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House Cleaning Dublin

You want a clean and hygienic home. A place where you can relax comfortably in, and enjoy with your family. You want an environment that you can be happy to come home to everyday after work, and where guests look forward to visiting. You don’t want to feel awkward about the soiling on your floors or upholstery, or stains in the carpet, each time your relatives visit or your neighbours drop in to say hello. The cleanliness state affects the entire décor. Dirty furniture or walls cause the place to look dull and forlorn. The grime on your windows prevents adequate light from coming into the house, dulling the interior space. Your washrooms should be spotless for your and your kids to be comfortable using them. You can’t enjoy a hot shower when there is slimy gunk peeling off the wall.

The state of the house affects your mind. Dirty environments are frustrating, and the constant sight of stains is distracting. The build-up of grime makes the living conditions unbearable, and you can barely get a good night’s sleep. You may also be a realtor selling or renting out a property. The condition that the potential buyers will find the house in will determine their level of interest, and show them how well it has been taken care of. You may have just bought new house, and want to freshen everything up before you officially move into the residence. Call in the house cleaning Dublin professionals to spruce up the ambience and restore your home to the gleaming state you desire.

What Kinds Of Dirt Are In Your House?


It’s no surprise that the bathroom is a grime haven. After all, you scrub dirt, sweat and even oils from hair and body treatments off your body in it. The moisture from the shower creates a conducive environment for germs to grow and populate the bathroom. Common germ spots include:

The shower tub

Yes it is relaxing, but can you imagine soaking in your own filth? There are close to 200,000 bacteria per square inch in the tub, ranging from E.Coli, streptococcus, all through to staph aureus. Since the tubs rarely get the chance to dry completely, they become breeding grounds.


Its handle has an average of 6,267 bacteria per square inch. Some of the microbes damage the surface finish of the faucets, causing stains.


There are nearly 120,000 bacteria per square inch in the bathtub, near the drain.

Toothbrushes and their holders

It’s not just because you use it to get food particles off your teeth. When you flush the toilet, you send a spray of aerosolised water droplets containing bacteria and viruses into the air. These germs, can float around in the bathroom for over two hours after each flush before they land on the surfaces, which unfortunately includes your toothbrush.

Bath mats

They tend to be breeding grounds for mould, dust mites, and bacteria. This is especially if you step out of the shower and then dry yourself on top of them.

The kitchen

It is Command-Central of the home. It’s where most activity is carried out, and has more risk bacteria and faecal contamination more than other places in the house. The dish sponge itself can have more bacteria than the toilet seat or bathroom faucet handle. There are plenty of items and surfaces that require house cleaning Dublin services, from the cabinets and floor, to the refrigerator, kitchen sink an countertops. The cutting boards handle raw meat, veggies fresh out of the garden, poultry, and also fish products, all of which come with millions of bacteria, that can spread over the worktop and other surfaces. The food particles from dishes washed in the sink, coupled with the constant moisture, are breeding grounds for the bacteria.

Living room, den and home office

You spend a lot of time in here. You relax and host your guests in the living room, hang out with your buddies, curl up with your dashing date, sit back with a novel, or lay back on the sofa to wind up after a long day at work. The den, man-cave and home office are where you get most of the work you brought home from the office done. Here, the dirt is mainly in:


Your household members shed skin flakes around the clock. A single individual produces enough skin flakes to feed one million dust mites daily. There can be colonies all over your furniture. Have you ever looked at a stream of light shining through the window and saw particles floating around? Close to 80% of them are skin flakes. Then there’s the dust settling in from the atmosphere, coating your furniture upholstery. There are all kinds of bacteria on the furniture. The warm conditions allow them to grow. For instance, the sofa arm contains over a dozen more bacteria per square inch than the average toilet sit. The 10000 bacteria on every few square centimetres of the handbags you throw onto the tables, sofa and closet every time you come home from work can get transferred to the surfaces. Food drinks and spills are common. They cause unsightly stains that ruin the décor of your house. Leaving the liquids to sit on the furniture surfaces for too long allows mould and mildew to grow. You end up having stains of all kinds of colours, from brown, yellow, and black to pink or green spots. In case you have a pet, then there’s be dander and fur all over. Your cat or dog no doubt loves rubbing its head into the cushions of your sofa. Fix all these issues using expert house cleaning Dublin services.

The carpet

Households with pets have additional issues to worry about. Pets enjoy lying around and grooming themselves on the carpet. They’ll leave behind fur and dander trapped within the fibres of the carpet. Then there’s the mud they can bring in on their paws after playing out in the yard. Fleas brought into the home from the outside will find a safe haven in the carpet. The warmth will enable them to breed. Whenever they need nourishment, they’ll just hop onto the household members for a quick blood snack, and hop back to their hiding spots in the fibres. Mould and mildew in the carpet causes unsightly stains, and musky odours, caused by interaction of the fungi with bacteria.

Remote controls

Everyone uses the remote at one time or another. It gets spilled, sneezed and coughed on. It’s dropped to floors, and hidden away in the cushions. It also regularly gets covered in sticky messes.

Computer keyboards

As you type away, you deposit and pick germs from the computer’s keyboard. Many are the times people enjoy snacking as they complete a project at home, surf the web, or do some internet shopping. The crumbs fall into the spaces between the buttons, and start decaying, allowing the microbes to grow.

Game consoles

Gamers spend hours of every week stuck to their consoles, trying to finish missions and beat the latest high scores. Game controllers have close to 5 times more germs compared to a typical toilet. In fact, their bacterial count alone is close to 8000 per square inch.


Your kids play with them, throw them around, head out with them on sleep overs at their friends’ houses, drool on the toys or outrightly shove them into their mouths to chew on the arms of the dolls and action figures. The toy cars are used on the driveway on playdates with the neighbours, and they carry them to school for games with their friends. The average toy is 1.5 times dirtier compared to a lavatory.


You’ll find it on any list of the dirtiest places in the home. With the amount of usage the porcelain throne handles, coupled with the level of waste going through it, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Toilet hygiene is paramount. There are all kinds of pathogens, from faecal-borne bacteria like E.Coli, to the gastrointestinal viruses such as the norovirus. In addition to the organic waste and body fat, any hard water used causes lime scale to build in the bowl and urinals. This causes the toilet surfaces to become unsightly, no matter how many times you flush them. The stubborn stains require tough products to eliminate them. There is also the urine scale, caused by the mineral compounds left behind when urine splashes and evaporates from the surface. You want to be able to use the toilet comfortably. You don’t want your guests being forced to hover over the seat, or make paper nests to protect themselves. Call in the house cleaning Dublin professions to restore the gleam and glam of your toilet.

Frequently touched surfaces

These are the surfaces that everyone in the house touches at one point or the other, a couple of times a day. They range from the bathroom door knob, to the light switches, microwave handles and stove knobs. The house cleaning Dublin personnel will also disinfect the surfaces, restoring their health and hygiene.

How Your Dirty House Is Making You Sick

1. Germs

There are billions of pathogens in a dirty home. Have you ever wondered why symptoms of illnesses tend to show up so quickly after infection? That’s because bacteria multiply rapidly, some every 20 minutes under the right conditions. There over 300 different types of bacteria on dozens of objects around the home. Some of the common germs that can make you sick include Staphylococcus aureus or staph, Salmonella, and Escherichia coli. They can spread from person to person, and person to surface. That’s why when a person falls ill, the infection spreads like wildfire to the rest of the household members.

2. Allergens

These range from the dust and pollen particles floating in the air that settle on the surfaces around the house, to the dander and fur that your pet leaves behind all over your furniture and carpet. They can trigger allergic reactions when inhaled. They are blown into the home by wind, through the open window. They’ll cause coughing, sneezing, give you watery eyes, and exacerbate allergic reactions and respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. When they get on your skin, they can cause intense scratching, rashes and even hives. Some the parts of your furniture can be so concentrated with the pet dander, that you could get more severe reactions when you simply rest on them, than if you went ahead and buried your face in the animal’s fur. Eliminate the allergens in your home by hiring professional house cleaning Dublin services.

3. Dust mites

They are everywhere- windows, sofas, carpets, countertops, mattresses, and even the curtains. They are nourished by the constant supply of skin flakes, and leave behind waste matter. When the faecal residue gets on your skin, it causes irritation, causing you to keep scratching, and worsens conditions such as eczema. It’s the main reason why you keep scratching yourself as you rest on the sofa watching the prime time news or your favourite TV show, and your kids complain of itchiness after spending a couple of minutes playing on the carpet. The waste matter is light and microscopic, and the slightest agitation raises it into the atmosphere- from walking on the carpet, sitting back on your sofa, or drawing the curtains. It gets breathed in and irritates the airways. All these reactions are caused by the proteins in the droppings of the mites. When your body is exposed to the proteins, it releases antibodies, which produce histamines. They cause anything from the runny nose and itchiness to clogged lungs and reddened skin. The house cleaning Dublin services will eliminate the pesky mites from your house.

4. Pests

The food crumbs attract pests like rodents. The mice will do more than frighten your children and guests. Their droppings, urine and saliva contaminate the already-harmful dust, increasing the health risks. For instance, they can cause infection of the Hantavirus, responsible for the Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. Mouse allergens can lead to full blown asthma attacks. There are also the fleas that your furry friend can have brought into the house from the outside. Before they suck your blood, they probe the skin causing itchiness and bumps on the skin. The fleas carry parasites with them, which can further harm you- such as the Dipylidium caninum tapeworm carried by cat fleas. Your children playing on the flea-infested carpet can end up ingesting the fleas containing the immature stage of the tapeworm, and it will develop in their intestines. Protect your family members by calling in the house cleaning Dublin experts.

5. Fungal growth

Mould and mildew spreads on the damp surfaces in the home like wild fire. There are spores floating around in the air and settling on the surfaces, and all they need is consistent moisture for the fungi to sprout and thrive. The spores can also be carried on your body hair, clothes, and pets. When the spores are inhaled, they lead to a myriad of health complications. Symptoms include fatigue, nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, and wheezing. Exposure to the spores also causes eye and skin irritation. They trigger allergic reactions like rhinitis and dermatitis, and worsen respiratory conditions like the obstructive lung disease, and adversely affect those with compromised immune systems. For instance, it exacerbates the immunologic hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Common infections due to exposure to the indoor fungi include bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, which occurs more in persons who are suffering from asthma or cystic fibrosis, and pulmonary haemorrhage (bleeding in the lungs). The fungi also release mycotoxins, which cause anything from organ damage like in the liver, to nervous system damage and cancer.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Dublin Services

1. Superior cleaning results

You want a sparkling home. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment to make that happen. The cleaning solutions used cut through the dirt and grime on the surfaces in your home, from the light dust to the heavy soiling. You get a spotless kitchen that you can prepare meals happily in, a clean shower for you to enjoy bath time, and an elegant living room to spend quality time with your family in. We’ll get rid of the stains on your countertops and floors, and remove the easily embedded gunk in the fibres of your carpet. The systems used eliminate the stubborn soiling and set-in stains, like ink blots, wine, juice, coffee, soda, and tea spills. Mustard smudges and spaghetti that founds its way to the floor or furniture, greasy residue on your upholstery and walls, oil splatters on kitchen countertops caused by cooking activities, smears from fruits stepped into the floor, or insects like mosquitoes struck against the wall, faecal material and body fragments from insects like cockroaches, all through to the cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling and hidden behind appliances in the home are all eliminated.

The house cleaning Dublin specialists come with machinery that effectively scrubs down the floors and reaches deep into the fibres of the carpets to remove the ingrained soiling. The porcelain throne in the washroom is thoroughly cleaned, restoring its health and hygiene, and enabling your family members and guests in your home to use it comfortably. The toilet cleaners and descalers used eliminate the lime and urine scale, restoring the shine to your toilet. The house cleaning Dublin personnel use effective formulations that remove the gunk build up in the toilet bowls and bathroom sinks, all through the drains to the outlet pipes. Soap scum in the bathtub and shower area, plus the stains on your tiles are done away with, leaving the surfaces spotless.

2. Disinfect your home

You want to get rid of the unsightly grime, plus the invisible microbes crawling all over your house. The house cleaning Dublin team comes with bactericidal products that sanitise the surfaces in your home. The products employ different techniques to kill the microbes. For instance, some contain quaternary ammonium compounds that destroy the cells of the viruses and bacteria. Their positively charged cations bind with the acidic phospholipids within the cells walls of the microbes, preventing anything from getting in or out. Without uptake of nutrients or discharge of waste, the microbes die. Other processes also contribute to eliminating the pathogens, such as the high temperatures involved in the hot water extraction system for carpet cleaning.

The house cleaning Dublin processes used eliminated the vast range of pathogens on your home surfaces, from E. coli and Campylobacter jejunii, to Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella that cause food poisoning, plus the notorious Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The cleaning and disinfecting agents used are also effective against Shigella sonnei (common cause of dysentery), Staphylococcus aureus (a leading cause of skin, bone and wound infections), plus Enterococcus hirae (causes urinary tract infections) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which causes wound and burn infections.

3. Odour removal

The house cleaning Dublin professionals get rid of the source of the odours spreading through the home, from caked on food and set-in beverage spills, all through to urine stains. They leave the premises clean and fresh. The odours make the atmosphere unbearable, preventing you from being comfortable in your own home. The cleaning products and solutions used ensure that you can see feel and smell the difference in your newly cleaned house.

4. Protect your house

Your home is a massive investment. Whether you’re paying rent in your early life, bought your family home with a mortgage, or forked out your life savings to get the perfect retirement home, you’ll want to protect it. The dirt and grime affect different areas in the home- from abrading the floor and walls, to damaging your cabinets, attic, and furnishings. You don’t want there to be mould infestations in your basement or throughout the heating and air conditioning system. The house cleaning Dublin processes are carried out professionally, enabling fast dry time to prevent fungi from growing. The house cleaning Dublin personnel get rid of the crumbs in the hidden in the nooks and crannies of your home. This has the additional benefit of preventing mice from coming. You don’t want them on your property. They multiply really fast. Mice breed all year round, and 1 female can produce 5-10 litters annually- and a single litter on average has 6 to 8 babies. They cause damage to structures and property through gnawing and tunnelling- from the soft concrete, wood (walls, floors and furniture), rubber, plastic pipes, aluminium, and even gas lines. In fact, the mice are so dangerous that they can gnaw through electrical lines in your walls and attic and cause a fire. Yes, a mouse can burn your house down with just a few nibbles. The house cleaning Dublin team gets rid of the problem at the source, eliminating all the food that attracts the pests.

5. Professional cleaning

The house cleaning Dublin team comes with the experience and skills necessary to deliver exceptional results. They have undergone intense training, and have garnered a wide knowledge base from years of service delivery. The different kinds of surfaces at home- marble, granite, laminate, porcelain all through to wood, ceramic and even concrete, all have their own cleaning needs. Our house cleaning Dublin personnel know the right products to use, and the exact amounts of solutions to apply. They will easily spot dangers in the home that increase the rate of soiling or risk structural damage to the material fibres and surfaces in your home. They will give you tips and advice on steps you can take to avert losses from avoidable damage down the road. The house cleaning Dublin team will also arrive on site in time, and serve you with the utmost courtesy.

6. Save your time and energy

Getting all the dirt and grime out of the house and restoring it into a spick and span state is hectic, without the high powered machinery. You can spend hours working on your floors and walls, removing the soiling from the furniture and getting the grime of the grout and bathrooms surfaces. The stains need extra power to eliminate, and you can work through entire lint rollers, and the stubborn fur will still stick to the crevices in the sofa. The carpet requires special attention, due to the colossal amount of dirt in the fibres, and the delicate nature of the material. From scrubbing in the cleaning solutions to extracting the residue and drying the carpet, it’s an involving process. Applying the wrong cleaning solution, over-wetting or over-shampooing will damage the carpet. This can cause it to strip away from its backing, while excess shampoo causes residue to be left in the fibres, increasing the rate of resoiling. When you end up having too much moisture on your carpets, curtains and furniture, it encourages mould and mildew to grow. Avoid all the risk and hassle by hiring professional house cleaning Dublin services.

7. Safe cleaning

There are plenty of products out there, and truth be told, many of them can cause harm to the people in your home. The harsh chemicals and toxic residues have been linked to numerous problems ranging from cancer and reproductive problems, to damage of the central nervous system. VOCs released into the atmosphere reduce the air quality in the home, putting the health of your family members at risk. With our house cleaning Dublin services, you don’t have to worry about all that. The products used comply with EU regulations on safety standards, and they are also eco-friendly. This means you’ll get a healthy and hygienic home and reduce your green footprint at the same time.

8. Comfort and peace of mind

Stains are an eyesore. Dirt spots on your floors, walls and countertops are frustrating. Piles of fur on your sofa will gross you out. You also don’t want the fur sticking to your clothes. Your tub will be given a through clean, enabling you to enjoy those bubbly bath times. The clean and brightened-up interior environment will relax you.

9. Affordable cleaning services

You get a clean home without breaking the bank. Our house cleaning Dublin prices are budget-friendly, and structured according to your particular needs. We offer the services across the scope, from apartments, townhouses and mobile homes, to duplexes and triplexes. Whether it’s your bachelor’s pad or family home, we will restore it to the level of cleanliness and hygiene you desire.

Tips To Maintain The Hygiene Of Your Home In-Between House Cleaning Dublin Service Sessions

Wipe up spills as soon as they occur to prevent them from setting-in.

Change your dish towels a couple of times a week.

Practice proper hand hygiene. The hands are the principal medium of transferring dirt and germs on the different surfaces in the home. It’s recommended that you invest in a hand wash and place it strategically at the sinks in your home, to encourage household members to wash their hands. Wash your hands after washroom visits, and before and after handling food.

Wash and replace your make up kit regularly, including the applicators. Their nooks and crannies are breeding grounds for germs, especially because you also carry your make up bag outside the house, using it in other locations such offices and public restrooms. In addition, keep the cosmetics in a clean and dry space.

Avoid putting your handbags on the kitchen countertop. They’ve been everywhere else- from the desk at the office to public restrooms. How many times in a month do you wash your hand bag? You get into buses with them, sling them over your shoulder in public venues where contaminants like cigarette smoke, and chemicals from aerosols and vehicle exhaust, get attracted to their fibres. You hang them on the doors of washrooms or put them on the floor in front of the mirror as you touch up your make up. They hold phones, quick-snacks, and loose change. Hand bags can have more microbial activity than toilet seats, usually by over 10 times. Their soft texture gives the germs an excellent place to breed. 20% of the hand bags in your home has sufficient bacteria to harm your health.

Make use of door mats. One of the main ways through which dirt is brought into your home is through the soiling tracked in under the shoes. Trapping the dirt at the door reduces the amount of gunk getting into the interior space. Place them strategically around the home.

Always close the lid when flushing the toilet.

Ensure there is enough ventilation in your home. Open up the windows and air out the premises, to prevent that musky smell and stale feeling, and also stop mould and mildew from growing.

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