Ensuring that you have your end of tenancy cleaning needs fully met

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Ensuring That You Have Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs Fully Met

Ensuring That You Have Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs Fully Met

As time approaches to shift out of the residence to your new home, there begins a flurry of activities. It’s an exciting period, as you look forward to the next phase in your life, establishing new roots, making new friendships, and experiencing a different side of life. However, before you move out of your current house and get your security deposit back, there are conditions that need to be met, stipulated within the tenancy agreement that you had signed when you first moved in. These include having the end of tenancy cleaning carried out, in readiness for inspection by the landlord or property manager.

Save on time – Ensuring That You Have Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs Fully Met

The moving process is long, and involves numerous aspects. For starters, there is identifying the moving company to use, going through the different options, their reviews and testimonials, getting quotations and settling on the most suitable choice. Formalities, like changing the address and contacting the businesses that will need to be notified of the changes also a factor in, such as informing your insurance provider and credit card company. One needs to go through their items, sorting them into those that will be packed, those that will be gifted to friends and neighbours, and even those that can be got rid of through a yard sale, which will earn you some extra bucks. Library books should be returned, and the same applies for the movie and video game rentals. There is the compiling of dental, optical and other medical records for the family members, and arranging for them to be transferred to your new healthcare provider. Even aspects like updating your voter registration can slip off the mind. Are you moving across a long distance such as the trip will take more than a day? Then planning the journey will also include booking hotels. Those moving out of the country even need to have issues like the necessary vaccinations carried out. The cable and internet subscriptions in your current residence will need to be cancelled and those of the new residences scheduled for installation. Gym memberships are to be cancelled or transferred, and the magazine and newspaper subscription updated. There is so much that needs to be taken care of, yet the time is limited. Including a DIY end of tenancy cleaning to this can drive you over the edge, especially due to the high standards that are required to be met. Mistakes can be costly, and you don’t want blunders being made that force you to redo the process. Strike it off your to-do list by getting the house cleaning professionals to handle it for you. 

All-round surface care

The different sections of the house are covered during the end of tenancy cleaning- from dusting and wiping the walls to remove the spots and marks that are on them, working on the doors and polishing their handles, dealing with the windows- including the glass panes, window sills and ledges, getting rid of the cobwebs on the ceiling and dust that has settled on the wall pictures, cleaning the mirrors to leave them sparkling, to working on the light fittings and shades, switches, plugs and sockets. The house cleaning team attend to the dado rails and skirting, including the skirting boards that are behind the furniture, the spindles and banisters, the curtain rails, all through to the fireplace and the radiators. The entire flooring, including under the furniture, is given a thorough wash, and items like carpets also receive a deep clean. The cupboards and drawers, kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, soap dispenser, that toothbrush glass, the bathtub that may have limescale deposits and the showerhead whose holes may have been blocked by grime- they are all handled during the top-to-bottom house cleaning. The storage units in the bedroom, from the wardrobes and cupboards, to the night tables are cleaned both inside and out, and the metal and glass parts polished in order to restore their sparkle.

Appliance cleaning professionals

Even the various units in the residence are attended to as part of the end of tenancy cleaning. For instance, with the dishwasher, the food and soap deposits are got rid of, and the filters cleaned and inspected. The rubber seal is wiped and the soap dispenser drawers cleaned to remove the marks and stains that are on them. With the washing machine, its drum may have stains and residue, which need to be removed as well. For the tumble dryer, aspects like inspecting the rubber seal, cleaning the filter and dispenser drawer- they are all part of the process. The microwave is cleaned both on its interior and exterior surfaces. The oven has plenty of work, from degreasing its surfaces to remove the baked-on residue, working on the extractor fan, plus the hob and grill, scrubbing off the food deposits and even dealing with the rubber seals. The toaster is also worked on, cleaning and polishing its exterior to restore its shine, degreasing the handles, and removing the food crumbs that have been left over in it.

Protecting your real estate business

For landlords, insisting that the end of tenancy cleaning is carried out by professionals goes a long way in preserving the structural integrity of the various surfaces and materials in the building. You won’t have to worry about the wrong chemical solutions being used on the natural stone countertops, the hardwood floors getting soaked in water which causes warping, the carpets getting delaminated, or the upholstery shrinking. In the rush that is witnessed during the final days before the tenants move out, or perhaps in a bid to tackle those frustrating stains, individuals going the DIY route may choose to employ harsh chemicals that end up doing more harm than good. You don’t want to incur hefty costs in making repairs and replacements. Our cleaning personnel will employ processes that are suited to the particular material being worked on, getting rid of the stains and soiling without putting it at risk. The enhanced curb appeal and clean interior also increases occupancy rates, by attracting the prospective tenants who come to check out the property, looking to move in.

Ensuring That You Have Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Needs Fully Met

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