Dial up the once off cleaning professionals

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Dial up the once off cleaning professionals

Dial Up The Once Off Cleaning Professionals

Your house is your castle. It’s the one place you can let loose and be yourself, relax and bond with your loved ones, and partake in your hearts desires without constraints. No doubt you’ve invested heavily in it, setting it up to match your taste and bring out your personality. From the draperies and upholstery, to getting your favourite furniture set- establishing the decor is meticulous work. There are those who opt for finished and polished hard floors, others choose to add carpeting on top- it’s all based on your desire. The painting, wall coverings and artwork- they accentuate the interior, making the home feel warm and inviting- but dirt comes in to wreck the show. Piling up on the different surfaces and bathrooms, stains clashing with the intricate colour patterns that had been set up, odours ruining the indoor air quality- the mess makes your abode unbearable. With your busy schedule, balancing your work and social life, plus dealing with the kids who seem to be always running around, you may choose to ignore a dirt spot here and stain there- or at least put it off to tomorrow, right? Tomorrow becomes today, and your schedule is still hectic, and those small messes are still piling up. Time is limited, and you’ve got plenty of chores to take care of. You find yourself thinking, If only there were once off cleaning professionals near me to make this easier.” Don’t fret. We’re here for you.

An In-Depth Clean

Our services are structured to give your residence a top-to-bottom clean, working on all surfaces, furnishings, and upholstery, to get rid of the grime that has built up and restore the elegance to your home. They cover different areas including:

In the kitchen

Do you want the area behind the fridge scrubbed? It may even be the fridge itself, from the shelves to the condenser coils. Is it time to get those cupboards cleaned inside and out and get rid of the food particles hidden in the corners? Those worktops where the numerous ingredients are prepared also need to be wiped and disinfected. Your oven, the workhorse of the kitchen, may have its interior walls covered in baked-on grease particles. The dishwasher and sink, stovetop and radiator, to the microwave itself- do you want them all given a thorough wash? Our once off cleaning team will take care of the job for you.

In the bathroom

All those daily showers undoubtedly lead to scum and soap deposits building up on the walls. Body oils, hair and treatment products washed off the skin- they add to the grime. The shower screen, bathtub, tile and grout- they all need to be scrubbed down. Our once off cleaning team caters to all these sections, including wiping down the mirror and medicine cabinets, plus cleaning and polishing the fittings and fixtures. With the toilet itself, there are additional issues such as limescale and urine scale deposits. These make the porcelain throne unsightly, and can be a source of embarrassment when visitors come over and are apprehensive about using the toilet, and end up performing some acrobatics- as is seen in public washrooms where people even reach out to flush the toilet with their feet. The toilet is given a thorough wash, from the bowl, the region under the toilet which is a germ hotspot, under the rim too- and even the tank itself if required. This restores the health standards to your bathroom.

Living, dining and working areas

Your living room, from the walls where the smudges and fingerprint marks are removed, the skirting boards which are wiped down, vacuuming and mopping of the floors, all surfaces, furniture, working on the interior and exterior of the windows including the frames and sills, cleaning the banisters and dusting down the shelves, thoroughly scrubbing the carpets and rugs to remove the grime that is buried within the fibres, wiping and polishing the artwork and picture frames- our once off cleaning team will leave no surface unattended.

Extra rooms

The entire house is viable for a cleaning. From the studies where you need a serene atmosphere to focus on your tasks and boost your productivity, laundry rooms which may have been neglected for long, game rooms where your kids spend loads of their time, and may have food particle all over due to the snacks that are munched away as they spend the hours gaming, conservatories and storage rooms that may even have highest concentration of dust and allergens in the house – the once off cleaning ensures that your entire home is given the facelift you desire, freshening it up and allowing you to bring up your family in a clean house.

Dial Up The Once Off Cleaning Professionals

See some examples of what we can do for your home

before and after pictures of a bath cleaning
before and after pictures of a sink cleaning

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spotless tiled kitchen floor

I’m very pleased with Dublin House Cleaning, very reliable and they have excellent customer service. Thank you to Tina for helping get me booked in at the start. They’ve taken a huge stress off my mind.

Nadia Brooke, Santry

professional oven cleaning

My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the cleaning we received from Laura and Bianca. They scrubbed our entire home from floor to ceiling. I was most impressed with the incredible job they did on our oven.

Michael and Kate Lawlor, Rathmines


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