End of tenancy cleaning – getting through the end of tenancy cleaning

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End of tenancy cleaning - getting through the end of tenancy cleaning

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Getting Through The End Of Tenancy Cleaning

While it’s not exactly an exciting process, it is still necessary. The end of tenancy cleaning is part of the agreement signed before you moved into the building in the first place, and the condition of things will be used to determining whether or not you get your entire security deposit back.

Kitchen cleaning

One of the busiest rooms in the home, it’s not a surprise that its surfaces have one of the highest rates of grime build up. From the stains that form on the countertops, to the greasy residue and oil splatters that wind up on the floor, all to the gunk that ends up on the backsplashes- they need to be cleaned off without putting the underlying structure at risk. Non-scratch scourers, specialised cleaning liquids that can remove the water based and oil based stains without causing corrosion, or affecting the surface finish, are needed. From the granite and marble countertops, the hardwood and concentrate floors, ceramic tile surfaces, those made with travertine or quartzite- the different materials each require their unique cleaning agents that will be effective in removing the dirt spots and stains safely.

The sink will also need attention, given the amount of material that is washed through it. The hob can get really grimy too, and some elbow grease will go into giving it a thorough scrub. Material here factors in too, seeing that the wrong cleaning agents can ruin the stainless steel structures. Extractor fan filters, the dishwasher- they all should be attended to. Then there is the oven. This unit alone will consume loads of energy to get it clean, especially with the build up of grease residue that has been baked onto its interior walls.


Are there scuff marks on the walls? Drawings made by the kids with market pens? Is it dull because of the cigarette smoke absorbed in those residences where there was a smoker? There can even be grease splatters. All these need to be got rid of.


Here, the different areas that need to be focused on include the sink, the tiles and bathtub, plus the shower and toilet. The shower head will need to be cleaned, and so will the grouting. One of the most frustrating issues with bathroom cleaning is getting rid of the limescale build-ups. These form unsightly spots, and the landlord will no doubt be on the lookout for them when assessing to see if the end of tenancy cleaning has been carried out appropriately.

Ceilings – End Of Tenancy Cleaning

From the grimy sections to the cobwebs at the corners – nothing should be left behind. Dealing with such high sections also brings into focus the issue of safety. Slip and fall accidents can result in nasty injuries. Tools like mops and brushes that work with telescopic poles come in handy here. These are part of the arsenal used by the expert end of tenancy cleaning crew.


Throughout its life on your floor, it picks up loads of grime. The carpet will actually be one of the most soiled units, so specialised attention will be needed here. The fibres trap the gunk that is tracked onto it, and also particles sifted out from the air. Over time, these are pushed deeper into the carpet, especially under foot traffic. Pet dander, greasy residue- it holds them all. The carpet is also not immune to stains. Those unsightly spots caused by food and drink spills stick out like a sore thumb, and will be one of the first things that are noted during the inspection by the landlord or letting agent. When dealing with carpets, different measures are employed based on the particular situation. From pre-spotters to deal with those stubborn stains and dissolving them, to approaches like hot water extraction where the process flushes out the gunk that is hidden with the carpet pile-it’s an intensive job. What’s more, carpets come in different types. These range from the natural to those with synthetic fabrics. As such, cleaning chemicals used for the operation need to be safe for the particular type of carpet. You don’t want it to be corroded, or cause issues like colour bleeding, which is a common occurrence with DIY and rookie end of tenancy cleaning. Mistakes like overshampooing the carpet will result in too much residue being left behind, and issues like overwetting can cause shrinkage and delamination of the material. Your goal is to get rid of the gunk in the carpet, not watch it separate from its backing and cost you more funds.

The windows

They are the eyes into the home. That constant exposure to the elements also means that they easily get soiled. From the dust building up layers on it, the insect gunk from the critters that go straddling across the glass, the occasional bird that perches on the sills and leaves behind its faecal residue, fingerprint marks, cases of stickers on the panes- the cleaning needs to ensure that these have been removed. Here, more sensitivity is required, especially due to the fragile nature of the glass. Harsh chemicals can easily etch it, and you also don’t want the window frames getting corroded. What of the high-rise windows? Accessing the windows on the upper floors will require specialised gear, since balancing on ladders carrying buckets of cleaning solution, as was traditionally the case, puts one at great risk of falling- and not to mention the damage meted out onto the surrounding landscaping.

Call in the house cleaning pros

As you can see, there are lots of areas that need to be cleaned in a once off cleaning and taken care of. Going the DIY route with the end of tenancy cleaning can be frustrating, especially with the limited time there is in the final days before the move. You’re already preoccupied with the logistics of planning how you will make the shift, and tackling an arduous chore, with top-to-bottom cleaning, will take a huge chunk out of the time available. Loads of resources will also need to go into the process, settling on the products and machinery needed for a thorough cleaning. All this while ensuring that you don’t make mistakes, which will be costly to repair- adding to your burden. Call the house cleaning professionals, who have the skill and equipment needed for the task. They will give the residence a quality clean, getting it ready for the inspection.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Getting Through The End Of Tenancy Cleaning

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