End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services You Can Rely On

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services You Can Rely On

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services You Can Rely On

Moving out? It can be an exciting time. The thrill of setting forth to a new town, state or even country, starting a different life and taking on new adventures. People move for different reasons, from job-related transfers, family issues such as wanting to move to an area that is close to your relatives or further from them depending on the state of relations, the urge to explore a new way of life, all through to issues like empty-nesters downsizing to smaller homes since they don’t need the large space, and young families looking for bigger homes to accommodate the kids and pets. Whichever the case, you want to ensure that the moving process goes seamlessly, and that will involve an end of tenancy cleaning. 

How much cleaning is involved? Plenty. Unlike the usual cleaning chores that were done in the house over your occupancy, here a top-to-bottom clean of all the surfaces in the household needs to be carried out, and there will be an inspection at the end of it. With your to-do list already filled with lots of work regarding the moving process – planning with the transport company, handling the transfer of documents such as to the schools the kids will be moving to, updating the change of records with your bank and auto insurance provider, dealing with the utilities – it all adds into the process. This is not factoring in the social element, with all those goodbyes that will be had with friends and family that are in the area you’re leaving behind. Sorting and packing your items, distributing some out as gifts or organising a yard sale for those that you want to make some money from before the move – things can get busy. How much time is really available to handle the end of tenancy cleaning?

The Hustle Of DIY End OF Tenancy Cleaning

Taking on the intensive cleaning job as a DIY chore can take a toll on you. From the time constraints involved, to the resources and energy that go into it, many simply find it easier to outsource the task to a professional who already has all equipment and workforce needed. 

Different cleaning supplies are needed for the task, from the all-purpose cleaner, cloths – especially high capacity units like microfibre cloths, a powerful vacuum, dusters, extraction gear for those cases where the carpet cleaning is part of the job, scrubbing gear including both hard and soft bristled brushes for the different surfaces in the household, bathroom cleaning equipment, extension poles for those high windows and ceilings, dusters – it all factors into the budget. 

There are different areas to cover, not just mopping the floors and wiping the countertops. The overhead ceiling needs to be cleaned, the fans and light fixtures, cabinets, the closets and pantry, appliances like the microwave – the grime should be got rid of from all of them. The oven in particular requires special attention, due to the grease build-ups that got baked into its interior surfaces over time. That limescale on the bathroom sink, the stains on the toilet bowls and the soap scum in the showers – it should all be got rid of. One also shouldn’t forget the stovetop, baseboards, windows and mirrors. Remember that these areas have their cleaning requirements. Products used to remove beverage stains on natural stone countertops are not automatically applicable for removing the same kinds of stains on hardwood floors. you don’t want to be in a situation where the surface being worked on has got etched or corroded because of the wrong products being used, as this will simply ramp up the costs that will eat into your security deposits. 

What about your safety? Dealing with some of the grime will call for potent products to be used – especially for the stubborn stains that had set into the surfaces for months. The first hurdle here is selecting the right product. One that is powerful enough to chemically break down the stain, without damaging the surface finish of the area being worked on. In some of these situations, the chemicals needed emit fumes, which put your own health at risk as you go about the process. Other physical dangers are the likes of using ladders when cleaning the windows. Sure, the windows should receive a thorough wash during the end of tenancy cleaning, but accessing those high-rise windows without proper equipment will mean that you take approaches like using a ladder. Climbing up and down the rungs of the ladder, carrying the squeegees and washers, and balancing as you reach out to scrub the windows, put you at risk of fall accidents. This is as opposed to the approaches used by the end of tenancy cleaning professionals who work with water fed poles that allow them to access the windows from the safety of the ground. You can opt to purchase or hire such systems for the window cleaning, but that will mean more expenses on your end. 

All this smack in the middle of the relocation plans, where you’re already dealing with the moving crew, logistics like organizing for repairs for those sections in the house that have been damaged during your stay, and patching up the paintwork – there is so much that needs to be done. Rushing with the end of tenancy cleaning because you don’t have sufficient time will be counterproductive, given that you will end up with low quality result, and risk not getting your security deposit back. Don’t take chances. Free yourself and yourself get the job done right by hiring the end of tenancy cleaning professionals. 

As a welcome bonus, using quality end of tenancy cleaning services and getting the property in good condition gives you good reference from the landlord, which can be used for future tenancies. They won’t have a problem putting in a good word for you when you need recommendations for the other landlords. 


How Landlords Benefit From Expert End Of Tenancy Cleaning

For those in the real estate business, from the property managers to the landlords themselves, insisting on professional end of tenancy cleaning service comes with different benefits to you. These include:

  • Boosting the occupancy rate

You don’t want the house or apartment remaining empty for ages. When prospective tenants are checking out the property, they will compare it to other available units, and cleanliness will be one of the items at the top of their properties. After all, no one wants to move into a premises that is in a dishevelled state. Stains and dirt spots all over the surfaces, grease spatters in the kitchen and scale deposits in the bathroom – these will be a sign of the premises being in neglect. In addition to grossing out the potential buyers, they create an impression of the house not being well maintained, and casts doubts on the structural integrity of the premises. This will put you on the losing end, and interest in the property will be low. On the other hand, an end of tenancy cleaning service that removes all trace of the previous occupants, and readies the house for viewing by the potential tenants will enable the house to be snapped up fast. This is key for your real estate venture to be profitable. With a properly taken care of residential space, you are in a better position to justify the premiums charged on the rent. What’s more, the high standards that are achieved during the professional cleaning enables you to set a bar at which new tenants moving in should maintain the property. This precedent encourages them to keep your building in good condition, which is key for its long-term protection and sustainability. 

  • Save your valuable time

Managing real estate properties itself is lots of work, from the marketing, handling maintenance, to dealing with the tenants. Adding an arduous send of tenancy cleaning task to the list increases the burden. Costs also factor in, especially with the loads of cleaning equipment that will be needed to attend to the different areas in the house to ensure that it is ready for the new tenants to take it up. What’s more, you likely already have other businesses and activities in your day-to-day life, with the rental property being the one that gives you passive income. Taking your time off your other engagements when a tenant moves out and the entire house needs to be cleaned is not exactly ideal for your timetable. It’s better when you have a quality end of tenancy cleaning firm on speed dial, one that you can simply call up and schedule a session whenever the service is needed. This will take away the frustration of the process, and ensure that your property has been well taken care of. 


Picking An End Of Cleaning Service To Work With

After deciding to go the professional route with the end of tenancy cleaning, the next step is finding one that will meet your needs. Here are some tips on choosing the right one for your premises.


  • Online presence


Does the company have a digital footprint? This is the 21st century, and a serious business should, at the very least, be accessible via an online platform – be it social media or their own website. This platform acts as a source, where you can go through the kinds of services being offered, information like who runs the business, and where it is located. It’s like a billboard for the internet, through which people can learn more about the company. An end of tenancy cleaning company that barely exists online – save for the messages that they send into your inbox, would be a red flag. 



From feedback left by previous clients on the company’s social media pages, to word of mouth where you pick up on what your friends, family or neighbours have to say about the local end of tenancy cleaning companies – it all comes into play. Here, you want to see the kind of experience that others have had when engaging the firm, and the more you learn, the better placed you will be in predicting the kind of service to expect. You can also check out business directories where the local end of tenancy cleaning companies have been listed, especially those that have a review section. This gives you valuable information that will be used to guide your decision on whether to hire them or not. 



How do the company representatives treat you? Are they upfront and interested in engaging you, or do you have to keep following up on queries that you make to them? You don’t want to be in a situation where the personnel hired to provide the cleaning service is unruly, or delays you especially with all the pressure you will already be facing during the moving process. How the employees of the cleaning company carry themselves while engaging you will be a pointer to the professionalism – or lack thereof, with which they provide the services. 


Factors Affecting End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Rates vary from one company to the next. However, they usually depend on the kind of services that are being provided – from the rooms to the appliances and upholstery to be worked on, the location of the home, plus the size involved. Aspects like stairs and carpeting can also affect the final price. Tough stains, like for the cases of pet urine stains that have adhered to the surfaces in the households will also weigh in, given that these will require specialised cleaning products to remove them. Comparing the quotations of a couple of local end of tenancy cleaning companies will enable you to get a range of the price that is required for your situation. Avoid the cheap services where the pricing is way below that of the other firms, as this is a pointer to shortcuts being made in the process, or the company not using qualified personnel – and this will put the process and the property itself at risk.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services You Can Rely On

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