Comprehensive once off cleaning services for your home

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Comprehensive once off cleaning services for your home

Comprehensive Once Off Cleaning Services For Your Home

You want your home to be sparkling. Over time, the different surfaces build up layers of grime, that take away their beauty and drag down the decor of the interior space. No one wants to come home to a dull and dingy interior, or have those evenings from work and the weekends ruined by odours that have fouled up the space. There are also the health risks that come when the house is in a dilapidated state. You don’t want your loved ones falling ill, or guests coming to visit developing allergic reactions from particles strewn all over. Just how much are you exposed to? Our expert highly trained cleaners can take care of your house cleaning.

The bathroom

It handles loads of body waste. From the dirt, sweat, body oils, and hair treatment products that are washed from the body, it comes as no surprise that it will be a grime haven. The high moisture levels in the bathroom additionally provide conducive environments for germs to grow and thrive. Take the faucets for instance. They clock in over 6200 bacteria per square inch. The shower tub itself can have over 200000 bacteria per square inch. These range from streptococcus, E. Col all through to staph aureus. That’s right, you may be soaking in filth during those lengthy baths. Even toothbrush shoulders are not spared. This is especially for the case where the toilet gets flushed without the lid having been put down. Aerosolised particles get sprayed onto the nearby vicinity, floating around in the air and landing on these surfaces. Bath mats too are breeding grounds for the microbes.

The toilet

The porcelain throne is commonly regarded to as one of the highest risk zones in the building when it comes to containing pathogens. Toilet hygiene is vital, due to the loads of waste it handles on a daily basis. Different pathogens, ranging from faecal-borne bacteria such as E.Coli, to gastrointestinal viruses like the norovirus can end up causing contamination. Then there are the limescale and urine scale deposits that are formed, causing the toilet to become unsightly. You don’t want to have your toilet being a dreadful sight, or guests being forced to struggle hovering over the seat or make paper nests whenever they have to use the toilet, as is usually the case in public toilets.

The kitchen

It’s a busy room. The amount of food preparation activities that goes on in the kitchen put it at higher risks of contamination compared to other places in the house. From the kitchen cabinets and countertops to the floor, the refrigerator and sinks- they all need to be worked on. Did you know that the dish sponge clocks a higher bacteria count that the bathroom faucet handle or the toilet seat itself? Cutting boards, units like the oven and microwaves all build up grime. The once off cleaning surfaces attend to each of the surfaces and appliances, enhancing the cleaning standards of your kitchen and keeping your appliances performing optimally.

Living areas

The time you spend in the living room, relaxing after those busy days at work, hosting guests, spending quality time with your children and significant other, carrying out some work in the home office, catching up on the latest posts on those blogs you follow, curled up with a novel, watching TV shows, and hanging out with your friends during game nights- dirt is bound to pile up. Take the furniture for instance. Your favourite sofa contains hordes of dust mites. These are nourished by the shower of skin flakes shed by the persons using the sofa. Then there is the dust settling on it from the air above. It’s an allergen, causing coughing and sneezing whenever you want to sit back and relax. Add to this the bacteria themselves. There can be over a dozen more bacteria per square inch on the sofa arm compared to the average toilet seat. Food and drink spills stain the furniture sets, making them unsightly. Do you have a pet? Their fur and dander on the seats is no doubt an issue you face. These are not only allergens, but it’s also embarrassing when bits and pieces of fur stick themselves to the clothes of your guests when they take a seat.

Then there is the carpet. It’s basically a humongous air filter, sifting out dust and other particles and trapping them in its material. The carpet can hold over 4 times its own weight and grime. By the time the colour is changing and it begins to look dull, there will already be copious amounts of dirt- from microbes, dander, to the soiling that is scrapped of the bottom of people’s shows. You want it to be given a thorough clean, where the grime is actually removed instead of simply pushed deeper into the carpet. With the once off cleaning services, the gunk that is stuck to the fibres and buried deep within the carpet is flushed out, restoring the beauty and elegance to it.

Once Off House Cleaning Services

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Nadia Brooke, Santry

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