Apartment Cleaning Ranelagh

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Apartment Cleaning Ranelagh

Apartment Cleaning Ranelagh

Dublin House Cleaning cleans apartments and flats since 2004. Our apartment cleaning services are ressonable priced and our work quality is outstanding. We are capable of cleaning up to 500 apartments per month and our opening times can be adapted to any special requirements.

We deep clean apartments on behalf of many tenants, landlords, builders, manangement companies, estate agents, etc. We can offer you light apartment cleaning services or once off deep apartment cleaning services. Some people are only looking for a light hovering, a bit of dusting and some kitchen cleaning, while others will require deep clean of the whole place plus carpets, cooker and windows. Our prices for light apartment cleaning services start from only 130€ while our apartment cleaning packages start from 180€. All the cleaning products and all the materials needed to do the job, are included in the price. VAT is also included in the school.

Most apartments will be cleaned in about 5 hours and up to 3 cleaners will be doing the job. Each apartment is different and each apartment requires different jobs to be done, but in all cases, it could be done within 5 hours. Some places that are in very bad shape, might require extra time.

Dublin House Cleaning is a professional apartment cleaning company and we can guarantee you that all our services are fully insured. We are covered to contract any size project, regardless of condition or size.Damages of up to 6.5 million will be awarded if any damages happen to your property from our fault.


Here is a list of our apartment cleaning services:

Once Off Apartment Cleaning Ranelagh

End Of Tenancy Apartment Cleaning Ranelagh

After Renovation Apartment Cleaning Ranelagh

After Infestation Apartment Cleaning Ranelagh

After Fire Apartment Cleaning Ranelagh

After Flood Apartment Cleaning Ranelagh

Apartment Cleaning Ranelagh

Apartment Cleaners Ranelagh


We understand that all our customers expect us to use high quality cleaning products so we can guarantee you that only eco friendly cleaning products from Craftex & Evans will be used to deep clean your apartment.

Call us now and tell us more about your apartment cleaning project. You can book online and pay online as well.

Apartment Cleaning Ranelagh – professional cleaning services for less!

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