How The Dirt In Your House Is Making You Sick

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How The Dirt In Your House Is Making You Sick

How The Dirt In Your House Is Making You Sick

As dirt and grime accumulate in your residence, the ruined ambience is not the only thing to worry about. The health of your family members and guests who occasionally come over to visit is put on the line. Just what is lurking in those dirt spots?

– Pathogens
There are hordes of the microscopic disease carriers crawling around. In fact, there could be well over 300 different types of bacteria alone on the dozens of objects around the home. Then there are those viruses that are coughed and sneezed into the airspace when there are persons who are ill. An infection ends up spreading rapidly throughout the household. Those frequently touched surfaces, from the bathroom door knob and the light switches, to handrails, microwave handles and stove knobs are hotspots for the germs. Common strains found in homes include Staphylococcus aureus or staph, Campylobacter, Micrococcus, Salmonella, and E. coli. For instance, with the E. Coli, there can be pathogens covering the bathroom surfaces, raised in the aerosolised particles that were brought about by the toilet being flushed without the lid having been put down, or on the kitchen countertops where raw meat products are being prepared. Some are tracked into the building from the outdoors, such as MRSA, a superbug strain of the Staphylococcus aureus, which can have been picked up from the gym or school locker room and brought home. These pathogens can survive for long on the surfaces that they are on, plus the warm fibres of the carpets and furniture, and still retain their potency. For instance, the Norwalk virus can live on for four weeks and still cause an infection once it gets into the body system. As such, a thorough disinfection is carried out as part of the once off cleaning, to enhance the health standards of your home.

– Allergens
They are numerous, ranging from the dust particles that are blown into the interior space by wind, those broken down from the soiling that is tracked in under the soles of peoples feet, pet fur and dander that ends up on the cushions of the sofa, trapped by the fibres of the carpet, or even in the bedroom for those whose furry friends keep hopping onto the bed, and even pollen grains. These irritate the respiratory system and skin of sensitive persons, causing symptoms ranging from coughing, sneezing, having watery eyes, exacerbating conditions like bronchitis and triggering asthma attacks, causing itchiness of the skin and incessant scratching- these are not conditions that you want to keep living in. With the in-depth once off cleaning services, the allergens get to be removed from the interior space, allowing you to kick back and relax in your own abode.

– Dust mites
These little creates are everywhere, from the furniture, carpets and worktops, to the curtains and the mattress on which you sleep on every night. They feed on the skin flakes that are produced by the persons in the house, and leave behind faecal pellets that are the actual problem. The waste contains protein elements that trigger allergic reactions once inhaled or when it’s on the skin. You don`t want to keep coughing and sneezing each time you sit back on the sofa, or all through to the night as you sleep. A runny nose, itchiness, reddened skin or clogged lungs reduce your quality of life. In fact, the dust mite waste is the leading cause of allergic rhinitis. Protect your loved ones by getting rid of the source of the problem, by scheduling a thorough professional cleaning session.

– Pests
Those food crumbs on the carpet and stuck to the sofa cushions, or hidden in the nooks and crannies of the kitchen cabinets, are a magnet for creepy crawlers and rodents. The population of pests that are in the household depends on how much of this organic residue is lying around. The droppings of the bugs and mice, plus their urine and saliva, contaminate the already-harmful dust, adding to the health risks involved. There could also be pests brought from the outside, such as fleas carried in the fur of cats and dogs, that find a conducive habitat in the warm fibres of the carpet, coming out occasionally to feed on the household members. You don’t want rodents scurrying around, or your kids playing in a flea-infested carpet. Dialling up the once of cleaning professionals will ensure that the breeding grounds of these pests are washed off, plus the gunk that was attracting them into your residence in the first place.


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