Apartment Cleaning Rathfarnham

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Apartment Cleaning Rathfarnham

Apartment Cleaning Rathfarnham

You were always looking for a professional apartment cleaning company like Dublin House Cleaning. You always thought that hiring a professional apartment cleaning company is very expensive. Have a look at Dublin House Cleaning and see whgat you think.

We provide free no obligation estimates. Even if you are not sure what to get done or when to get it done, you can still call us and find out more information about our apartment cleaning services. Knowing how much it will cost and what it will get done, it will help you budget better.

We can guarantee you that only eco friendly cleaning products will be used to deep clean your place. We will only use Evans & Craftex cleaning products. You can find out more information about our cleaning products by visiting www.cleanfast.ie

A standard apartment cleaning job should take around 5 hours. Some places will require more work than others, so it could take a bit longer. We will use up to 3 cleaners per property but the amount of cleaners required per job will be decided on the spot. We price per job not per hour, so if we spend a bit extra time in your property, it won`t cost you a penny.

Our company employs top of the range apartment cleaners. We train our own cleaners and only the best of the best will end up cleaning your property. All our apartment cleaners are Garda vetted.

Our apartment cleaning prices start from only 130€ for 1 bed property or 230€ for 4 bed property. You can go for a light apartment clean or you can go for a full deep clean. A full deep clean will include all your carpets, your cooker and your external windows.

Here is a list of our apartment cleaning services:

Once Off Apartment Cleaning Rathfarnham

End Of Tenancy Apartment Cleaning Rathfarnham

After Renovation Apartment Cleaning Rathfarnham

After Infestation Apartment Cleaning Rathfarnham

After Flood Apartment Cleaning Rathfarnham

After Fire Apartment Cleaning Rathfarnham

Apartment Cleaners Rathfarnham

Apartment Cleaning Rathfarnham


Our company deep cleans apartments on behalf of many landlords, tenants,property developers, builders, etc. We also deal with hundreds of domestic customers as well. We are easy to deal with and our work quality is outstanding. Call us now and tell us more about your apartment cleaning project.

Apartment Cleaning Rathfarnham – professional apartment cleaning services Rathfarnham!

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