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All-Round Once Off Cleaning Services

All-Round Once Off Cleaning Services

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Looking for a thorough clean for your residence? An in-depth clean that gets rid of the grime that is visible and that which is hidden behind furniture and appliances of your home? Our once off cleaning services are here for you. They cover:

Kitchen cleaning – All-Round Once Off Cleaning Services

The “Command-Central” of the house, the kitchen is usually abuzz with activity. All those food preparation sessions leave loads of grime in their wake- from the oil splatters stuck to the stove tops and on the walls, the pathogens on the countertops, all through to the spills that stain the floor, and the organic matter in the sink and drain that cause foul odours to develop. There are numerous surfaces that need to be attended to, from the lighting fixtures, the top and front of the range, chrome fixtures, handles and knobs, all through to units such as the refrigerator and oven. You don’t want infections spreading courtesy of bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter that are on the countertop and cutting boards. The grime in the cooking units further reduce the efficiency of the cooking operations, and ruin the quality of the food. For instance, the greasy residue coating the interior of the oven affects heat distribution, and the same is witnessed when the electric burners are soiled. More power ends up being used for the cooking operations, racking up your energy bills. Even with the refrigerator, grime on the condenser coils means that it runs harder and for longer in order to keep the contents cool. These surfaces and units are all given a thorough wash during the once off cleaning, preserving their functionality and enabling you to ensure the health and integrity of the meals that are prepared.

Bedroom cleaning – All-Round Once Off Cleaning Services

From the bed itself, the closets, all through to the dressing table, none of them are immune to dirt. The soiling that accumulates on them on a daily basis makes the sleeping areas unsanitary. You don`t want to be coughing and sneezing all through the night due to the dust, dander, and even dust mite waste that is covering the surfaces. Even the walls and the floors need to be attended to, plus the nightstands and light fixtures that require delicate handling to get rid of the grime without causing structural damage.

Living and dining rooms – All-Round Once Off Cleaning Services

With the plenty of usage that the furniture in the living room witnesses, it comes as no surprise that it accumulates loads of grime. For instance, persons sitting on the sofa rub their skin against the fabric, depositing sweat, body oils and other treatment products that they had applied. Materials like denim-wear can even cause staining due to the dye that is rubbed onto the seat. Then there are the skin flakes that are shed by the household members. From the sofas, carpets, to the dining sets, the flakes are strewn all over. These in turn are fodder for hordes of dust mites. As the mites feast on the skin flakes, they deposit faecal residue that is an allergen. It causes symptoms ranging from incessant coughing and sneezing, runny noses, stuffy nasal passage, inflaming eczema in sensitive persons and even triggering asthma attacks. The curtains, artwork on the walls, that computer keyboard that contains some of the highest germ concentrations in the household- they all need deep cleaning and disinfecting. Our once off cleaning crew handles them all.

Bathroom cleaning – All-Round Once Off Cleaning Services

As you freshen up in the bathroom, it also needs a thorough top-to-bottom wash. Scum all over the walls, mirrors that are so dingy that it becomes difficult to see the reflection, limescale deposits on the sink, in the shower heads and even in the toilet bowl, the additional urine scale with the toilets- they are all got rid of during the once off cleaning processes. The toilet seat, tank, bowl and the region under it are given a quality wash, enabling you to protect the health of your loved ones, and additionally deal with the odours that have formed. Speaking of which, the source of the odours are removed, and the odours themselves neutralised at a molecular level, that way you won`t have to worry about them recurring.

Windows, patios and other exterior surfaces – All-Round Once Off Cleaning Services

You also want to boost your curb appeal. Gunk on the driveway, soiled walls and dingy windows, grime that has coated the patio and made it look dull and dilapidated- our once off cleaning team gets to them all. From employing power washers that blast the grime off the driveway and sidewalks- and even gets to the roofing, to pure water window washing systems that ensure that no streaks or residue are left behind, you get to enhance the curb appeal of your residence, and set up an ambience you will be proud of. What’s more, these measures enable you to preserve the structural integrity of the installations, with the constant exposure to the elements. When grime is allowed to accumulate indefinitely on these structures it can cause damages that will be costly to repair. For instance, you don`t want your windows getting etched, or the frames weakening. With professional cleaning services, you get to spruce up your home and protect your investment

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