Apartment Cleaning Santry

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Apartment Cleaning Santry

Apartment Cleaning Santry

Dublin House Cleaning is an Irish owned apartment cleaning company with over 12 years experience. We deep clean apartments in Santry since 2004. We employ few gangs of professional apartment cleaning specialists that are fully trained and Garda vetted. Our company is reliable, affordable and our work quality is second to none.

Dublin House Cleaning is fully insured and ready for work. We can contract any type of apartment cleaning projects up to a limit of 6.5 million. Signed copies of our insurance policy can be provided for the commercial market.

Our standard apartment cleaning prices start from only 130€ for a light clean or 180€ for deep clean plus cooker and carpets. We can complete any type of apartment cleaning project in less than 5 hours and up to 3 cleaners will be used to deep clean the property. Dirtier or bigger property could take a bit extra time.

Most of our customers are repeat customers or referrals. Our pricing and our flexibility have made our company one of the busiest apartment cleaning companies in Santry. We are open as you need us but if you are looking for appointments at unsuitable hours, please call and book in good time to avoid disapointment.

Here is a list of our apartment cleaning services:

End Of Tenancy Apartment Cleaning Santry

Once Off Apartment Cleaning Santry

After Renovation Apartment Cleaning Santry

After Infestation Apartment Cleaning Santry

After Fire Apartment Cleaning Santry

After Flood Apartment Cleaning Santry

Apartment Cleaning Santry

Apartment Cleaners Santry


Are you a landlord or a property owner with 5+ properties? Call us now and tell us more about your project. Special deals and special discounts available to landlords. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation.

Apartment Cleaning Santry – professional apartment cleaning services for less!

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