travertine, marble, granite, ceramic tiles- proper skills and equipment is needed to ensure that at a quality job is carried out, without you damaging the surfaces in your kitchen.

What of the famed “kitchen workhorse”? This is none other than the oven. Numerous meals are prepared here, from the creamy fish pies, tuna pasta bake, baked cheese and ham pasta, the mouth-watering sausage ragù, some prosciutto chicken, all through to the spicy meat gumbo. It comes as no surprise that its interior walls get coated in greasy residue. The heat involved during the baking process hardens the residue onto the surface, necessitating a thorough scrubbing to be carried out. This is one of the most arduous parts of the move out cleaning in Dublin. You don’t want to spend hours hunched over, dealing with the layers of gunk that are in the oven. This is while ensuring that its component parts don’t get damaged, and putting in place the required safety measures to protect yourself in the process. Tough acting cleaning chemicals are used, and you want to be sure that the formulations don’t end up putting the persons on the premises at risk. You don’t need to burden yourself with the task. Calling in the professionals will enable you to ensure that the job has been done properly, in a fraction of the time that it would have taken with the DIY approach.

Furnished units

There are those cases where one rents out a fully furnished house. Here, more cleaning awaits. Those stains on the sofas, to the grime that is on the curtains- they need to be got rid of. Different upholstery requires its unique cleaning measures. Working with the wrong agents can ruin the furniture, and cost you heftily in charges. For instance, fabric sofas are made with various types of material, where the sensitivity to pH varies. Some have been additionally treated to tackle issues like static, and this will be factored in the efforts to restore the sofas to their original condition. Working with water on units like the leather sofas can even damage them. Here, conditioning will also be required to bring back that soft and supple feel. In each scenario, you want to be sure that the appropriate measures are being carried out, otherwise cases of discolouration and additional staining may occur. For the curtains, there are those that are dry cleaned, and others which are machine washable, as indicated on the label. The curtain rods too need to be checked, as they may require to be dusted and buffed.

Carpet care

Warm and soft underfoot, carpets are a popular addition to the interior decor.  Their numerous patterns and material types enable on to set up the décor that matches the occupant’s taste. However, the structure of the carpet that gives it a cosy feel and heat insulation properties is also the one that makes it gets soiled at a faster rate- the fibres. These act as a filter, trapping particles from the surrounding air space. What’s more, they scrape off whatever gunk is under the shoes of people walking about, plus the paws of your pet. The soiling in the carpet is further pushed deeper into the pile and, as such, the carpet ends up hoarding multiple times its own weight in dirt. In fact, if it has changed colour, it already has loads of grime buried within it. All this needs to be got rid of as part of the end of tenancy cleaning. Just as with the upholstery and hard surfaces, carpets too come in different materials. There are those with natural fabrics such as the wool carpets, and those with the synthetic alternatives such as polyester and acrylic. Applying the appropriate cleaning measures is vital to prevent issues like colour bleeding, shrinkage which is a common occurrence when too much water has been used for the cleaning, all through to delamination where the carpet separates from its backing. Each of these scenarios is costly to repair, which is not a burden you want to deal with when you already have lots of expenses associated with the move. Avoid these costly blunders by hiring the end of tenancy cleaning professionals.

Get Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Done Right

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